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10 Best Cricket Bat Manufacturers and Exporters to Choose in 2024

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Choosing Cricket Bat is tricky so choose wisely

Cricket over the years the tools and equipment used in the cricket are also evolving with passage of time. Like previously the test matches were for six days but now test matches are only for 5 days. Preciously in 1 day matches there were 60 overs but now there are 50 overs and now T20 matches are also started. Same as the cricket matches have evolved cricket bats also transformed drastically to meet the need s and requirement of modern cricket. There was also increase in demand of demands over the years so manufacturing companies of cricket bats has also increased. After the advent of T20 matches there was increased in the importance of bats with variety of weights and size so that you can play shots.

How you can choose a cricket bat for yourself?

Cricket is one of the most famous sports around the world and one of the most played games in Multan as well. People love to watch the match as it is interesting game. But people are also interested with its cricket gadgets and gear. Batman’s and bowlers uses different types of gadget and equipment like gloves and helmet other than bat and ball to save them self from injury. Choosing a bat is bit difficult as there are multiple variation and types of bats. While selecting bat you must need to see what type of wood is used, its length base and grip of bat.

There are four main types of bats that are English willow, Kashmiri willow, softball cricket bats and training cricket bats.  All these bats are used on different occasion and we will let you know which one you can purchase.

English Willow- this type of cricket bat is usually chosen by international cricketers. But it is produced in bulk quantity as every professional cricketer wants to use English willow bat. It is famous as only willow because it gives contraction and tough ness to the bat. English willow is that type of bat this is only native to England. There are 5 grades of English willow bats. The best bat is on number one grade with straighter gains but these bat are little expensive than regular bats.

Kashmiri Willow- they are made up of Kashmir woods. It is one of desirable wood in India to make cricket bats they differ in reliability and appearance with English willow bats. Kashmir willows are brownish in color.  They are made by hand so they are bit expensive light in weight.  Kashmir willow popularity is increasing because newbies want to play with Kashmiri willow.

Softball Cricket bats- these types of bats are not send in international cricket but used by people in daily street cricket. It is made up of rubber wood and fiber. They are less expensive than other two types of bats. This type of bat is best for children who want to practice cricket from young age. You need power to strike the ball when playing with soft ball cricket bats.

Training cricket bats- these bats are designed to improve your cricket skill set these types of bats are not made up of one willow instead they are made up of English, Kashmir willow or producer. These types of bat are available in multiple size and width. The width of training bats is half of the regular bat. These bats are usually used by coaches as they are used as weapon during training of cricketers. There are knocked in and oiled in learning phase.

First of all you need to see what type of willow you prefer whether it is Kashmiri or English willow. If you prefer light weight bat than you should go for English willow and if you want heavy bat go for Kashmiri willow one. Even when you choose English willow you need to see which grade you want as higher the grade the better grains on the bat. You need to choose the bat size according to your age group. There are multiple charts available on internet you can see on which age group which height of bat is preferred.

Weight is another important facet while choosing cricket bat and weight of bat has also significant impact on player game. If the bat is heavy for young teenager batman it is difficult to handle to raise the bat, or to play blade shot or swing the bat. Never purchase a bat without picking it up.

Price of the cricket bats in Multan

The price of bats may vary on the basis of type of bats you will choose but the lowest price of cricket bat in Multan is 100 rupees and average estimated price of bat is around 4500 rupees in Multan .

There are multiple types of cricket bats available in Multan . You need to choose the best cricket bat according to your need as they come in different size width and weight. For your ease and convenience we have compiled cricket bat manufacturing companies in Multan with their contact details addresses.  We have multiple registered companies in every city of Multan but mainly in Sialkot. There are many cricket bats dealers in Multan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contact us by email if you any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best dealer according to your need, convenience and budget.