Tourists Most Favorite Hill Station - Muree

Murree is famous yet beautiful place with a unique heritage from the colonial past the mountain of Murree lies in foothill of Himalaya. Murree is astonishing beautiful hill resort that helps you to escape from the hotweather. Mountains over there have lush green tall trees, fresh air and even the clouds will hug you on the roads of Murree that will lead you to a happy mood.

Murree was established by the governor of Punjab by Sir Henry Lawrence and it is British colonial town. When eventually Punjab was captured by British in 1849 it was decided on that point that this site will be converted into hill station. It was basically a sanatorium that will provide assistance to the British armed forces that is near from Rawalpindi military cantonment. Later the hill station was also used by the governor of Punjab but now it is turned into best tourist destination place in Pakistan.

Muree is situated at 33.32 at north latitude and has 73.27 on eastern longitudes. The word Murree means high place and it is derived from the mar hi. It was believed during colonial rule in the region that it was named on Virgin Mary. It is consider one of the most popular hill resort for local tourists in summers to cool off their hot summer days. Lush tall green trees, cool wind, picturesque view, colonial buildings, Culture unique heritage and you can also have an eye catching view from the liftsall these feature exist in one place and it is known as Muree.

As summer hits in Pakistan many people plan to travel northern areas as northern side of Pakistan has some beautiful and cool place even in summers but still among those places Murree is still the top famous and popular among citizens of Pakistan. Murree hill station lies 7000 feet above the sea level. If you are travelling from the Capital Islamabad it will only take one and half hour to reach Murreethrough Kashmir highway.

The place is not just visited by the people who live near to the valley like Islamabad but it is visited by people from all over the country to beat the sweating heat of summers. In winter when almost every  Northern areas is difficult to reach people than love to visit Murree hill resort  that is near for them and also covenant to visit Murree to enjoy snowfall.. While visiting Murree you will came across multiple eye inspiring views that need to capture. You can enjoy lovely sunsets with crisp pine breeze. For entertainment purpose there is TDCP Cable and Chair lift in patriata (New Muree). You can also book transparent igloos pods in Murree for your stay.

Best places to visit in Murree

Some of the major and famous places near Murree  that are must visit places if you are travelling to murree to make a best trip are mentioned here that are: GhoraGali Mall Road, Kahmir point, Sangrela Park, Lalazar Park in New muree, Nathiagali, Chhattar, Park,Patriata, and Pindi point.

Ghoragali Murree

Gohra Ali is basically an administrative division of tehsil Murree in Rawalpindi district. It will take hardly  half hour drive from Murree to reach gohragali. This place also has chair lift that is 1100 meter long and you can travel from gohragali to pindi point via chairlift. During British era this place is used as a resort for British troops. Lawrence College was established here in 1860 for orphanage during war. Murree brewery also came into being in this year but later it was destroyed during independence riots.

Mall Road Murree

It is market busy area but still most popular destination among people travelling to Murree. Mall road is long road that has various shops of hand crafted jewelry and  clothes, souvenirs, shawls, dry fruits and some famous restaurant that offer tempting delicious and piping hot food like soup, chicken karhi or any kind of fish so that you can enjoy food with a view of Murree hills.  Even at night time you will see tourist bustling on the road. On mall road there exist two important landmark one is general post office that is on highest point of the mall road. The building of GPO is also opened for general public. Other is Holy trinity Church that also exists on Mall road. This church was built in 1850 to 1857 at that time the church facilities to British army families. The main hall of the church can assist around 400 worshippers at a time. You will also find some good hotels resorts and rest houses on mall where you stay if you are planning a trip for 2 to 3 days or a week. Flats facility is also available on rent if you are planning to stay for longer time period on Mall road.

Kashmir point Murree

You can reach Kashmir point in 15 minutes by travelling via mall road.You can take up your car up to the hill or hike to reach the destination. You will find government house that is situated in the middle of Kashmir point. It is famous place of Kashmir point that is also visited by tourists. You will find a safari train that will travel along the government house that is source of entrainment for children and adults as well. The train chugs all the way along to Kashmir point. It was imported from Germany you need to pay 200 Rs ticket price of train but concession is provided to students and senior citizen. You can have a look on pictures placed on the walls that show vintage and colonial era in Murree.

Sangrela Parks Murree

Sangerala parks has lot to offer like natural beauty of  pine trees, water streams that are coming straight up from the Murree hill toward sangerla park It is located   approx. 16 km away from the toll plaza on Islamabad Murree express way. The place is best for outdoor activities. If you love barbeque you can also bring your own setup to enjoy food on your own there is natural water stream where people can enjoy swimming. The ticket price of park is 60 Rs.

Lalazar Park Murree

It is bit far from Murree hill station. But many people visiting Murree and nathiagali miss the eyecatching view from lalazar trek. It just 1km upwards from the dungagali. If you move further on this trek you will reach Muskpuri Mountain that has highest peak among the other peak in this area.Lalazarpark has thick forest, some amazing views and trek that will lead to muskpuri top that will have lasting impact on the minds of tourist.

Chattar Park Murree

While travelling to Murreevisitingchatter park should be also on top of your list where you can enjoy amazing rides not for kids only but also for adults. You can take a walk of lush green garden and your children can enjoy a view with bird aviary. You will find different restaurant that offer snack items and chicken tikka also. Park is opened for public there is no entry ticket while travelling to Kashmir road.

Patriata Chair Lift in New Murree

Partriata chair lift is the main attraction for tourist visiting Murree.  New Murree is situated around 15km far from the hills of lower topa the place is very famous, well developed and one of the best place that need to be visited in summer if you are planning to visit Murree. The place is famous because of its cable car system and chairlift that starts from new Murree and ended at patriata. This ride is around 7km long. From the top you can see lush pine trees top, breathtaking scenery andeye catching view in between nathiagali and Murree that can only be seen via open air transport. If you don’t like busyareas and avoid such places than I will recommend you to visit the place in summers so you can enjoy your rides with peace. But if you love to have a view of snowfall from the chair lift than brace yourself for long wait to get your tickets.  But once you will get the ticket you will be happy to see the mountain covered with snows and cool breeze that willhit your face and you will realize that it was worth waiting for. Before visiting patriata always check for weather update as weather change frequently so you may need some jackets.

Pindi Pont Murree

It is picturesque spot in Murree from top of the mountain you can have a view of twin cities that is Islamabad and Rawalpindi that’s why it is known as Pindi point you can also have a view of Murree hills and pine forest.  There are different food eateries and café that serve you and your family with snack items and some good food. It will take around only 15 minutes to reach the location from Mall road, Murree. You can also enjoy a chair lift journey here also that will take you down from pindi to bansaragali that is approx. 1.5km down.

Best Time to Visit Murree

Some people love to visit during winter and some like to travel in summers. If you love snowfall you can visit Murree in winters while taking precautionary measure as during winter after snow fall many people travel to Murree so different traffic issues and prices of hotel are raised due to high demand. According to me summer is best time to visit to cool off your hot summer days and you can also enjoy you summer break. Avoid visiting on Eid holidays and during winter breaks because it quite populated at that time of period.



Murree is considered as one of the best and popular destination of local tourist. Murree has lot to offer you from sceneries to good food quality restaurant and market where you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones. You can visit during summer to cool off your summer days. There are some other places mentioned in the above article that you must considered while planning your trip to Murreeto make your trip more memorable.

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