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Perkins & Mitsubishi Generators for Sale in Islamabad
Suite #11, 1st Floor, Muhammadi Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, F-6, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Forte is the largest supplier & dealer of Perkin & Mitsubishi generators sets in Pakistan. Forte offices are in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad to provide you generator sets, its spare parts and related s ...
Generators in Islamabad at Affordable Prices
Umair Plaza, Road, Opposite DHA-II Gate 2, Islamabad.
Generator House is the largest supplier and services provider of leading generators in Islamabad. We are dealing with Perkins, Cat and other leading brands. We are providing services in all over Islam ...

All you want to know about genrators on sale in Islamabad

When there is blackout generators are the source to provide you electric equipment with electric supply to run. Generator are must thing to consider when there is regularly black out in your city. In Islamabad generator are must have in home, offices and in industry. When buying generator you need to know what type and size of generator is best for you.

The thing you must consider while buying a generator on sale in Islamabad

Wattage- the first thing you must consider is wattage. Add up all the appliances wattage to see how much power you want from your generator to supply when there is temporary blackout or no electricity. You add up the wattage of phone charge, lights fan, refrigerator to get a general idea about the size of generator your required. The appliance such as AC units, refrigerators and motor take more wattage when they are on. So you need to see in temporary blackout you need necessary appliances to work out or you want to run AC and refrigerator. If you want to run AC and refrigerator in temporary blackout than you can need to consider high power and size of your generator.

Surge starting and running wattages- you need to understand some specification while buying like surge starting and running watts. Starting watts is   the power that generator provide while staring the motor for few minutes. Sometimes these watts are known as surge watts. Running watts is the power that generator provide all time it is known as continuous watts.

Types of generators on sale in Islamabad on the basis of their size

Recreational inverter- these generators offer around 2000 watts and the weight of these generators are around 60 pounds. They are lightest type of generators quiet easily transported and you can easily install these generators. These generators are user friendly but they are expensive as portable generators. These generators offer less power. Can offer power supply to lights, fans,refrigerators and small electric machines nothing more than that. It is best option if you don’t losses power supply frequently and if you are looking for something that is easy to store.

Mid-size inverter- these generators offer around 3500 watts and the weight of these generators are around 150 pounds. These generator are also light weight and quiet but they supply more power than recreational invertors. You can on the refrigerators, lights and fans on theses generator with 2 to 3 gallon of gas for up to 8 to 18 hour long. You cannot power everything with these generators. They usually power equipment with 110 volt items but if you looking forward to power heating system and well pumps you need to see other options. They are best option if you are looking for alternative options for your home when there is rare blackouts.

Portable generators- these generators offer around 7500 watts and the weight of these generators are around 300 pounds. Portable generator meet the demand of average household in Islamabad. You can connect these generator with breaker panel to give power to heavy equipment but the connection of these generators cost around the cost of these generators. You should not use these generators in rain and snow until properly protected. These generators are best option for those home where there is occasional black out.

Large inverter- these generators offer around 7500 watts and the weight of these generators are around 250-350 pounds. These generators can provide small air conditioner and a refrigerator. They are fuel efficient and quiet. These generator require stabilized gasoline. They are best option for home where there is frequently power outages

Home standby- these generators offer around 20000 watts and the weight of these generators are around 350-600 pounds. They are installed permanently near your home.  These generators start on their own when there is power outage. These generators are usually run on natural gas or propane. They are most expensive and convenient generators. The installation is as expensive as the generator itself. These generators are not best option for flood areas.

Prices of generator on sale in Islamabad

The cost of generator on sale in Islamabad varies on the type of generator on sale you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Generator on sale in Islamabad start from 50000 rupees.

Tips for generators for sale in Islamabad

Running a company on your own is difficult task as you face electric supply challenges in daily life. When there is electricity outage and you don’t get generators or any other thing to get electric supply than the productivity of your work will be reduced. When you installed the generator in your home and office it will increase the productivity of people at work. Your business will run smoothly and make the life easier but choosing the right generator for your home and office is bit daunting below we describe some tips for generator for sale in Islamabad

Choose fuel type – see what type of generator you need whether you need petrol or diesel generators diesel generators require high maintain cost and are expensive than petroleum one. They are more fuel efficient. For emergency situation you can use petrol generators.

Stationary or portable- portable generators use to meet small electric requirements it is used by small firms. Stationary generator are costly but last longer with low maintenance cost. For large firm stationary generator are best.

Get right- there are many size choose the size depended upon your need.

Propane or gas generators- you need to choose between propane and gas generators for large power you can use natural gas and propane are best option for emergency situations.

See your usage- before buying generator see for what purpose you need to have electric supply. This help you in getting the right capacity of generators for home.

Electric or manual – you need to have easy start up method for generators. Electric push start generator are easy to start but rope start are consider as secondary option.

Noise and cost- when choosing generator you should also consider the cost and noise the generators produced.


Generator are must thing to consider when there is regularly black out in your city. In Islamabad generator are must have in home, offices and in industry. In this article we discussed about, types of generator on sale in Islamabad, price of generator on sale in Islamabad and thing you need to see while choosing generator on sale in Islamabad. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple generator on sale stores in every city of Islamabad that offer generator on sale in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.