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Providing services since 2010
Main Wahdat Road, Opposite Abrar Business Center, near Shaukat Khanum Lab, Lahore.
Tip Top Dry Cleanders is located at Main Wahdat Road, near Shaukat Khanum Lab, Lahore Pakistan. We are happy to be one of the most outstanding and set up cleaning associations in Pakistan – a s ...
Providing services since 2014
40, Block B Pak-Arab Housing Scheme, Lahore.
Pakarab Dry Cleaners is located at Pak-Arab Housing Scheme, Lahore Pakistan. Pakarab Online Laundry offers proficient types of assistance to Government Establishments, Hospitals, Military Personn ...
Set up in 1967
12-B Wahdat Road, Rehmanpura Colony, Lahore.
National Dry Cleaners is located at Wahdat Road, Rehmanpura Colony, Lahore Pakistan. Our selective, individual and dependable administrations and most flawless completion throughout the years hav ...


Dry cleaning is similar concept like laundering you do at your home but in dry cleaning they used liquid solvent instead of water and detergent to clean clothes. The solution used to clean contain no or little amount of water so thats why it is known as dry cleaning.

Dry cleaner to wash use large advanced, technically and computer operated dry cleaning machines. Little water is used to wet your clothes but the solvent that is used in dry cleaning evaporates water quickly. Solvent is used to clean clothes instead of water so it not drain or disposed water like other washing machines. To loosen the impurities during the cleaning phase the solvent is recirculate again by filters throughout the process. Later on solvent is distilled to be crystal clear and purified so that it can be used again.

There are two major advantages of dry cleaning rather the wet or water cleaning. Water swells your clothes fibers due to swelling of fibers your clothes may shrink or color of your clothes may fade. Solvent used in Dry cleaning process are more effective than water to remove greasy and oily marks from your clothes that usually exist on your clothes and are hard to remove from detergent and water. Once your clothes are cleaned your dry cleaner to give a finishing look to your clothes will press them for finishing look. Finishing process may vary according to fabrics and garments usually they steam and press your garments.

Steaming is used to remove wrinkles, enhance cleaning and pressing by removing any water soluble or bacteria exist in your garments. Pressing is the last phase of dry cleaning process that is used to for smooth and crisp end result that is hard to attain by ironing at home because dry cleaner were well trained and have skill to give final look to your garment. Once your garment are pressed they are inspected and then packet to deliver at your step or wait for your arrival.

You can help your dry cleaner  while taking your garment to him by telling him about the particular stain on your garment or if you want any particular treatment for removal of stain. If you have any concern related to zip, broken button you can tell them at beginning. If there is any issue related to wear and tear in your garment point out. This information will be helpful for your dry cleaner and time of dry cleaning.


Dry cleaning process has following steps

Inspection and identification- when your clothes are received by dry cleaner he inspect and identified your garment with a tag that remain with your garment until it  is returned back to you.

Spot the stain and removal- Before cleaning they spot the stains and through their skill they remove the stains and spots from your garment with the help of specialized solution.

Sorting out- All your garments will be sorted out according to the color and category by providing the consideration related to the instruction provided by the manufacture in care label.

Dry cleaning- Later on now your garment are dry cleaned with the help of international standard specialized solution that remove stain of grease and dirt from your garment from the most delicate parts and even if your fabric is sensitive.

Drying-For drying process they will use certain amount of temperature that is appropriate for your garment for drying and will follow if any care instruction is provided by the manufacture regarding drying.

Pressing- To give them crisps look and crease your garment are than presses and steamed to restore its original shape and body of your garment by removing every wrinkle.

Final inspection and packing- Before delivering they will do final inspection and will pack them so they can deliver you safely.

Dry cleaning chemicals

Different types of chemical are used to clean your garment. Previously solvent used for dry cleaning included benzene, turpentine, gasoline Kerosene and petroleum that are dangerous and flammable to use. Later on in 1930 there was development of such solvent that are nonflammable synthetic solvents like decamethylcyclopentasiloxane and perchloroethylene that are also used today for dry cleaning process.

Detergent is already added in the solvents to remove soil detergent. Dry cleaning  procees is aid in 3 ways:

  • It carries moisture that need to remove water soluble spots and soil.
  • Help in suspending soil from the fabric so it doesn’t reabsorbed.
  • It is spotting agent used for penetrating the garment so that it help solvents to remove stain easily.

Detergents are usually added in solvent before the process of dry cleaning or some time they add detergent in the process of dry cleaning on specific timings.

How you can attain best services from your dry cleaner

Always read the care labels available on your garments- it is very obvious to read such instruction but usually people don’t pay attention to the labels available on your clothes or even they sometime tear them completely. These labels are important for your dry cleaner to clearly understand about the fabric and solvent they need to use for specific fabric. So you need to pay attention on such labels before your dry cleaner to ensure the proper cleaning of your clothes.

Don’t try to remove spots and stains on your own- whenever we spill something on clothes or see any stain on our clothes we immediately try to remove such stain by ourselves avoid doing this instead visit dry cleaner. There is chance instead of cleaning such stain you worsen the situation by pushing stain of paint or dye and food color deeper into the fabric that will made more difficult for dry cleaner to even remove it

Point out stains- whenever you deliver your clothes for cleaning always identify the stains so they pretreat the stains during cleaning phase.

Point out specific button and detailing- As some clothes have delicate embellishment and button that need to be treated with extra care. When you will drop your clothes at dry cleaner point out the embellishment and ask them if they can be protected during cleaning or remove it temporary and them will be reattached after cleaning and do ask whether reattachment will be included in dry cleaning process or not.

Special care request: If you want to highlight anything about stain or embellishment tell them at time of drop off garments. Never consider that they will do everything no their own. Always consult with your dry cleaner to get better results

Price of Dry cleaning: Dry cleaner charges according to the garments fabric, length, size and they charge different for clothes of men and women like for men 2 pc shalwar kameez they charge around 500 rupees for dry cleaning but for women shalwar kameez they charge around 250 to 300 rupees. For fancy clothes of women they charge around 1000 rupees. For simple t- shirt they charge around 100 rupees. For trouser or pent they also charge only 100 rupees. For jacket they charge 200 rupees. For cleaning single blanket they charge around 250 and for double blanket they charge 400 rupees. For curtain (1 ply) they charge around 300 rupees and for carpet (sq.ft) they charge 12 rupees. So they charge differently for every garments so always ask for the price list before delivering your garments.

Dry cleaning is simlar concept like laundaring but they dont use water instead they use liquid solvent for cleaning. There are mutiple process of dry cleaning.  Before sending your clothes to dry cleaner make sure that you dry cleaner  go through the instruction provided at the back of garment regarding cleaning of garment . In this article we have also described how you can attain best services from your dry cleaners so, If you are searching for the best dry cleaner in Lahore, then contact with the list above.