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Ihsan Sports

Haji Pura Road, Fatehgarh, Sialkot, Pakistan

+92 321-9818283


Sumi Sports:

Haji Pura Road, Fatehgarh, Sialkot, Pakistan. The company has been a manufacturer and exporter of sports goods to an ever-increasing list of countries including the UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Kenya, Afghanistan, etc. Ihsan Sports not only has the honor of being one of the biggest sports goods manufacturers and exporters in Pakistan, but it is one of the biggest sporting brands in Zimbabwe as well. Our producta are Cricket Bats, Balls, Tennis Balls, Pads, Gloves, Hockey and other cricket and hickey equipment. Call +92 321-9818283 today. Alternatively, send us an E-mail. We aim to respond within 24 hours.


Products Offered by Sumi Sports:

Following are some services that are offered by Sumi Sports.

  • Basket Balls
  • Boxing Equipment
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Soccer Balls
  • Footballs
  • Rugby Balls


Address of Sumi Sports:

Following is the address of Sumi Sports.

  • Haji Pura Road, Fatehgarh, Sialkot, Pakistan


Contact Numbers of Sumi Sports:

Following are the contact numbers of Sumi Sports.

  • +92 321-9818283
Contact Email of Sumi Sports:

Following is the contact email of Sumi Sports.

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