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Lahore, Pakistan
Uniformers is located at Lahore, Pakistan.  We base on our extremely high standard, quality products. We assure an easy purchase, as one does not have to remember different sizes in different ar ...
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Near Al Beruni, International High School, Main Canal Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Decent Uniforms & Book Shop is located at Main Canal Road, Lahore, Pakistan. We started to stock school uniforms in 2005 and since then have built up the business so now we are the sole stockists ...
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Office No 28 G, Ground Floor, Gohar Center Wahdat Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Uniform.pk is located at Gohar Center Wahdat Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Uniform.pk is Pakistan’s first and largest online uniform store providing the best quality school uniform, school accessorie ...
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2nd Floor, Madina Market, Dhani Raam Road, New Anarkali, Lahore, Pakistan
Safa Marwa uniform is lcoated at  Madina Market, Dhani Raam Road New Anarkali, Lahore, Pakistan. Safa Marwa uniform company has grown to become the most trusted garment decoration specialist in t ...
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Couples Marriage Hall, Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan
Modern Collection & School Uniform is located at Couples Marriage Hall,  Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan. We started to stock school uniforms in 2005 and since then have built up the business so ...
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10 - The Mall, Lahore, Pakistan
GM Chowdri and Sons is located at 10 -The Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. We are the leading uniform fabrics and cloth manufacturers and providers to various industries including Education, Security, Spo ...
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219-E, PIA (Adjacent) Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
Hawk Uniforms is located at Adjacent Shaukat Khanam Hospital Lahore, Pakistan. We established in 1988, providing affordable uniforms, designed and manufactured in our facilities. We are proud to ...
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226, Nargis Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Pakistan
Khadija Uniform and Stationers is located at 226, Nargis Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Pakistan. We are making uniforms with best quality Fabric and stitching which makes its life longer. We ar ...
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Abu Bakar Road, Sector C-2, Block 14, Lahore, Pakistan
Sky School & College Uniform is located at Abu Bakar Road, Sector C-2, Block 14, Lahore, Pakistan. We provides the best Quality of Uniforms at a reasonable price. We are serving the customers and ...
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Ahmed Arcade, Ferozpur Road, Muslim Town Mor, Muslim Town, Fazlia Colony, Lahore, Pakistan
Super Uniform Shop is located at Muslim Town Mor, Muslim Town, Fazlia Colony, Lahore, Pakistan. We have the best quality uniforms available. Our material is excellent and long lasting. Our qualit ...

All you want to know about school uniforms in Lahore

In today’s world the way we dress up and look determine our social standing and acceptance in the society. People wearing the glamorous and fashionable clothes are considered as the rich people of the society. In modern school wearing, fashionable clothes are common among student and they judged on basis of their physical appearance. So it is necessary to teach people that school uniform have utmost importance.

Significance of school uniforms in Lahore

Equity: the importance of school uniform is that it give a sense of security and equality to students. As fashion and trends in school become the status of symbol so uniform help them in developing a sense of oneness among all students. In this way the bullies from rich families can notdiscriminate students on the basis of clothes they are wearing.

Focus on wearing- when all students are wearing same clothes they will focus less on what they are wearing and will not feel insecure because of their social status.  When there will be no discrimination they will not have low self-pressure and won’t feel pressure from peers so in that way they will invest their all energy in study and learning. When there is common dress code in school it help student to define themselves in music spots art and academic irrespective the background of students.

Time saving- now a days it has been seen that students wardrobe are overflowing with clothes as a result of that student take a lot of time to decide the outfit for the day to wear at school. With uniforms this problem is solved you already know what you need to wear so there is no time to waste on arguments with your parents what to wear and what not to?

Discipline-when you are student you learn the discipline that help throughout your life. It has been seen that when students wear uniform there is less absenteeism.  As school promote attendance, pay attention to student studies, improve presentation skill, discipline behavior and focus that help them to talk with confidence and motivation.

Promoting school spirit- the major significance of uniform is that it generate sense of pride, belonging and loyalty toward school. Encourage student to work in team when student need to represent their school in inter school competition, events and sports.

Economical- as student want to keep up in with fashion and trend and spend a lot of amount on buying jeans and expensive clothes. The school uniform in comparison are affordable and you buy multiple sets in less prices.

Pros and Cons of wearing school uniforms in Lahore


  • When student wear school uniform it help in reducing crime and ensure student safety.
  • It help them to focused toward their education and extracurricular activities rather than buying clothes.
  • It create a level of playing field for student and reduce bulling and peer pressure.
  • When student wear school uniform it increase unity, community spit and school pride.
  • It help in improving absenteeism record of students.
  • Uniform policy help in saving valuable time as they are easy to enforce it
  • It help in improving punctually as it take less time to  get ready.
  • It help parent in saving the money.
  • Usually educators and parents prefer school uniforms.
  • In school uniforms student can easily represent their individuality by adding accessories and variations.


  • It restrict the freedom of expression of the student wearing school uniform
  • The uniform at school promotes conformity more rather than individuality.
  • The school uniform may increase violent attack rather than reducing bullying.
  • The school uniform has detrimental effect on student self-image.
  • The school uniform is consider as the expense on parents.
  • Student waste a lot of time in wearing school uniform because they don’t like to wear it.
  • When attention is given to school uniform the important matter of school are ignored that are important to consider.

Price of school uniforms in Lahore

The price of school uniform varies from location to location, the stitching experience of the person, the material, and the logo print on the uniform. The price of school uniform is approximately 1500 -3000 rupees in Lahore.

Things schools need to see when designing school uniforms in Lahore

Every school is identified from its school uniform so the designing the school uniform is the important thing and critical decision by the school management. When a certain school is planning to upgrade or redesign their school uniform they should not only look the appearance there are certain things that they need to be consider when designing uniform for school that are

Climate- the climate is the primary factor that should be considered by school. When choosing the fabric for their school uniform they should consult school uniform manufacture. The school uniform manufacture should guide you about the fabric that can be used. The fabric should be like that it can be wore in winter and as well as in summer.

Student Choices- the students should always feel compatible and feel proud to wear the uniforms. It is important while designing the uniform manufacture should consider the viewpoint of students. They should consider latest trends in uniform.

Unique classification- when designing one thing you should not forget is the unique element in your uniform by adding accessories or adding unique colors. It help you in standing out professionally.

Moisture wicking property- the school uniforms should have such properties that it provide student with comfort for long school hour as student play in their free time and as result they sweat so there uniform must have moisture wicking properties.

Stain resistant- when children go to school stain on clothes is obvious thing. So the uniform material should be like that stain can easily be removed as student wear them on daily basis.

Branding- no doubt fabric, design and color of school uniform is important but the logo of your school should be prominent on school uniform.


Every school is identified from its school uniform so the designing of the school uniform is the important thing and critical decision by the school management. The importance of school uniform is that it give a sense of security and equality to people. In this article we discussed about, significance of school uniform in Lahore, price of school uniform in Lahore and Things school need to see when designing school uniform in Lahore. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple school uniform company in every city of Lahore that offer multiple school uniform variety in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.