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Jadoon Street, phase 2 Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
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All you want to know about botox injections in Abbottabad

Botox injections are used to reduce wrinkles from you facial appearance. Botox injections are also used to treat other circumstances like cervical dystonia and extreme sweating, lazy eye and overactive function of bladder. Botox injections are also used to treat chronic migraines. In Botox injection they use a toxin known as onobotulinumtoxin A that is used to relax muscle temporarily from moving. It has been see that mostly at age of 65 people face wrinkles because of sun damage rather than muscle pull but always consult your dermatologist for the treatment as every person is different from other.

Why it's done

They are used to block certain chemical signal from your nerves these signal as a result contracts the muscles. These injections are mostly used on face and neck to remove the wrinkles from your areas around your eye and forehead. These injection are used to treat other condition that are

Cervical dystonia- in this particular situation your head get twisted as your neck muscle contract in voluntarily basis. Or it turned into any painful position.

Lazy eye- it occurs because of imbalance in eye muscle as these muscles are responsible for the position of your eyes.

Muscle contracture- in some neurlogication situation like cereal palsy can lead your limbs to move into center. Thus in these circumstance Botox injection can be used to relax your muscles.

Hyperhidrosis- in this situation people face extra sweating even if it is not very hot or even if they are not working out.

Chronic migraine- if you are suffering a pain of migraine on 15 days of a month than try to use Botox injection as they are used decrease your headache frequency.

Bladder dysfunction- due to overactive you may face urinary incontinence in that situation Botox injections are very helpful for you.

Eye twitching- they can help your eye muscle to relieve contracture and twitching of eye muscle around your eye.

Cost of Botox injection in Abbottabad

The cost of per injection is measured as per unit the average price of Botox injection in Abbottabad is around 15 thousand rupees per unit. Price of Botox fillers depends on the area that needs to be treated. If anyone has less minor fine lines the treatment price will be less.

Who is the best candidate?

  • The best candidates for Botox injection are the person that lies between the age of 30 and 65.
  • The person who has realistic approach and expectation from the procedure.

Risk associated with Botox injections

Botox injections are considered safe when it is performed by professional and experienced doctor but still there is chance of complication and side effects. Some side effects of Botox inject are:

  • Flue and headache symptoms
  • Eye dryness
  • Pain and swelling
  • Bruising on the treated area
  • Droopy eyelid
  • Crooked smile

These symptoms occurs very rarely after Botox injection but if you feel that toxin is spreading in your body you can immediately call your doctor if you notice any kind of these changes in your body after few hours or few week of taking Botox injections. Some of the rare side effects are describe below:

  • You may Problem in visioning.
  • You may face breathing issues
  • You may lost your bladder control
  • You may feel muscle weaken
  • You may face trouble in swollen and speaking

Doctors suggested to not use Botox injection when any one is allergic to cow milk protein and to avoid Botox injection when you are breastfeeding a child or pregnant.


Taking Botox injection will hardly take your few minutes. You don’t need anesthesia for taking injections. They used small needle to inject Botox into your muscles. You may feel a discomfort when Botox is injected into your muscle. To receive a full effect from Botox injection approximately it takes around 7 to 14 days. You need to avoid alcohol prior 1 week before the treatment for your own health. You also need to avoid inflammatory medication and aspirin 2 week prior to your treatment day to help you in preventing bruising

Try to avoid rubbing the injection area for next 24 hours after the procedure. It is necessary so that you don’t spread the Botox injection to other areas of your body. Your doctor may advice you to avoid exercise for the one day and stay up right for 4 hours after the injection shots.


Botox injections start working within one to 3 days after they are injected. The treatment result may last for 3 months or more but it also depends on the problem that is being treated. You may need a regular Botox inject to maintain its effect.

Botox injections usually begin working one to three days after treatment. Depending on the problem being treated, the effect may last three months or longer. To maintain the effect, you'll need regular follow-up injections.

Recovery time

You need no recovery time for Botox inject as you can return back home within few hours doing all your regular activities. But you may feel discomfort when Botox is injected into your body.