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Professional Access Control System In Islamabad
Office # 11, 2nd Floor, Block E-23, St- 97, G -11/3, P.H.A., Islamabad, Pakistan
Enigma Technology is located at Office # 11, 2nd Floor, Block E-23, St- 97, G -11/3, P.H.A., Islamabad, Pakistan. Enigma Technology is one of the best companies that provide access control system ...
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Office # 8, 2nd Floor, Ahmed Centre, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
True Tech Solutions is located at Office # 8, 2nd Floor, Ahmed Centre, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. True Tech Solutions is a partner with world-class professional security companies that prov ...
Supplier of Access Control System From Islamabad
Street 54, I-8/4, Islamabad, Pakistan
GTeknologies is located at Street 54, I-8/4, Islamabad, Pakistan. Gteknologies offers state-of-the-art access control systems and components including turnstiles, keypad alarm systems, biometrics, ...
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Plot 169, Street # 9, Industrial Area I-10/3, Islamabad
Mechatronix is located at Industrial Area I-10/3, Islamabad. Mechatronic is leading firm in the automation and security field, was established in March 2003. Our core business is provision of secur ...

Find the 10 Best Companies in 2022 Providing Access Control Systems in Islamabad

Access control system are physical security that will limit your access to the building or space for authorizes individual. Usually the access control system used for commercial setting are used for office entries building, IT server room, parking, and garage control elevator and storage rooms. A key and traditional system is most common form of physical aces control system. They are most improve advanced security cameras to get better user experience for improved security cameras for your buildings. There are different access control system for your business and commercial area. All type of system are not right fit for you but it depends upon number of user’s entries, the size of deployment and level of security you want. Like a small business require less security system than in hospital or warehouse.

Criteria to choose an access control system in Islamabad

Choose the right access control system will make the difference in your physical security strategy. You must consider these questions before installation of system in building

How many entries and types need to be controlled or accessed? The best type of control system is the one that will easily accommodate your all door and entry point of your building within same system.

You need to see does the system  fit into your budget because the  upfront cost of access control system involve large security budget you need to cover recurring costm software licenses, administrative staff replacing the credential and update will be included in cost as cloud managed systems also required software subscription fee so it will also add up in cost.

You need to see whether you are getting the visibility and control you want. The access control system should make your security easier rather than making it complicated.

You need to access the control system future proof as technology absolute very quickly. Make sure the system you installing can be easily scale and offers update for any new feature and capabilities.

You need to see what type of security feature they offer for protecting your data and physical access. Choose the provider that offer end to end encryption and multi factor authentication to save your data.

As automation IOT is becoming trend in commercial security So you need to see that whether access control system can be connected to other security systems or not.

Always make sure that security system are compliance with all safety requirement so always ensure that access control system follow that standard of your industry.

 Price of an access control system in Islamabad

The price of an access control system varies from location to location, the charges of installation and the type of access control system. The price of an access control system ranges between 6000-1500000 rupees in Islamabad.

Types of access control Systems

There are two types of access control system physical and logical.  Logical access control system limit the connection to your computer, system data and files. Physical access control help in restricted access to room, campuses businesses and other assets. Now organization use electronic access control system for the security of their amenities. These system depend on access card readers, auditing, and reporting track of employee’s user credential, access area and get entre to business areas. These system have access control system that restrict the access to room’s security, notification monitor, alarms and security notification. The organization employees and assets are protected by surveillance system and access control.

To have a secure and safe environment you need to have a solid security to save yourself from theft and physical threat in today’s world some of the security system solution that are best for your company are access control system, switches, security network, ups backups, firewalls, Bluetooth reader, parking gates, remote intercom , biometric remote intercoms, emergency communication IP camera, security work station

Advantages and disadvantages of access control system

Access control system are part of your everyday life. Anything that has passwords and is under control of the user is known as access control system for example if you want to access your bank account online you need to use a username and password. Without this information you won’t get access to your account. The major advantages is that it prevent from theft and the primary task is to restrict the access many website that require your personal information like credit card and bank account has some access control system to protect your information as technology enhanced with passage of time so there many level of security like only a simple password with 4 digit code is not enough no they are biometric scans for your home door they have voice selection feature as well. In business they use both biometric scan and password for best security. The major disadvantages is that access control system can be hacked when you system is hacked a person who has hacked the system will have access to several people information that is stored.


Access control system are physical security that will limit your access to the building or space for authorizes individual. Usually the access control system used for commercial setting for office entries building, IT server room, parking, and garage control elevator and storage rooms. In this article we discussed about criteria to choose access control system, pros and cons of access control system in Islamabad and price of access control system in Islamabad. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple access control system companies in every city of Islamabad that offer access control system installation service in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.