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10 Best Institutes for Freelancing Courses in Rawalpindi to Choose in 2024

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Ist Floor, Shamshad Plaza Computer Market Near Askari Bank Haider Road, Saddar Rwp.
Alisra ielts academi is located at Computer Market Near Askari Haider Road Saddar Rawalpindi. AL Isra training Institute Offers with flexible class timmings morning evening IELTS General IELTS Aca ...
Best Institute for freelancing courses.
Sunny Plaza, 6th Road Chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
MASIA Institute is located at Sunny Plaza, 6th Road Chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. MASIA Institute offers separate freelancing courses and discusses the concept of Freelancing in other courses on h ...
High Quality Training for freelancing Courses.
153-O, Office 501, Civic Center, Bahria Town, Phase 4, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Digital Pakistan Academy is located at Civic Center, Bahria Phase 4, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. We are a non-conventional IT institute. We do not just certificate distributors. Digital Pakistan Academy ...
High-Quality Training for Freelancing Courses in Rawalpindi
Office # 2, Malik Plaza, 6th Road, Metro Station Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Institute of Professional and Technical Training Rawalpindi is located at  Malik Plaza, 6th Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Institute Of Professional & Technical Training Rawalpindi (PVT) Limited (I ...

All you want to know about freelancing in Rawalpindi

Freelancing has become very popular from past few years almost more than one third of people are pursing there career by doing online job. People choose the freelancing as their life style because you have freedom and many benefits like you are your own boss. If you want to pursue freelancing job as side business or part time job or full time it will benefit you in many ways. When people start working as freelancer they worry whether it is wise decision because people are usually considering freelancing as side income and they don’t like to quite their permanent job and earn money only through freelancing. There are 36% of freelancers that have chosen freelancing as their full time career. To become a successful freelancer is not an easy task. You need to invest you’re a lot of time and hard work once you become a successful freelancer there are many opportunities for you.  Below we describe reasons that why should you choose freelancing jobs.

Reason people choose freelancing as career

You enjoy more Freedom- it is the major advantage of freelancing jobs you have more freedom rather than working for someone else. It totally depends upon you when you want to take clients what rate will you charge and on what timing you will work. You can make all of these decisions on your own.

Flexible working hours- setting you own schedule of working is also a benefits like if you are free at night or you are free after sending children to school you can work at that time as well. You can take off whenever you want you don’t have to wait for weekends.

Self-management- as you are your own boss so will choose the workload and date to submit the task all by yourself.

Flexible location- you can work as freelancer from any location you don’t need to work from the office environment you can also work from home by sitting on your favorite coach.

Compensation and earning- you don’t need to ask for compensation and raise in pay from your boss as you set your rates directly with the clients so you can charge your own rate and ask for compensation if the work is urgent

Improves your skills- as every project you take from clients is different from one another so you get opportunities to improve your skill set. You will learn new things on each day which you cannot learn because in permanent jobs the tasks are more or less every year same.

Startup your own business- in freelancing you can start your own business by building your clients. You can experiment different types of services and then can see with which one you are earning more money.

Best freelancing websites

Rawalpindi is the country where freelancing is growing with fast pace. Many multi-national companies and businesses hire Rawalpindii freelancer for their job to be done as Rawalpindii freelancer are talented and cost effective you can make money by working on these simple websites that are: Up work, fiver, guru, people per hour and freelancer

Dig skills Free Online Freelancing Course by Government of Rawalpindi

This is free freelancing course offered in Rawalpindi by the government where expert freelancer can guide you in each step. You need not to spend a lot of money just to learn freelancing skills. This initiative was taken to teach students about freelancing there are many free courses that are offered online in digi skills in Rawalpindi. You just need to visit digi skills website register yourself watch videos, complete quiz and assignment and start practicing freelancing/

There are multiple course that are offered by dig skills each course is designed by an expert freelancer that has year of experience and work with worldwide clients the list of courses that are offered are as follow: creative writing, graphic designing, auto Cad, quick book, digital literacy, freelancing, ecommerce search engine optimization  and word press.

There is another program run by government of Rawalpindi as e-roozgar for freelancing they have 35+ center in Punjab of e-roozgar program. There are 31,000 students that gained training and start earning during the training. There free freelancing courses in e-roozgar program are content marketing, creative design , adverting courses, blogging, e commerce, SEO, Youtube, marketing, adobe illustrator, photoshop, logo designing, T-shirt designing, shopify, store drop shipping, technical courses like HTML, CSS, building website, web development basic plugin development etc.

Freelancing courses

The courses mention are generic and can learn by any freelancer to improve their skills and knowledge below we describe some of the courses

Complete guide to freelancing- in this course they will teach you about freelancing to kick start your career in freelancing.

Up-work freelancing- it is famous platform for freelancing approving your account on up-work is also a challenge. This will help you to create your profile and also help you to get approve faster.

Guide to explosive growth- in this course you learn and discover about creative potential. This course will help you start freelancing in fun way.

Knockout portfolio- having an eye catching portfolio will convince many clients towards you. In this class you will learn how you can create perfect portfolio to start practicing freelancing.

There are many other courses like building your freelancing business, spot night mare clients, freelancing for creative, writing for brands, turning idea into action, building and branding your own success etc.


Freelancing jobs have gained much attention from people approximately one third people are pursing online jobs. People love freelancing jobs because they are their own boss but becoming freelancer is not an easy job. In this article we have discussed the reason that why people are choosing freelancing as their career and also mentioned some famous freelancing websites to find work online. Government of Rawalpindi introduced Digiskills and e-roozgar program in which they taught varieties of courses to become a freelancer. We have also mentioned some generic courses of freelancer. If you want to take admission in freelancing courses you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about fee structure admission and further information.