Mushkpuri Top a Beautiful Place to Visit in 2022

Mushkpuri Top a Beautiful Place to Visit in 2022

Pakistan is the wonderland we are blessed with everything what any one can dream of we are blessed with 4 different season ,eye catching view of hill stations, dry landscape of Baluchistan, lush green view of swat valley and mountains  cover with snow in gilgit and Hunza. If you love to travel and hiking Province khyberpakhtunkhawa has a lot to offer you.It has a beautiful yet astonishing Muskhpuri trek for you.  Muskhpuri top is around 2800 meter high (9200 ft.) located in the Abbottabad district. Muskhpuri trek is like heaven on earth.

Route of the Muskhpuritop from the west side is steady and total distance is around 4km long but route from DungaGali is much steeper.  There is bird sanctuary made by the EuropeanUnion on this route side.  From eastern side of Muskhpari you can view Jhelum river, Bagh in the district of Azad Kashmir and Circle Bakote and from south side you can have a view of Muree hill stations and Islamabad the capital.

 It is second highest mountain of Galiyat that is approximately 3150 meter above from the sea level. Muskhpuri is 3 hours safe trek till top. The start of trek start from pine hotel while tracking you will came across with pine trees and if you visit this trek in rainy season you will see beautiful fragmented flowers at the side of the trek that will give a soothing and attractive display of nature. At the top of mushkpuri there is a small water spring. You can also enjoycamping at the top of the hill.

Distance from the major cities

  • From Islamabad to Muskhpuri it is around 81.6 km approximately it will take 2hr 23 min ride to reach the desired location
  • From Rawalpindi to Muskhpuri that is around 1km it will take around 2hr 53 min to reach muskhpuri
  • If you travel from Lahore to muskhpuri through M2 motorway total distance will be 453.8 km and total time you need is 6 hrs 34 min.
  • If you are travelling from Peshawar to Muskhpuri through M1 and M5 total distance will be 235.5 km and that will be covered in 3 hrs and 54 min.



It is advised by the authorities that muskpuri top is  notsuitablefor the people who have the fear of heights.

Must needed item:

  • Trecking boots
  • T shirts and trouser are preferred
  • Walking stick
  • Sunblock
  • Sun glasses
  • Snacks to boost up your energy
  • Water bottle
  • First Aid


Ideal time to visit Muskhpuri Top:

Best days to visit muskhpuri top are summers as in summers weather over there is pleasant, cool and a bit foggy.You will just need a light shawl at the day time but you may need jacket and blanket for night stay. In winter there is quite cold because of snowfall and the trek become more difficult in 6 feet to 2 feet snowfor people. Thus u need a pre practice before going on snowy trek. No doubtMuskupuri Top give memorizing view of snowfall in winter but safety is first . From July to September most of time it rain daily because of monsoon season and trek  becomeslippery and muddy for visitors . In winter due to heavy snowfall you may face traffic issues.

Worst Time to Visit Muskhpuri Top

Worst Time to visit is Eid Holidays and Long Weekends.  As such places are over-crowded and you will stuck into heavy traffics for hours and you may need to change plan because of so wait. Charges of Hotel and restaurant are also raised due to large number of people are visiting.

Multiple routes to Visit the Muskhpuri

There are in total 3 routes to reach this mountain that are:

  • Ayubia Trek
  • Dungali Trek
  • Lalazar Trek

Dungali is considered as one of the smallest trek to reach the mountain other treks are considered long way to reach the mountain. To complete the trek you may require 2 to 3 hours. Time completion also depends on weather conditions and on your health condition.

Beauty of the Top

Many people could not travel up to the top of the hill because of multiple reasons as they may imagine that end of trek will be same as trek but it not true. Muskhpuri Top has lot to offer. For beginners it is much tough but if you will put little more effort you will get paid off by viewing beautiful view. If you are unable to make upto the top of trek than consider that your trip is incomplete. Never settle for less than the Muskhpuri Top.

Management and Visitors

Muskhpuri Trek is managed by Wildlife department and annually approximately 25k to 30k people visit the Trek.Galiyat Development Authority is trying to join hands with Wild life department to provide better facilities like washrooms, dustbins and seats for resting ofvisitors.

Pakistan northern areas are considered as one of the best place for tourist. One of the famous magazine declared Pakistan as best tourist destination for year 2020. As government pay its full attention to raise tourism. Government is taking strict measure on security of foreigner as previously foreigners were afraid due to security issues but government worked a lot and improved security system so no such issues arises ever again. Many foreigners visit muskhpuri top to enjoy hiking experience every year.

Pakistan natural beauty has no match. This country has a lot to offer for local and foreigners. Pakistan is also famous for its sky tall mountains so will recommend you all to visit the Muskhpuri Top with all your necessary gadget and gear..!

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