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Best Pasta in Karachi to Visit in 2024 | Pasta Restaurants

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Pasta Restaurant in Karachi
D82, 126th Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.
The Café Flo is located at 126th Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. The Café Flo wonderful open air restaurant in Karachi. Cordial and inviting help, extraordinary food, incredible men ...
Best Italian Restaurant in Karachi
Shapes Compound, 139 McNeil Road, Cantonment, Karachi.
The Pompei is located at 139 McNeil Road, Karachi, Pakistan. The café first opened in Karachi in 2004 and is broadly recognized as perhaps the best eatery in Pakistan. The Pompei is open for lun ...
Best Pasta Restaurant in DHA Karachi
1C, 9th, Zamzama Blvd, Zamzama Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.
The Amichi, Pizzeria and Kitchen is located at Zamzama Blvd, Zamzama Commercial Area, Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan. Begun by three companions who graduated together, Amic ...
Pasta Restaurant in DHA Karachi
44-C Lane 4, Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.
The Pomo Neapolitan Pizzeria is located at Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan. The Pomo Neapolitan Pizzeria is the best Pasta Restaurant in DHA Karachi. T ...
Top Pasta Bar in Karachi
Service Ln, Block 17 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi.
The Pasta Bar is located at Block 17 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Pakistan. The Pasta Bar Karachi is providing White Pasta, Chicken Chowmein, Cheesy Creamy Pasta, Chicken Hot Sauce Pasta, Veg Chowme ...
Pasta Restaurant in Karachi
Shapes Health Club Compound Old Railway Club, 139 McNiel Road, Cantt, Civil Lines, Karachi.
The La Mamma is located at 139 McNiel Road, Cantt, Civil Lines, Karachi, Pakistan. . The La Mamma Pizza is exceptionally delightful. Food quality was very calculable. The staff was very good and ...
Pasta Restaurant in Karachi
Plot R 761, Sector 14 A Shadman Town, Karachi.
The Pastadaa is located at Sector 14 A Shadman Town, Karachi, Pakistan. Pastadaa plans to fulfill your food desires through lip-smacking, new, natively constructed food. For any request kindly co ...
Top Pasta Restaurant in Karachi
Luckyone Mall 2nd Floor food Court, Main Rashid Minhas Road, Karachi.
The Brocoli Pizzas and Pasta is located at Main Rashid Minhas Road, Karachi, Pakistan. The Broccoli Pizza and pasta offers newly pre-arranged Italian food and customized dinners for a wellbeing co ...
Pasta Restaurant in Karachi
Baghdadi Shiddi Village, Karachi.
The Spicy Pasta Town is located at Baghdadi Shiddi Village, Karachi, Pakistan. Astounding Pasta Restaurant for an incredibly down to earth rate. The trimmings were really new and all of the sauces ...
Pasta Restaurant in Karachi
Plot D 74, 26th Street, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi.
The Casa Villa is located at 26th Street, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. Casa Villa has previously been laid out as one of the most suggested steak and ocean depths eatery attributable to th ...

Pasta Favourite Italian Dish of Karachiis

Karachi is home for many cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Asian and Italian food. You will find variety of food option in Karachi but usually our taste buds are satisfied with some specific places like if we see Italian cuisine no one can resist pasta. When someone thinks of Italian cuisine in Karachi the pasta is the first thing that comes in mind. Pasta comes in different shapes, color and size it is fulfilling dish Italian cuisines has influenced over Karachiis food trends. When the word pasta came into mind the red sauce or white sauce with noodle and meat balls but it is not the reality instead pasta has to offer you a lot more. Like pasta is used in salads and also in comforting soups. You need to select right size, quality and shape of pasta for different meal because eachpasta has its own qualities. Below we describe different types of pasta shapes

Types of pasta in Karachi

Capellini- it is one of thinnest pasta that has diameter of 0.85 to 0.92 millimeters. This pasta is used for light sauce as noodles will lost in meaty sauce.

