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The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry
Federation House, Main Clifton, Karachi.
Since its inception in 1950, the FPCCI has advocated and voiced the collective opinion, concern and aspiration of the private sector and offered helpful advice and solid assistance to the Governmen ...
Serving the Economy of Pakistan
Aiwan-e-Tijarat Road, Off: Shahrah-e-Liaquat, Karachi.
Mission of KCCI to advance human progress through an economic, political and social system based on individual freedom, incentive, initiative, opportunity, and responsibility.

All you want to know about chamber of commerce in Karachi

Small business must be aware with local resource chamber of commerce in their community. The local chamber of commerce can provide many benefits to these businesses from networking to marketing. A chamber of commerce is group of businesses that supports the interest of members. They not create laws but they influence on business policies through lobbing the legislators in assemblies. They are number of business owners that help other business to flourish and grow by difference like providing them financial assistance, marketing resource, guidance and many more. They handle other community function like tourist information, desk center, and government relation, develop and plan economic matters, business spokesperson, Human resource adviser and economic counselor. By these functions chamber of commerce work to make economy strong and serve various businesses.

The member of chamber of commerce is the organization business owners and individual that work on voluntarily basis to improve the socioeconomic condition of that community. When businesses join hand together it creates a strong voice of individuals. If anyone want to become the member of chamber of commerce they can easily became the part of their local chamber of commerce. It is run by the member of chamber of commerce. They will elect the BOD that help to design policies and goal that they need to achieve. They do day to day operation in chamber that are handled by professional manager and the chief officer is responsible for meetings in chamber.

Objectives of chamber of commerce

First member are split in different committees to work in efficiently manner to achieve the objective of chamber below we describe some of the objectives of chamber of commerce that are

  • They help businesses to grow.
  • They help in increasing job opportunities for locals.
  • They help in encouraging the expansion of community in organized and efficient manner.
  • They work to improve the economic stability of your community.
  • They help to promote free market economy by providing assistance to organization and business.

Responsibilities of chamber of commerce members

When you want to join a chamber of commerce they provide benefits for your business. They also influence the community and give you a voice in important community projects. You can get involve in chamber of commerce through varieties of ways.

  • They pay specific dues this work as investment in your local chamber of commerce.
  • They involve senior employer of chamber of commerce in their work
  • They participate and help to achieve further goals of the chamber of commerce.
  • The chamber of commerce will assign certain employees and business to participate in various committees where possible.

The board member needs to perform some other additional duties that are described below

  • They hire new members.
  • They attend board meetings.
  • They organize voting, new member request, budgets and other important decision.
  • They search and hire for the chamber president this task is not frequently but it is task of board member.
  • If necessary they rewrite laws.
  • They also sell events tickets, they lead team, and they govern legislative initiatives.
  • They represent the chamber of commerce ever time ad make public appearances.

Becoming the board member of chamber of commerce is not easy task so you must devote your time before opting for the position.

How they help small business?

There are many benefits if you join chamber of commerce below we describe some benefits that help your businesses to grow and do good for community as well.

Resources-They help businesses to grow by providing them resources and opportunities to flourish there business, they provide marketing tip and advice you on your day to day operations you will get sufficient knowledge after being the part of chamber of commerce.

Networking-Usually the chamber reorganizes events so members can connect with one another businesses to learn. Through this business you build relationship with other business owners.

Discounts-Usually on chamber events there are some discount freebies and giveaway’s so you take part in them as well. When you connect with chamber member they may provide you with discount coupons.

Mailing lists- the chamber of commerce has its own directory. Member and non-members has access to it. As member will get an edge to reach out other member of chamber.

Exposure- they provide you more exposure to connect with the community. The chamber provide a link of your website on their website.

How to become part of it?

It is not difficult to join chamber of commerce but you need to work to reach that point.

Research- You need to see which chamber areas are active and are relevant in your area. There are multiple chamber in different area that work on different areas there are state level and city level chambers so determine which chamber you would like to join.

Contact-once you have decided about the chamber in next step you need to contact them to determine the steps. The process of joining the chamber may vary so always get the relevant information. You need ask for membership packets. You need to review the information and can ask question to know about process. You can ask them about the political stance.

Attend an event- it is best if you attend chamber events it help you to talk current member of the chambers you can ask them about the benefits they get and what they do for community. Once you done with this you need to set up your membership

  • You need to meet with direction to know about member level and payments
  • Need to fill out the application. Some will accept immediately while some chamber takes time to review your application.
  • Next you will cut a ribbon in the chamber of commerce to announce your membership.


A chamber of commerce is group of businesses that supports the interest of members. Every chamber of commerce will select its own head and then decide on which agendas they want to pursue. In this article we have discussed about objectives, responsibilities, how they help small business and how you can become part of chamber of commerce. If you are searching for the chamber of commerce within Karachi then you have come to right place. We have updated the chamber of commerce list for you.