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Professional Company for Cab & Taxi Service
Level 1, Jinnah International Airport Karachi.
White Cab is operating in Karachi with offices at Airport, Court Road, KPT, Defence & Railway Station Karachi, Pakistan.
Pioneer in Cab Service in Pakistan
14 A, KCHS, Block 7/8, Main Shahrah-e-faisal, Karachi.
Metro Radio Cab is the pioneer in cab service in Pakistan, started its operation in 2001 from JIAP. Metro cab is providing services of airport drop, city services, keep the cab, hire on full day, and ...

All you want to know about taxis in Karachi

There are many types of vehicle and driving facilty that are used by passenger in Karachi. You willhave  iconic black or yellow cabs on road. Some of them have a sign of taxi and some of them are without the sign of taxi but none of them has meter. They are present on each road side to offer you rides within city. The taxi driver will try to get extra money from you. They will ask you the fare price thrice the standard fare so you need to bargain to get an exact price. There are different type of taxis in Karachi that are discussed below

Types of Taxis in Karachi

Public hire taxis- usually people think that public hire vehicles are taxis. There is sign on the roof where it is written as taxi. You can find these taxis in road side so you don’t need to pre book them. You need get licensed from the authority to drive taxis in Karachi.  These taxis go to different routes in the city the drivers have spent years in the city so know different routes.

Private hire vehicle- you need to take licensed to carry passenger. You need to book them in advance and there are different vehicles. These cabs can carry 4 to 6 passenger in the vehicle depending upon the type of vehicle.

Executive and chauffeur hire- if you want a certain private vehicle you can book for chauffeur service for your event and big day. These vehicle are luxury are high end and the performance of these car is at its best.

Uber and careem driver- recently in Karachi the private taxi drivers get themselves enrolled with uber and other taxi apps such as in driver. These apps become very popular. These apps allow the taxi drivers to work in flexible hour and the customer can also set the price they want and can also select the car they want. You can book them in advance and can also book them whenever you want but to work with them you need to have driving license.

Charges of taxis in Karachi

The charges of taxi ride depend upon the type of taxi you choose, the distance of location and the traffic in the area where you are travelling.

Taxi services in Karachi

Taxi business in Karachi become quite popular. Now a day’s transport business are looking to provide services to customer. The owner are working and continuously upgrading the system to satisfy customers’ needs in Karachi. The customer are looking for following services in taxis in Karachi

Door to door taxi services- now with latest technology you can book the taxi online and door to door taxi facility is provided to customer they don’t need to roam here and there to find the taxi of right price. You can set the price online. You can also pick up your family member from your way to your final destination by just adding the two location on the drop off.

Airport transfer- finding a cab is the only option when you land on the airport but you need not to worry now you can pre book your taxi before you even land. When you land there would be taxi that is waiting for you to pick you up. In this fast pace life  you have a reliable taxi option that give a peace of mind while travelling.

Hourly services- hourly services are becoming in business for the people that want to travel frequently. Many people other business want hourly services of taxi to visit their favorite restaurant, sport event or entertainment places. You need to pay the charges on the basis of hour. Clients also get off discounts on hourly basis rides. It is better to book such rides in advance so you must know that they have right vehicle you want. People also book such rides when going for trips with friends and family.

Things you must see while hiring the tax in Karachi

Price and budget- whenever we are visiting any location we plan in advance about the budget we need to spend on travelling so don’t ignore the prices of vehicles if you are going to trip and booking the taxi for hourly basis fix the rate in advance. When booking ask them whether driver charges is included in it or not as some include driver cost in it and some company don’t so clarify it.

Driver- always check the license of driver whether he is eligible to drive the vehicle and whether he is punctual polite and maintain the car. If you don’t know the exact route of the location make sure the driver you hire is expert of roads. You can also check whether the driver has experience of driving.

Customer service- hire the taxi agency that is always there to help you in emergency situation and it is quite annoying when you are in emergency and no one pick your call.

Type of car- you need specific type of car to travel some specific type of places so when visiting such places consider the car you booking is capable to work on such routes.

Safe and secure- always trust the taxi service company that offer security and offer knowledgeable drivers that are well known to rules and regulation of route. Always look for the trustworthy and reliable taxi driver.

Reviews and recommendation- you can check the reviews online of certain taxi services company or can also ask recommendations from friend and family.



Taxis in Karachi are in iconic  black or yellow cabs on road. Some of them have a sign of taxi and some of them are without the sign of taxi but none of them has meter. They are present on each road side of road  to offer you rides within city. In this article we discussed about, types of taxis in Karachi, price of taxis in Karachi, how to choose best taxi service in Karachi. For your ease and your convenience we have listed taxi services in every city of Karachi that offer taxi services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.