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The 10 Best Home Furniture Stores in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Al Abbas Furniture & Household Market? 6 Street 55A, F-6/4 F 6/4 F-6, Islamabad, Islamabad, Islamabad
Zeenat Furniture is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Zeenat Furniture is one of the most highly acclaimed Home Furnishing brands in Islamabad. With the grace of Allah, Zeenat has become one of the ...
Where Comfort and Novelty go Parallel.
Grand Trunk Rd, Gujrat, Punjab.
NM Furnishers is located in Trunk Rd Gujrat, Pakistan. N.M furnishers are the one-to-go source for exotic furniture, home, and office furniture gear that will make your dream life come true. Our p ...
Plot 37-C, 27 Street Tauheed Commercial, DHA Phase 5, Karachi.
Tag Interiors and Furnitures is located at DHA Phase 5, Karachi. Tag Interiors and Furnitures specializes in crafting custom single beds that blend style and functionality, offering diverse designs ...

All you want to know about home furniture in Pakistan

If you are planning to buy a new home or changing your residence or looking to make your current location more special and livable home furnishing are necessary. Buying the furniture from any above reason is expensive especially if you buy a new one. It is best to research and shop around for the selection of best furniture. Some people like their living space to be simple while other like to be thoroughly furnished. No matter what ever style you prefer below we describe some of must have furniture pieces for your home.

Must have furniture pieces for your home in Pakistan

Sofa- It is on top priority as it is king for home furnishing. There are furniture pieces that are used for sitting in lounge for watching TV or for sleeping. To answer whether home will be home without sofa cannot be asked but sofas are never considered as waste of your house space area.

Coffee table- these home furniture pieces are not essential and are very handy but it is great addition in your living room. You can use these table to have morning coffee and can sit and read your favorite book and can entertain guest and you can also use these coffee table for many other functions.

Chest of drawers-when your cupboards become bulky a chest of drawer is needed to keep your clothes neat and tidy. The chest of drawers are must have for your bedroom to place your shirts, pant ,sock and underwear.

Bookcase-something in your home are there to express the guest when they visit your home so the book case that is fully stocked is among those thing. It doesn’t matter if you are not a reader still it give a sophisticated impression and a great way to start conversation.

Arm Chair- arms chair is favorite thing for people of distinction and psychiatrist as it offer comfort and aesthetic value for your house. Like sofas arm chair serve many purpose and is great addition in your house.

Dining room table- the dining table or kitchen table is considered as place to interact with people. If you occasionally arrange event with your friends and family than dining table is must needed.

Desks- they serve for multiple purpose and can be used for storage and workspaces. The desks are available in different sizes, style and serve multiple purpose.

Wardrobe- If you don’t have space area to hang your clothes than have a wardrobe is important piece of furniture for your home to hand hang your important clothes wardrobe is must have but it is bulky.

Bed- the most important piece at your home is bed before sofa. You need hard pressed living space simple or king size matters to find a space to sleep where we spend our half day almost.

Outdoor Table- people that have yards at home for them outdoor furniture is important to make your outdoor space look nice. With table if there is umbrella than it is best place to enjoy your evening tea in lovely weather outside.

Types of Furniture in Pakistan and the space where they can be placed

When you are changing or remodeling your home than you need to make some big decision. Before deciding what type of furniture you need learn about different types of home furniture to make best decision to buy furniture for your home. We divided it by room wise

Living room furniture-The living room is the focal and gathering point of your house. You need that your room look beautiful by creating enough space to move easily is the first priority. Never fill all the space with furniture create enough space so there are certain options that you can use in your living room furniture that are sofas, sectionals , chairs,  coffee table, stables, book cases sleeper sofas, chaises, recliners, accent chairs swivels and gliders.

Dining Room Furniture- this room is used to host event at home  like birthdays,  Sunday brunch or dinner party with family and loved ones some of the options you can use for dining room furniture at your home like arm chair , console table, side chairs, dining table and side boards.

Bedroom furniture – the bedroom furniture allow you to be more creative than other room at your home  you can furnish it according to your need and your partner mind like beds, headboards, nightstands, chests mirrors, benches and mattresses.

Price of home furniture  in Pakistan

The price of home furniture varies from location to location, as the material, and the types of furniture you choose. The price of home furniture is approximately 40000 rupees in Pakistan.

Tips for choosing the best furniture for your home in Pakistan

When selecting the home furniture for yourself it is quite time consuming and difficult task to make your job easy below we highlighted some tips for choosing the best furniture that are

Identify you needs- when buying furniture for your home always keep the space comfortable  and budget in mind. First of all you need to identify your needs if you bought a new house first of all you need to buy essential pieces.

Pick a theme- when there is specific theme of your room you need to coordinate your furniture texture with it when you choose the furniture with the theme it look good and fit all together.

Choose material- choosing the right type of material, theme is required when choosing the furniture as certain style goes better with specific wood. Look for the material that matches your room and yet comfy.

Choose furniture that serve multi-purpose- when you choose a multipurpose furniture it become economical like day beds they can used as couch and bed at night.

Inspect Furniture- always when selecting the furniture see the durability. For how long it can be used and whether it is comfortable to use not always go for price see the quality as well.


If you are planning to buy a new home or changing your residence or looking to make your current location more special and livable home furnishing are necessary. So in this article we discussed about, types of home furniture in Pakistan, price of home furniture in Pakistan and tips to choose a home furniture in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple home furniture store in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple home furniture variety in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.