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Capital Sports

Kashmir Road, Sialkot.

+92 52 4272516


Welcome to Capital Sports:

Capital Sports was established in 1972 manufacturing Footballs and other sports products. It started business with Adidas in 1975. Initially, printed cut panels, received from Adidas, were stitched and shipped back. After a few years, Capital started producing complete balls for Adidas. And till now, even after lapse of about 4 decades, our successful business relation with Adidas still continues. Moreover, during this period some other famous sports brands have also been added in our customer portfolio.

From the day one, Capital focused on production of quality balls and now have established recognition as a top quality sport balls producer who has the highest number of FIFA Approved & FIFA Inspected models in its product portfolio.



Following are Capital’s major product lines:

- Football / Soccer Ballls
- Rugby Balls
- Hand Balls
- Volley Balls
- Basket Balls
- Accessories
- Sportswear & Socks
- Customized Sportswears
- Soccer, Sports and Casual Shoes
- Sports Bags

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