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Faisal Plaza 3 First Floor, Civic Center Commercial Area Faisal Town, Lahore.
Dynamic Services is located at Civic Center Commercial Area Faisal Town, Lahore Pakistan. We are glad to present our self as an all-around oversaw proficient, Well Equipped and dedicated group oc ...
Cleaning is an Art and We are the Artist
119 W, DHA Phase 8, Lahore, Pakistan
Pak Cleaning Services is located at DHA Phase 8, Lahore Pakistan. Set up in 1994, the presumed association has advanced and developed widely to oblige the consistently changing necessities of cus ...
Building The Corporate Sector
Kabeer Street, Urdu Bazar Lahore.
The Mehar Corporate Suppliers is located at Kabeer Street, Urdu Bazar Lahore, Pakistan. Our items and administrations are intended to fulfill our clients in general, whenever, anyplace. We are foc ...

Managing your home cleanness require a lot of your time effort and energy. It will be hard job to deep clean house for house owners that also need to handle multiple other home tasks and work duties. In that case house cleaners are blessing and are life saver. Instead of pulling out your mops buckets brushes and essential for deep cleaning you can just relax and invest your time in other activities and let professional companies offering house cleaning services in Lahore do their job. Once you hired professional home cleaners now you can focus more on your new learning skill, hobby or any freelancing job.


Who are house cleaners and what kind of services they provide?

Keeping house neat and clean is home cleaners utmost responsibility so that we can enjoy healthy and save environment.  House cleaners are the person who helps homeowners to keep their room and house clean and tidy. When you will outsource you house cleaning it will allow you to juggle your time between family social lives and also help you to work efficiently and effectively. If you have not hired a house cleaners in Lahore before you might be worried about the services provided by them we are listing few of the general responsibilities included but do confirm about the services included by house cleaners on call before  booking appointment because sometimes they charge extra for some of the services.

Regular service includes making beds, vacuuming the carpet area, dusting, mopping, and cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms. If you want deep house cleaning of your house than you need to book deep cleaning services they will pay extra attention to the tile area of kitchen and washroom.

General Cleaning include dusting of daily used areas, disinfected and cleaning of bathroom, cleaning of baseboards,  cleaning of outside garage area, kitchen tiles are properly mopped and vacuumed, dusting of tables, chairs and photo frames installed in room and TV area, cleaning of kitchen shelf and mirrors installed in washroom and in rooms.

Detail cleaning include: cleaning of grease behind kitchen appliance, detail cleaning inside of microwave and oven, removing of scaling on bathroom and kitchen tiles, the area under sink is thoroughly cleaned,  Dust removal from all the area that are even hard to reach in daily situation, Washing of all curtains carpets and sofa covers, vacuuming furniture, door and cabinets are spot cleaned for removal of fingerprints on mirror embedded on it.

House cleaners not help you to look your room clean but they also provide you with other benefits like elimination of allergies. Many children and elders are allergic to dust that may lead to runny rose or sour throat. When you a hire reputable house cleaners they used high efficiency particulate air vacuums that help them to get rid of the small dust particles that is not possible on your own. Deep cleaning help you to attain a long term benefitsas your sofas and blinds are expensive enough you don’t want to change them usually through proper cleaning they will not deteriorate no anytime soon. As they say clean furniture last longer.

They offer you the service of deep cleaning through which you can mould away the bacteria and fungi grown in your washrooms. As it is tough to get rid of them when you already have shortage of time in that situation house cleaners know the right tools and  cleaning agents needed to get rid of the bacteria. House cleaners also help you to reduce stress and fatigue when you come home from a tiring day at office and you see everything shining.


Things you need to consider before hiring a House Cleaner

Finding and then hiring a trust worthy house cleaners in Lahore is important because giving an access to someone at your home is unnerving for home owners. Thus always go for trustworthy company or person for house cleaning below are tips that need to be considered while hiring a house cleaner

  • First of all figure out what kind of cleaning you required than see whether you need to require an individual or a Professional company services. Both have their own benefits like professional company will make sure that every time you book there must be someone present at your door step. But there will be different cleaners coming overtime that may breach your security.
  • Always go for recommendations from your acquaintance and neighbor’s. Getting personal recommendation tell you a lot about the cleaners work ethics norms, sense of responsibility and loyalty of employe toward its work.
  • Always prepare the list of work you need to take from them. As previously you used deep cleaning service may be this time you may need cleaner for general cleaning so always list down the work because you don’t want to pay them for every extra hour.
  • Always before hiring have a little frank conversation tell them what you expect from them. Do take them to every room tell them about specific area that needs to be handled with care.
  • Stick around the cleaner during first few cleaning to develop trust. Always keep your precious items in your lock cupboards to avoid any mishaps.
  • Always look for insured company of house cleaners rather than bounded one as bound one save company if an employee committed theft.



Hiring housecleaners is no more considered as luxury it is becoming necessity as we are realizing some useful benefits of it in our daily lives. When you hire house cleaners you say good bye to the dirt for few hours in your house. Before hiring house cleaners always researchand get some personnel recommendation because you don’t want your home security at stake. Reputable and professional house cleaning services providers will be happy to provide you with referrals and prove of insurance and if they are not welcoming that is not your right one for you. Look elsewhere. We have updated the list of companies offering house cleaning services in Lahore, just send them email or make call.