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South City Hospital Karachi

St-1, Block 3, Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Karachi.



South City Hospital Karachi:

South City Hospital (Pvt.) Limited is an exclusive office that covers a wide range of strengths, with an expect to give top grade clinical consideration in an agreeable and lavish climate.

In 2004, the proprietors of a private emergency clinic in the upscale territory of Clifton in Karachi declared its destruction to clear a path for a mall and lodging complex. The obliteration of a useful clinic made a vacuum that inspired a gathering of Pakistan's top clinical experts to frame a consortium and obtain a current clinic in Clifton.

Notwithstanding the first consortium, SCH has since drawn in a portion of Pakistan's top specialists and specialists. It is a top grade office that equals the best emergency clinics in Europe and the US.

Resulting to the securing, the first office was totally redesigned and the current design was extended to double its size. Development for the new SCH office began in March 2005 and stage 1 became functional in December 2006. Stage 2 was finished in March 2008. The office covers a space of 3,250 square yards and has a complete limit of 171 beds. It houses a drug store, research facility, completely prepared radiology unit, six best in class working theaters, work and conveyance suites and a cardiovascular unit.

Our vision at South City Hospital is to be the confided in forerunner in focusing on individuals and propelling wellbeing. Genuinely living that vision implies that we need to give you data about the nature of care given by our medical care offices so you can settle on the best choice for you as well as your family. This site will at first spotlight on quality data for inpatient emergency clinic care, however will extend to incorporate different administrations over the long run.

South City Hospital is focused on a patient-first way of thinking that consolidates care, empathy and clinical greatness with an emphasis on client care – to put it plainly, quality medical services.

At South City Hospital, we give a full scope of plastic medical procedure choices.

Our experts are:

Dr Tahir Shafi Khan

Dr Tahir Sheik

The most widely recognized systems they perform include:


Usually alluded to as a nose work. This includes changing the presence of the nose to make it more satisfying to the eye. The medical procedure is performed under broad sedation (G/A) and quite often as a childcare (D/C) methodology. The patient returns home that very day with a brace on the button and returns six to seven days after the fact.


Usually alluded to as a belly fold. This includes eliminating the abundance skin and fat of the lower midsection and is frequently combined with some liposuction of the upper mid-region and flanks. The patient is conceded upon the arrival of medical procedure and generally returns home following a three-night stay.


This includes the expulsion of the overabundance fat present beneath the skin through little entry points. Various spaces of the body can be treated at a similar activity. The patient can return home that very day if under 5 liters of fat are taken out. In any case the patient must be conceded for one to two evenings.


Usually alluded to as a facelift. This includes revising the listing of the lower face and neck, reestablishing a more energetic appearance. It is normally performed under GA and the patient stays in clinic short-term.


Usually alluded to as loose eyelid expulsion. This includes eliminating the abundance skin and fat of the upper and lower eyelids, giving a not so much drained but rather more energetic look. It very well may be performed under G/An or nearby sedation (L/A) as a D/C technique however can likewise be joined with a facelift.


This includes eliminating the hanging skin and fat of the upper arm to give a more tasteful look. The patient typically remains in clinic for something like one evening, contingent upon the pre-usable mass.

Bosom Reduction

This includes lessening the size of bosoms that have become excessively huge and are causing side effects like spinal pain/neck throb and rashes. These bosoms will in general hang essentially and the method involves a lift (mastopexy) just as a decrease. The patient stays in clinic for a few evenings.

Bosom Augmentation

This includes expanding the size of bosoms that have contracted after bosom taking care of or are normally little. Engineered inserts are quite often utilized. The system can be a D/C one or the patient might decide to remain for the time being.

Bosom Reconstruction

This includes reproduction of the breast(s) utilizing either the body's own tissue (fold) or then, at that point, a blend of a fold with an embed. One or the two bosoms can be worked on simultaneously. The patient for the most part remains a few evenings.


This alludes to a medical procedure on male breast(s) that have expanded excessively in size. Either liposuction or a proper evacuation of the bosom tissue is required. The patient can remain for the time being or return home that very day.

Expulsion of harmless and threatening skin sores

These could be straightforward blisters or moles which are eliminated under nearby sedative. Skin malignancies on the face or different pieces of the body might require a method under broad sedation.

Facial Fillers/Botox

A range of fillers and Botox is presented for use on various pieces of the face.

Microfat/Nanofat Transfer

This includes taking modest quantities of fat from one piece of the body and moving it to another-like the face-to upgrade volume. This microfat can be prepared further to an effluent(nanofat) which is undifferentiated cell rich and can be utilized for revival of the face.


South City Hospital Karachi Address:

St-1, Block 3, Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Karachi.


South City Hospital Karachi Contact No:

(021) 35862301

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