Fettuccine- it is ribbon like flat pasta than handle multiple types of sauce. The most common dish of fettuccine pasta is alferdo pasta.

Fusilli- it is spiral shape pasta this pasta go well with almost every sauces but these pasta are usually used in making of pasta salads.

Farfalle- It is bow shaped pasta. This type of pasta can be used in making of short pasta recipes. This type pasta goes well with vegetable and meat dishes.

Linguine- it is thin long flat noodles it’s thicken lies in between fettuccine and spaghetti. It is best for seafood dishes.

Macaroni- It is one of favorite pasta of kids. Macaroni and chesses is perfect pleasure combination. It is perfect for melt cheese and cream sauce as it is tube shape that is hollowed from inside so anything you add will fills it.

Spaghetti it is one of the most well-known pasta as spaghetti with meat balls is the dish that has been eaten by almost everyone somewhere. It is thin long and round noodles that go well multiple flavors.

The other types of pastas are that are Orecchiette, Pappardelle zoodles and Penne.

Best Pasta Restaurant in Karachi

Tuscany Courtyard- one of the famous Italian restaurant in capital they have aesthetic pleasant ambiance to enjoy food with loved ones. There majors Italians dishes they serve are pasta oriented dishes. They serve almost every type of pasta from penne to farfalle. They serve delicious alferdo pasta as well.

Angelo’s La Cucina Italiana- located in safa gold Islamabad. People of twin cities love to visit this place to enjoy Italian food. They serve varieties of pasta and pizza option but there famous pastas are parmizano pasta and basil pesto pasta.

Zigolini Italian- If you are looking for some authentic Italian dishes like pastas than no one does more justice than Zigolini Italian. The food is cooked by Italian born chef with year of experience so they offer authentic taste in pastas. The ambiance of restaurant is cozy and best in the city as it is located in Marriott Islamabad.

Aylanto restaurant is another restaurant that offers fine dining experience with lip smacking place of pasta in Lahore. You must try there pasta to give your taste bud something delicious.

Hotspot- they are located in Lahore. They offer the alferdo pasta they will satisfy your soul from food. Their taste is consistent from past years.

Urban Kitchen- they are famous for their mac and cheese they are located in Gulberg. The macaroni is loaded with cheeses and so delicious and tasty that you won’t put your spoon down.

Rina’s Kitchenette- one of the favorite restaurants of Lahore but it is pricey they offer white sauce pasta with chicken mushroom and topped crispy potato shavings.

Pasta La Vista it is small restaurant in DHA that have multiple varieties of pastas they also serve gnocchi this type of pasta is not easily available in the city

Delfrio’s Fettuccine Alfredo- they serve delicious fettuccine pasta with thick creamy sauce and breast piece spicy chicken is baked. They stand out in taste quantity and quality as well.

Butler’s Pasta Au Gratin- they are located in city of lights Karachi serve oven baked penne pasta with spicy chicken, cream, capsicum and cheeses

Ambrosia’s Seafood Cannelloni- they deliver best pasta in town with seafood options like crabs prawn and fish they also serve with red sauce cheese and vegetables.

Prices of pasta in Karachi

The prices may vary on type of sauce, the type of pasta, chicken or seafood, the ambiance and the location of restaurant. The price range of pasta is around 1000-2500 rupees in Karachi.


As Karachi is home for multiple cusines like thai, mexican, chineses and Italian cusines. When italian cusine come in mind the only food that come in mind is pasta that is hard to resist. In Karachi there are multiple types of pastas restaurnts in Karachi that offer different types of pasta dishes in Karachi.  People of Karachi love to eat spaghetti, macroni, fettuccine and alferdo pastas. In this article we have  discussed some bestpasta restaurant that people love to visit to enjoy  different types of pasta in major cities of pakitan.  We have also described some major pasta types in the article. If you want to visit pastas restaurants you can simply contact from the above mentioned details for each branch or visit their website to know about prices and reservations.