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All you want to know about pool filters in Faisalabad

All pool need filtration system to clean the water of pool. If you don’t install a good filtration system the water in pool will become dirty and cause many problems. There are 3 types of pool filter available for the home owner that are sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth. Each type of pool filter has its own advantages and disadvantages. The type of filter you choose will affect how often you clean your pool and how effective is your pool filter. Below we describe some of the types of pool filter in Faisalabad

Types of pool Filters in Faisalabad

Sand filter is the most affordable and compact pool filter in Faisalabad. These are one of the oldest type of filter in Faisalabad. As it is common technology people are quite familiar with this type of filter but they have simple design but easy to maintain by home owners in Faisalabad.

Advantages- you can easily maintain it. It has low maintenance cost and has less price. You can easily change the sand and you can easily back wash it.

Cons- you need to wash it regularly and it is less effective than other types of pool filter in Faisalabad.

Cartridge- it can screen out more dirt and can remove small particle of dirt. The price of cartridge filter is more than sand filter so they are less popular than sand filter. It work while pushing the water into tank. The skimmer in filter collect the debris and other basket collect other small particles. The water passes through polyester filter that remove dirt particle if there is any left.

Advantages- you need less energy resources for working of these filtration system. They are easy to maintain and filter the water dirt particles more than sand filtration system.

Disadvantage-you need to clean these filtration system frequently and these filtration plant are expensive to buy.

Diatomaceous Earth - (DE) naturally absorb the water impurities and remove the microscopic dirt particle from the water. It is made up of fossilized aquatic organisms. It is dissolved in the water and then passes through the polyester fabric grid that traps DE. When water is transported via fabric and DE the water is filtered.

Advantages – it can remove the micro particles that are 2-3 microns small. The DE grid work for long if handle with care.

Disadvantages- It is expensive and cost is high than all filters described above. You need to clean the grid annually. You need to maintain the filters and cleaning is bit challenging.

Prices of swimming pool filters in Faisalabad

The cost of swimming pool filter in Faisalabad varies on the type of swimming pool filter you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Pool equipment filter in Faisalabad start from around 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

 Factors that you must consider while buying pool filters in Faisalabad

Buying pool filter is important task you want pool filter that remove even small dirt particle and is easy to maintain and still remain in budget so below we describe some factor that you must look.

Maintenance- All pool filter require maintenance after some time but DE filter require maintenance the most. The pool filter require maintenance of back washing replace of parts in filter and periodic filter cleaning.

Cost- when installing pool filter you need to consider the cost of it as you want that you get something in budget. You can tell your budget and requirement in the filter the seller will let u know the exact filter for you in your price range.

Effectiveness- All types of filter are designed to work effectively but there are some pool filter that remove microscopic particles as well. The DE filter remove the microscopic particles from the water.

Characteristics of unique pool- Choose the pool filter that work best for pool. There are other factors that affect the performance of your pool filter such plumbing configuration and pump type you choose so choose sensibly.  Pool filter are as important as kidney in human body. You can kill bacteria by using sanitizer and chlorine but to actually remove dirt particles you need pool filter without installation of it

Size- the pool pump and pool filter work hand in hand. The pool filter won’t work with pool pump as pool pumps move water through it. The filter won’t work properly if the pool pump is not the right size of your pool. Filters are usually rate by gallon per minute per sq. ft. the filter flow showed be at least the GPM as the pump.

Be aware of bargaining- Saving the money is best option but to get best product you need to research a lot from the companies and suppliers. Always buy the pool filter from trusted manufacture that will help you in saving money and problem. Some manufacture also provide installation services and maintenance service as well.


All pool need filtration system to clean the water of pool. If you don’t install a good filtration system the water in pool will become dirty and cause many problems. In this article we discussed about, types of swimming pool filter in Faisalabad, price of swimming pool filter in Faisalabad and factors to see while choosing swimming pool filter in Faisalabad. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple swimming pool filter stores in every city of Faisalabad that offer swimming pool filter in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.