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Top Institutes for SAT Preparation in Rawalpindi to Choose in 2024

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One of the best Academy for International Test & English courses
House No. 53 A, Opposite Brain Surgery Hospital, Iran Road, Near Arshi Masjid, Block A, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Zawiya Academy is located at H# 119, Street 19, Near Kalma Chowk, Ghouri Town, Phase 4-A, Islamabad, Pakistan. Zawiya Academy is one of the leading preparatory institutes in the country. We offer ...

Guidlines for preparation of SAT Test 

SAT stands for scholastic assessment test that is taken by students after school to appear in undergraduate programs in college. Through this test they can apply in various countries but mainly in US and Canada. Taking SAT test is not easy it is stressful and tedious job to sit in test center early morning so let see why you should opt for SAT test.  Why there is need of SAT test when many institutions are considering test as optional. Let see why there is need SAT test for Rawalpindii students for their university application. The Scholastic aptitude test (SAT) is consider as bench mark to access students abilities and knowledge. It is usually taken by high school students. In which student writing skill, abilities to analyze and solve problems are tested. Students’ intelligence and reasoning ability is tested in SAT test. If you score good marks in SAT test you can attain an admission in your desired university and college. You will be considered intelligent but it is not the only parameter to measure the ability of students but there are other things that are considered for admission.

It has been seen that every year around 3 million students globally apply for SAT test. In united states SAT test is conducted seven times in a year and  6 times internationally. If you score good score in SAT test than you can also have opportunity of availing many scholarships. Your GPA, demographics and extracurricular activities are also considered as important factor to attain admission and scholarship in best university.

How many SAT Section are in test?

There are 3 main section for Rawalpindii student that are reading writing and math section.

Reading section- there are 52 question and you have total of 5 minutes for this section. In this section they test student vocabulary reading ability and pronunciation.

Writing Section- there are 44 question and time you have is just 35 minutes. In this section they test your language understanding and grammar usage of students.

Math section-there are 58 questions and time you have is just 80 minutes. The test has calculator and non-calculator question. In this section the questions are related to geometry, data analysis, problem solving, pre-calculus and algebra.

There is an addition SAT essay test that is only needed for some college’s admission.

To score maximum you need a lot of work hard, tips and tricks , effort, memorization of formula and need to remember thing in short time span because the time is less for math section so you have to work fast.

Difference between SAT I and SAT II

There are two major difference between SAT 1 and SAT2.

SAT1- is conducted by college students so the students can take admission to universities to purse there undergraduate degree.

SAT 2 is specific for particular course. It is subject in which you are interested to take admission.

Before taking test see whether university consider SAT-I or SAT II as some Universities consider SAT or ACT exam so it is compulsory for students to make it clear before time.

SAT fee and Registration

SAT fee is 95 dollar, SAT with subjects is 95 dollar for one subject, for two subjects it is 117 dollars, SAT with 3 subjects is 138 dollar and SAT with essay is 109 dollar. SAT is conducted in Rawalpindi for 6 times in a year in March, May, June, October, November and December. Registration of the test is closed one month prior to the SAT test date. Student need to create an account on this link http://www.collegeboard.org/  and then register them for SAT examination. Student must there name correctly that matches there national identity card. Students without passport could not appear in the examination it is consider as their ID proof. You also need to provide your latest photograph that will be displayed on your admission card.

SAT Test acceptance in Rawalpindi

There are some renowned Rawalpindi universities that accept SAT test as well that are FAST ( The national university of computer and emerging sciences), LUMS (Lahore university of management sciences), NUST (National university of science and technology), AKU (Aga Khan university) ITU ( Information Technology University) and IBA( Institute of Business Administration).

 Tips to achieve maximum score in SAT test

  • Start preparing yourself early it is recommended start preparing for your 3 to 4 months prior to your test dates so that you plan how much you need to study in a week to cover the syllabus. Usually students prepare for SAT earlier are confident to appear in test
  • You can also visit academy for SAT practices.
  • Before test always take a full length practice test that will help you to prepare more well for SAT test day. College Boards has full length practice session for free on Official SAT practice.
  • Pay attention when you are in class because in 2016 SAT test was modified and directed toward what you learn in class so it is important to pay attention on what your teachers are explaining.

Test Day Instructions

Prepare yourself well for SAT test through full length practice session but it is important to take rest the night before your test and prepare yourself 10 to 15 minutes early so that you reach on time. Before going for test always eat your breakfast and always see the location prior on Google map so that you don’t go wrong way. Lastly reach early on test center so that you sit on seat calmly without hurry.


SAT (scholastic assessment test) is used to test the abilities and knowledge of student in three different portion reading, math and writing. In Rawalpindi test is conduct 6 times in a year.  There are 2 types of SAT test SAT I and SAT II that are used for different purposes of exam. In this article we have discussed registration fee and dates of test in Rawalpindi. Some tips are provided for preparation and some instructions are given for test day. If you want any information or have any query you can contact from the above mentioned details.