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Cosmetic Surgeries Expert from Rawalpindi
Ahmad Medical Complex, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
Dr. Muhammad Ahmad is a well known cosmetic surgeon having years of experience to perform cosmetic surgery in Pakistan.
Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery
Near Golra Morr, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi.
Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital is offering cosmetic surgery by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Israr & Dr. Saqib Shahab. For more detail about timings or an appointment please talk to us.
Main Saidpur Road Near Kali Tanki Rawalpindi.
If you are in love with yourself, it is normal for you to love your skin and the rest of the body. The more you take care of your skin, the better it becomes. Your food intake, lifestyle choices, a ...

All you want to know about cosmetic surgery in Rawalpindi

Cosmetic surgery helps you to improve your appearance but cosmetic surgery is not suitable for everyone. Cosmetic surgery is branch of plastic surgery that consists of non-surgical and surgical procedures. It is the easy way to enhance your appearance and improve your physique. They change parts of body by reshaping them or they alter your appearance. before going for the treatment you must consider your expectation from the treatment, the expenses the risk associated with treatment and recovery timing. Always expect improvement from the procedure not perfection. If you are expecting that after procedure you will look a movie star than you may be disappointed. Cosmetic surgeries are not covered by health insurance and the cost will depend upon the procedure you will choose. Usually people are satisfied with the results after cosmetic surgery but still complication may occur.  The recovery time of Cosmetic surgery treatment in Rawalpindi take weeks days or sometime even months. If you are smoker your surgeon will recommend you to stop smoking for few months before the surgery date.

Things you need to see and ask from your cosmetic surgeon in Rawalpindi

When choosing the cosmetic surgeon for your treatment always chooses the one that has specialized in your specific procedure and must be certified with specific board. Be aware from the scams of unrecognized certificates.

When you have narrowed down your choice of cosmetic surgeon arrange the meeting with multiple cosmetic surgeons for consultation. You need to share the medical history with the surgeon and he will evaluate the parts of your body. During your initial stages you must ask your surgeon.

  • Ask whether you are the right fit candidate for this treatment.
  • Ask about that whether there is any other surgery that might work better for you.
  • You can ask them about how many times he did this procedure and ask about the results of those procedures.
  • You can ask them to share the before and after pictures so that you can have a clear picture about the result outcome.
  • Ask him in how many seating the procedure will completed whether it will be completed in one or multiple procedures.
  • Ask about the options available and ask about pros and cons associated with each.
  • Ask about the types of anesthetic that will be used and its effects.
  • Ask whether you need to be hospitalized and for how long
  • Ask about the risk associated with your desired treatment.
  • Ask about the progress monitoring take place after surgery.
  • Lastly but most important ask about the total cost of procedure.

Charges of cosmetic surgery in Rawalpindi

The cost of cosmetic surgery in Rawalpindi will depend on the facilities you will get at hospital, the anesthesia charges, and the cosmetic surgeon experience in this field. Usually the charges of cosmetic surgery in Rawalpindi lie in between 75000 to 125000 in Rawalpindi.

Tips to choose the right cosmetic surgeon in Rawalpindi

The choice of cosmetic surgeon you will choose for your treatment will make you feel confident in doing things on your own in upcoming years when you choose an expert for your procedure you have chances of getting poor result is lessened.

Make sure that surgeon is certified-Always see that the cosmetic surgeon is board certified. Many people thing that state medical boards ensure about the surgeon qualification and experience to perform procedure but government does not require any specific surgeon requirement to perform procedure they offer. This is the major issue because usually general doctors do cosmetic surgery to gain profits so always ask for board certification.

Procedure experience- every surgeon has its specialization like a surgeon who work on surgery of nose and breathing passages will work differently the one who is operating breast surgery. So choose the surgeon who has specialization in cosmetic surgery and must have sufficient experience to give you the treatment

Choose the cosmetic surgeon whose aesthetic sense appeals to you-It happens if one thing appeal you may be seem unattractive to anyone else. So it is not best to always rely on any family or friend recommendation. In fact look the result of each surgeon and interview them individually. Look toward the consistency of the patient results who have already taken the procedure from the surgeon.

See how comfortable the staff and surgeon make you feel-As the surgery is big deal so you need to be comfortable with surgeon and also with supporting staff. Choose the one with whom you can trust and feel safe about the end results.

Ask about operation facility- Your safety during surgery depend upon the operating facility and anesthetist. Always before booking your surgery ask the surgeon about the facility accreditation level. And Ask about the anesthetist qualification.

Customer service- As you are looking for the hospital with best surgeon make sure that staff treated you well. You will came to know this by yourself as you walk into the door of cosmetic surgeon clinic or hospital. Look whether the staff is helpful and friendly. Are all the dues are clearly mentioned. When you contact at clinic see whether they reply promptly or not.


Cosmetic surgery helps you to improve your appearance but cosmetic surgery is not suitable for everyone. Cosmetic surgery is branch of plastic surgery that consists of non-surgical and surgical procedures. It is the easy way to enhance your appearance and improve your physique. In this article we discussed about thing you need to consider before hiring the cosmetic surgeon, cost of cosmetic surgery procedure and some tips for hiring the cosmetic surgeon in Rawalpindi. For your ease and your convenience we have compiled cosmetic surgery clinics and hospital.  We have listed multiple registered clinics and hospital in every city of Rawalpindi that offer cosmetic surgery procedure in multiple price ranges. There are many clinics in Rawalpindi you can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.