Hiran Minar Park a Historical Place to Visit in Sheikhupura

Pakistan is a country of rich culture and history. Among which Punjab has attractive and eye catching historical places. If we see the capital of the province that is Lahore we came up with example like Ancient Walled city,  Badshahi Masjid, Shalimar Gardens and Shahi Qilla that depicts the Mughal architecture designs versatility and culture. When talking about Mughal emperor we cannot miss Hiran Minar made by Jahangir in 1620 C.E and also known as deer tower.

Like all Mughal emperors Jahangir also loved hunting of antelope. He also loved and care for animals and Mansraj (light of the mind) was his favorite pet that was also antelope. But sometimes things go in a wrong way.   One day Jahangir with his fellow were hunting near Sheikhpuraand found an antelope for hunting he hunted that antelope but realized that he accidently killed his most favorite pet Mansraj. Due to the loss of his favorite pet he built a HiranMinar that was 100 ft. tall. It seems quite strange way to honor the pet that was killed accidently but it has been that when man is in grief he takes odd decisions.

Hiran Minar was located on the same place where Jahangir killed his favorite pet and that was near the city of Sheikhpura that was used by Mughal emperors for hunting. The name of Sheikhpura came from nick name of Jahangir Shah Jahan preserved his father Jahangir,favorite hunting place and also planned to add on water tank and pavilion building at the east of Minar. Rectangular shaped water tank has complex series of catch basins and channels to maintain the water level in the tanks.  These Water tanks are around 750 by 895.

Octagonal pavilion was built in the middle of the water tank. Pavilion was linked to the tower through the stone bridge. This building was used for locating animals for hunting purpose Slope was constructed on the side of the tank to facilitate the royal pets. There was beautiful calligraphy on the side walls of the tower to cherish Mughal emperor’s pets. When you visit the top roof of Minar it gives you eye catching view and feel of broader Landscape of Mughal emperor. You will see forest at the north and irrigated land on the west side when u will visit Minar from the top. People also used pools for boating purpose nowadays and it seems to be must a visit place in summers.


Construction and shape of Hiran Minar

Hiran Minar is round in shaped its wall get tappers from the top and topof the tower is flattened but has parapet wall. The outer surface has 210 holes in it with regular interval of 14 rose stairs with total of 108 total steps in the Hiran Minar. Lime plaster is used in the exterior and interior walls of the tower. Lower part of the tower is decorated beautifully with panel work.  One lac 50 thousand was used at that time to construct the Hiran Minar. The way that link Minar with baradari is 31.5 long and 102.6 long with parapet wall of 50cm

One building is Hiran Minar and other is known as Bardari.  Bara means 12 and dari mean doors. So baradari has total of 12 doors. Thereis also squire pavilion gateway to the baradari. The main opening of baradari gate way is rectangular chamber. The exterior and interior of the gateway is made of plastered and is beautifully designed. Stone gazebo installed at the baradari top chattri gave tourist attractions to this historical place. At the each corner of the tanks there was small room with painting that seems to be disappeared. Now people visit this place from all around the country.HiranMinar is now used as picnic spot or to see the historical heritage.

Things you can do at Hiran Minar

Due to historic mournament and known as one of famous place of Sheikhpura it is visited by visitors on weekend and on public holidays in winter and as well as in summer holidays to enjoy eye catching viewing from the top of Minar. Tourists that are interested in history are fascinated by the pool and baradaridue to antique structure and calligraphy at the walls. You can also visit and enjoy eateries near the Hiran Minar like Masraj Hotel, Gujjar Hotel etc. to fulfill your cravings. Children and Adults who are interested in boating it is must visit place for all of you. You can enjoy pedal boating and fishing in rectangular tank. Lights at the Minar are beautifully arranged to enhance it beauty at night.

Prices of Ticket, Visiting time and Parking Facility at Hiran Minar

Parking facility is available for the visitors at the entrance. You can visit the place on Friday and Saturday in between 8am to 8 pm and on Sunday you can visit the place at 8 am to 12 am

  • Price of entrance ticket is 20 rupees
  • Price of boating is around 60 rupees

How to reach sheikhpura and time required reaching the destination?

Sheikhpura is connected with all major cities of Pakistan. You can travel via rail or by road according to your convenience. Masterpiece of Mughal emperor architecture, HiranMinar is just 3 km away from the city center. The closet cities to Sheikhpura are Gujranwala and Lahore. If you are visiting this historical place from Lahore hardly it will take 1 hour. And if you are travelling from Gujranwala it will take around 1.5 hours to reach there. If you are travelling from Islamabad to see this beautiful than fastest route for you will be M2 motorway If you are travelling from Gujranwala to hiran minar through bus than the estimated fare is around 400-500 if you are travelling from Lahore to Sheikhpura the estimated cost will be around 300-400. If you are traveling from Islamabad to Sheikhpura it will cost you around 1200 -1700 to reach this historical place. For Islamabad people the place is few km away from exit 7 of M2

Why we need to visit such Historical Places?

  • They connect us to our past culture, roots and civilization. It gives us stronger feel that we belong forlifelong survivors of this mankind.
  • It connects us with other civilizations culture when we visit their historical places it help us to tell what similarities we have with their culture and norms.
  • Through their lifestyle viewing we can relate that we are not alone facing this situation even these problems and issues also exist at that time. And we can learn from their decision they took at that time.
  • You can fantasize yourself in these historical to get the feel of rich palace.
  • These historical places provide us with the chance of time travel by viewing different historical placeof different time ages.


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