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10 Best Leather Companies in Rawalpindi to Choose in 2024

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Best Leather Products Provider in Rawalpindi
Niamat Markeet, Haroon Chowk, Kurri Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
WF Leathercraft is located at Kurri Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. We believe in attention to detail. From selecting the leather hides to designing, cutting hand-stitching, all is done personally by ...
Leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Leather Products
Office No. 7, Plot No P751, Saidpur Road, Pir Choha Mohalla, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Leather Seven is located at Saidpur Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. LeatherSeven was established in 2015 with the sole mission of providing the best leather, and prices of motorcycle gear to our custo ...
Hand Stitching is our core competency.
Haroon Chowk, Kurri Road, Shakrial, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Lea Phenom is located at Shakrial, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Lea Phenom specializes in hand stitching; also called Saddle Stitching. In Saddle Stitching, we use two needles to make a loop of stitches ...

All you want to know about leather companies in Rawalpindi

The leather companies are leader in manufacturing industry. There are multiple products made up of leather material that are clothing, furniture, foot wear and automotive. These companies need leather to produce high quality products for customers. When COVID-19 pandemic hit countries the supply and demand of leather goods were disrupted. Leather is made up of natural substance that is animal skin. Mostly the skin of cow, goat, sheep and pigs are used for making of leather products. The animal raw skin goes through multiple procedures to remove the hair later on through various chemical they preserve this skin to make it durable and produce leather products for you to use.

History of leather production

The leather is dated back from ancient Egyptian and Babylonians at that time leather was desirable commodity that was used for making armor for furniture, carriages and clothing. Still leather is considered leader for various sectors like fashion and garment because it is considered as durable and strong material for belts bags and shoes. The animal hide was cleaned and treated with help tanning agent. The tanning agent can be either chromium based or vegetables based. After tanning the leather is treated with various types of finishes to give it different color and texture that attract the attention of the customers

Types of leathers in Rawalpindi

The types of leather depend on the procedure used for tanning. Many manufacture of leather used chromium tanning that uses chromium sulfate, vegetable tanning is used by using plant extract and other types of leather is alum tanned that is tanned with salt and alum and protein tanned used fish oil egg or substance based on proteins.

Vegetable-tanned leather- It is durable and gives a leather natural feel and look. It is the most common used tanning procedure by manufacturing industry.

Chrome-tanned leather- this leather is considered best for its durability and it has quality of resistant to fading and stains

Alum-tanned leather- this leather is used in creation of high quality products like shoes and bags

Protein-tanned leather- this type of leather is more flexible and softer than other leathers. It is considered best and ideal for garments.

Vegetable tanning leather is brown in color chrome, tanned leather can be of any color,  alum tanned is dyed before using by the manufacture and protein tanning leather is left in its original color and can be dyed.

Advantages of using leather

Below we describe some of the advantages of using leather for your garments and other accessories.

  • It is considered durable and strong for the product that needs to be used for longer time period.
  • Leather is naturally flexible and breathable material that makes it comfortable choice to wear.
  • Leather is used by manufactures in creating products because it can easily dye in different colors and go well with other materials.
  • Leather gives a classy look that is never out date in style.
  • Leather requires low maintenance cost, it is easy to clean and maintain leather products.
  • They will not just last for long time period but also get better with age.

Few tips to take care of your leather products in Rawalpindi

Leather products give customer with luxury feel and look. to make your leather product last for longer time period we are providing some easy tips that need to be followed as taking care of leather products is necessary

  • Keep your leather product away from the direct exposure of sunlight as it can damage them.
  • Never store your leather product in humid places it can cause them mildew
  • Always clean your leather products regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap.

By following these simple steps you can increase life span of your leather products and will keep your leather good in best condition.

Latest trend of Leather Company in Rawalpindi

Sustainable products- now customer are emphasizing the impact they are creating on environment so people are supporting the brand that share their values so all well-known brands are investing in sustainable practice like using vegetable tanning leather or renewable energy.

Demand for luxury goods- as the economy is improving people need for high quality products is increasing it includes leather product that will last longer and also give a stylish look that is never out dated.

Customization- in past decade the customer demand for unique product is increased. Customers are willing to pay more money to get the customized product. For this purpose companies are producing made on order leather products. This latest trend will increase the demand of leather products in coming years.


Leather is used for creation of many products because of flexibility and durability. It is still considered as leading manufacture in different sector because of it various advantages. Leather industry is moving toward more sustainable practices that will benefit the environment in best possible way. In this article discussed about the history of leather usage, types of leather, advantage of using leather, latest trend of leather in Rawalpindi and few tips to save your leather products in Rawalpindi. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple leather companies in every city of Rawalpindi that deliver multiple products in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.