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Laser Skin Tags Removal in Pakistan | Cost and Clinics

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Dr. Zarqa Skin Laser Clinic
14/B1 FCC, Syed Maratab Ali Road,Gulberg, Lahore.
Dr. Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur is a multifaceted personality who is well known nationaly and internationally. Dr. Zarqa is a gold medalist and consultant in Aesthetic and Anti-aging medicine who has b ...
We Put Patients Needs First
DHA Phase 1, Near Tooba Masjid, B-Commercial Area, Karachi.
Hash Clinic is your premier destination for a comprehensive array of services, encompassing skincare, aesthetics, orthopedics, and cutting-edge ED treatments. Our unwavering commitment is to emerge ...
Beauty is Science
House no.2, Street 44, F-8/1, Islamabad.
Dr. Fazeela Abbasi stands as a distinguished name in the realm of dermatology and skincare. With a wealth of experience and a reputation for excellence, Dr. Abbasi is renowned for her expertise in ...
Skin Laser and Aesthetic Clinic
Gulberg 3 Hussain Chowk, behind Butler's Cafe, Lahore.
Dr. Afifa Zahra, a highly experienced Dermatologist based in Lahore, boasts over a decade of expertise in the field. With a rich educational background and numerous qualifications, Dr. Zahra is ded ...
House # 28 Street # 10 F-8/3, Islamabad.
Dr. Sheherbano, the CEO of IPAL Clinic, is a highly respected Medical Aesthetic Practitioner with extensive experience in the field of medical aesthetics. She is a member of the prestigious Royal Acad ...
Transforming Dreams into Reality
Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital, Multan.
Jahangir Plastic Surgery Clinic is a renowned medical facility dedicated to transforming lives through cutting-edge cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. With a legacy of excellence spanning deca ...
Wellness and Fitness Services
27, Kaghan Road, F-8/3, Islamabad.
Vagus Cosmetics specializes in hair restoration, offering top-tier treatments: FUE & FUT Hair Transplants, PRP Therapy, Facial PRP, Beard & Eyebrow Transplants, Female Hair Transplants, and ...
Skin Specialist from Islamabad.
29-30 taj mehal plaza , near Maroof int'l hospital parking? F-10 markaz, Islamabaz F 10/3 F-10, Islamabad.
Dr. Nadia Arshad Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Certified Laser expert treats skin nail & hair diseases using the latest lasers and knowledge. Dr. Nadia Consultant Dermatologist, ...
Professional & Qualified Skin Specialist from Islamabad.
House No. 518, Margalla Road, Service Rd N, F-10/2 Islamabad.
Prof Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan is a laser therapy & skin specialist working at cosmetic laser & skin clinic based in Islamabad. Dr Ikram Ullah is the pioneer in introducing laser technology and has the ...
Experienced Skin Doctor from Karachi.
Horizon Vista, Mezzanine Floor. Opposite Dolmen Mall Clifton Block: 4, Karachi.
Prof. Azam J. Samdani Being the 1st Pakistani to attain PhD in Dermatology from the United Kingdom, he later did fellowship training in Boston, U.S.A, and has been a consultant since 1992 in Saudi ...

All you want to know about laser skin tags removal in Pakistan

Skin tags are harmful growth on your skin people want to get rid from the growth on skin because of comfort and cosmetic reason. There are multiple method in Pakistan through which you can easily get rid from skin tags. The laser skin tags removal treatment is becoming popular among people for last many years. Skin tags are growth on your body same like your skin color usually found on neck, armpits face and groin. Due to regular friction it can also grow on skin folds. The size of skin tag vary from mm to cm wide. Still experts are unable to find the cause of skin tags but the good things is that the skin tags are not harmful and don’t cause serious threat.

There are certain misconceptions about skin tags that they are consider as cause or form of skin cancer or it trigger other skin condition. As skin tags are nonthreatening but cause some minor issues like the tags that exist on neck get effected while wearing necklace and cause bleeding or skin tag on armpit if rub to your clothes may get effected and cause pain. Skin tags has been seen to reduce person confidence especially if it exist on your face. Some people that have skin tags more than other there are risk factors that increase chances of skin tags in person some of the suspect to skin tags are people with diabetes, hypertension, family member with skin tags , obesity, pregnancy  and imbalance in sex hormones. Below we discuss some methods to get rid of skin tags.

Method to remove skin tags in Pakistan

Skin tag treatment is common treatment and also called lunchtime treatment because less than  30 minutes are spend on treatment with no recovery time. Some of the safest option for skin tags removal are described below

Surgery- your surgeon will numb the treated area and cut the skin tag. Whether stitches will be needed or not it will solely depend upon the size of your tag.

Litigation- A surgical thread is used to tie on stalk of your skin tag that will eventually cut the supply of blood vessels to skin tags eventually cells will be killed and it will fall apart.

Cauterization- in this treatment they used heat beam to get rid of skin tag. But you need multiple session to get rid of it.

Cryosurgery- in this treatment they use freezing kits that have nitrogen. They freeze the skin tags it dies and fall apart.

Home remedies- some people to get rid skin tags usually use home remedies like they used apple cider vinegar, dental floss and tea tree oil is used to get rid of the skin tags. Sometimes these home remedies work best for few and cause infection to other it is best if you visit the doctor to get rid of it.

Charges of laser skin tags removal in Pakistan

In Pakistan the cost of treatment varies on the number of session you will undergo and type of laser removal, the size of skin tag, the location of your expert and the experience of your experts. Laser skin tags removal in Pakistan cost around 5000-30000 rupees

Laser skin treatment in Pakistan

Skin tags removal from laser is less threatening and laser is approved technology to target your skin tags removal from the roots. In this procedure the laser beam is converted into heat that will neutralize the cell of skin tags. Due to this it will create microscopic wound on your skin to start skin healing. As the result of skin healing the laser treated skin tags will fall apart. The laser skin tags removal treatment may require number of sessions depending upon the number and size of your skin tags. Usually to remove larger skin tags at least 3 session are needed. There would be no scarring issue issues if treatment is done with full care. To remove scars your doctor will also recommend you some cream.

The skin tags removed from laser are not grown back but in fact you may grow new ones near the treated areas. Usually doctors say that skin tags are common among those running in family.

Side Effects of laser skin tag removal in Pakistan

If skin laser is properly performed by certified practitioner than laser skin tag removal has no serious side effects but still you face mild discomfort. The major side effects are redness on treated area, change in skin color on treated and skin infection in rare cases. You doctor will recommend you proper after care as well.

Why laser is better?

Laser is better because less than 30 minutes is needed for treatment. It does not have any downtime. You don’t need to miss your work. It is best treatment for people that are scared from scissors and knives. It is long term solution and you face minimum discomfort during treatment. No cut is made and healing process is faster

Aftercare of laser skin tag removal in Pakistan

The skin care of treatment is very simple. You need to clean your treated area with soap and water twice in a day. You can cover your wound with petroleum jelly if the treated area get rubbed with your clothes. Keep you treated area dry so it will heal faster. Avoid touching the treated area frequently. Avoid the exposure of sun on treated area. You can use sunscreen and umbrella to avoid exposure.


The laser skin tags removal treatment is becoming popular among people for last many years. Skin tags are growth on your body same like your skin color usually found on neck, armpits, face and groin. In this article we discussed about, method for skin tags removal in Pakistan, price of laser skin tags removal in Pakistan, side effects associated with laser skin tags removal in Pakistan and after care in laser skin tags removal in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple laser skin tags removal in every city of Pakistan that offer laser skin tags removal services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.