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Supplier of Walkthrough Gate In Rawalpindi
K-5, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Leaders are located at K-5, Murree Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Leaders are a Rawalpindi-based company that deals in walkthrough gates. We are the seller and supplier of the best quality walk-throu ...
Leader Walkthrough Gate Supplier From Rawalpindi
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Barcode Shop is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Walk Through gate Pakistan with The Barcode Shop is Providing high-Class Walk Through gate Products and Services to its customers in Pakistan. The ...

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Walk-through gates are used to detect metal for people walking through main gate. They are consider best for the organization and area that have high human traffic and need to get check for metal detector or any hidden item in your body. Walk through gates check individual to not carry metal in restricted areas. The walk through gates can detect and alarm beep up if there is any metal kept or hidden on your body. The security guards present at the moment will stop you to enter and will do physical checkup to detect the metal present with you.

Purpose of using walk through gate in Rawalpindi

  • They are usually used for security purpose and to detect the metal in restricted and high alert areas.
  • Walkthrough beep up in case of metal that are dangerous like knife or gun are carried by person or hidden in human body
  • A presence of security guard is suggested to detect and track alarm on walk through gate. They can immediately check the person physically that triggered the alarm.
  • Walk through technology is best for high traffic areas like exhibition center, hotels, airports, factories, office, universities and hospital.

Price of walk-through gates in Rawalpindi

The price of walk through gate varies from location to location, the charges of installation and the type of walk through gate. The price of walk through gate ranges between 70000-7000000 rupees in Rawalpindi.

Reason to add walk-through gates in Rawalpindi

Investing in walk through gate is best option for you below we underline few reason that you can consider when installing walk though gate in your office at home.

Offer safety and protection feature- the reason organization and high alter  areas use walk through gate it will protect their offices and high traffic areas from criminal if they are not detected on the gate they can give a huge damage to the organization. The organizations walkthrough gates are not easily target by criminals because entering your organization is not an easy target anymore. You need to add security guard and if you add camera with it. This will add up in your security.

Barrier for unwanted guests- criminal are not the only unwanted person there are some other person you don’t want that they visit in your organization and especially on event. Walkthrough gates help in detecting metal detector and also help if anyone has no pass to enter the event or organization can be send back this is just possible because you have barrier gate and walk through gates where security guard can detect easily you don’t have any pass to visit.

Aid for monitoring-through walk through gates you can easily keep your unwanted person outside and let important people to enter the organization. As visitors came in and out from your organization if you install camera with walk through gates you can easily monitor the person visiting and going out from your organization. You can also detect if they are taking anything from outside from the premises of organization.

Increase your organization value-when organization install walk through gate this shows that they are valuing their employees life by taking care of the security measure in the organization.


Walk through gates are used to detect metal for people walking through main gate. They are consider best for the organization and area that have high human traffic and need to get check for metal detector or any hidden item in your body. In this article we discussed about the purpose of using walk through gate in Rawalpindi, price of walk through gate in Rawalpindi and reason to install walk through gate in Rawalpindi. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple walk through gate companies in every city of Rawalpindi that offer walk through gate installation service in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.