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Leading Uniform Center.
Tahli Mohri, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Time Garments is located at Tahli Mohri Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Time Garments deals in all types of uniforms and linen products with best quality.. We have highly experienced operators and well ed ...
All Kinds of Uniform Available  
Babay de Bayri, Gurdwara Street, Zafarwal Road, Sialkot, Pakistan
Polly Wears is located at Babay de Bayri, Gurdwara Street, Zafarwal Road, Sialkot, Pakistan. We strive to enhance your products design with the latest manufacturing techniques and the most advanc ...
Leading Uniform Fabrics/ Cloth Manufacturers & Providers
10 - The Mall, Lahore, Pakistan
GM Chowdri and Sons is located at 10 -The Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. We are the leading uniform fabrics and cloth manufacturers and providers to various industries including Education, Security, Spo ...
Best Uniform Provier in Lahore.
F 285, Near Wahdat Road, Rehmanpura Colony, Lahore, Pakistan
Multi Wear Garments is located at Rehmanpura Colony, Lahore, Pakistan. Multi Wear Garments Pvt. Ltd. is an enterprise devoted to designing, manufacturing and exporting garments internationally. I ...
Provide you with Complete & Affordable Solutions
R-145, Block B, Gulshan-e-Millat, Karachi, Pakistan
Unimaxo is located at Gulshan-e-Millat, Karachi, Pakistan. We are  providing you with complete and affordable solutions to all of your uniform needs. We have been serving uniforms individuals, gr ...
Leading Uniform Supplier
Office 83-105, Second Floor, Cooperative Market, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan
Paragon Fashions is located at Co-operative Market, Saddar, Karachi. Pakistan. Paragon Fashions was established in 1986 in Pakistan. A group of professionals, our core is to provide optimum servi ...
We Deal in Custom Made Workwear & Work Uniforms
Office No F1, First Floor, 217 Akhter Plaza, Near Bahria International Hospital, HUB Commercial, Phase 8, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
MeUniform is located at Near Bahria International Hospital, HUB Commercial, Phase 8, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. We are offering the complete solution for enterprises like Hospitals, Restaur ...
We deals in all kinds of Uniforms.
Ghori Town, Phase 4-A, Islamabad, Pakistan
Mughal Brothers Uniform Center is located at Ghori Town Phase 4-A, Islamabad, Pakistan. We deal in all kinds of school, college, and companies uniforms manufacturing and designing at affordable p ...
Smartly Designed & Quality Fabrics Uniforms
Office No. 5, Ground Floor, Plot No. 47 I &T Center, Sector G-11/1, Islamabad, Pakistan
SimmCom (Pvt.) Ltd. is located at I &T Center, Sector G-11/1 Islamabad  Pakistan, Our uniforms are smartly designed, with the best quality fabrics that will keep you clean and comfortable all da ...
Largest Uniform Supplier in Pakistan
E-462/1, 3-B, Near Yaseen Masjid, New Iqbal park, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan
Flowmech services(FMS) is located at Near Yaseen Masjid New Iqbal park, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan. We are the largest hospitality uniform exporter and supplier in Pakistan. Deal in restaurant unifor ...

All you want to know about hotel uniforms in Pakistan

A uniform for hotel is something that come with many benefits for the wearer and for people visiting for services. Like it is easy to recognize the authority identity. Uniform is used  for entity and logo for a brand add the charm to the service they are providing.

Reasons to choose uniforms for hotel members in Pakistan

Integrity and togetherness- Uniforms for hotel will help them to solidify their bond between the team thus it foster togetherness and unity. This make the client feel that he is served by the whole team rather than one individual. Hotel uniform is also representation of discipline when your managers and worker are in same outfit it give a strong bond and connection message to the people.

Brand identity and promotion- through uniform of the hotel offices and education institution can create awareness about their brand. As the uniform that is wore by the hotel has visionary statement of the brand they are working it increase impact and commit people to your brand. It is free promotion technique for the company. Uniform convert your hotel member to mobile brand ambassadors.

Professionalism- In service driven environment wearing a hotel uniform is important as being professionalism is the major requirement of all field. Studies indicated that people love to do business with people that are wearing uniform.

Sense of Equality- Teams work mutually and in correspondence as no one is superior in teams and when uniform is wore by every hotel member everyone is on same table and equal so they all have equal respect. It help in removing persuade and help teams to work universally to achieve company goals.

Safety and authority-sometimes the hotel uniform is lifesaving but it depend on the nature of work.

Create the impression- In most walk of life the first impression that you need to create on your clients. The uniforms create the first impression on people. Uniforms should be properly cleaned look tidy and person should be well groomed no shabby or dirty nails as they represent your organization and reputation of cleanliness.

Benefits for employees- despite of the above reason it bring benefits for employees as well. It is helpful in avoiding daily hassle of clothes selection. As the hotel don’t want any hassle to select the clothes they need to wear every day.

Free advertisement tool-Hotel member wearing uniform working in the organization or going out from the organization help in reinforcing your brand name in people mind. It is market rule that people before going to purchase a product or service customer view it 7 times. The logo on your uniform and bags of your organization provide constant awareness to people about your brand.

Things to consider when choosing a hotel uniform in Pakistan

The perfect hotel uniform include combination of thing that should be chosen wisely by the management. Below we describe some point that you must consider when choosing a uniform for yourself.

Fabrics- as they fabrics play an important role in your overall look and also in comfortably of your uniform as well. The uniform fabrics should be densely woven, well-tailored with proper stitching, and crease resistant and should give you an elegant and stylish look when you wear it.

Perfect fit and style- the style and fit of your uniform have great impact on the apparel. If you choose a right jacket and trouser it will enhance your overall look.

Color- You should choose the right color of uniform for your brand keeping in mind the duties of your hotel member. Usually the attending hotel in hotel use dark color clothes.

Safety-when choosing the uniform safety is utmost important make sure the uniform you choose for your hotel should follow relevant safety standards. This feature is not necessary to be present for all types of organization.

Comfort- apart from choosing safety you should always look for comfort of the employees because they are assets of the organization. If the job of hotel is moving don’t choose tight suit as it will restrict their movement to move. The functionality of the uniform is more important than style.

Company branding- when you include your company logo on the uniforms of employees it give your company the opportunity to market your company without spending extra amount on advertising. You can include the logo on chest pocket. The company logo is embedded on your uniform different item that employees wear. Employee when wear uniform there self-esteemed is improved and they become professionalism and feel part of the team in the organization.


A uniform for hotel is something that come with many benefits for the wearer and for people visiting for services. Uniforms for hotel will help them to solidify their bond between the team thus it foster togetherness and unity. Through uniform of the hotel offices and education institution can create awareness about their brand. In this article we discussed about, reason of choosing hotel uniform in Pakistan, price of hotel uniform in Pakistan and thing you need to know to buy the hotel uniform in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple hotel uniform company in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple hotel uniform variety in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.