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Dubai Desert Safari - Best Desert Safari Tour in 2022

Dubai city is red sandy dessert of Arabia and it gave magical feel with its exception beauty and specially Dubai desert safari tour. The Dubai city provide its visitors with authentic heritage and modern feel at a same time the highlight of Dubai

in past few years is its dessert safari and dune buggy tour that gave you a perfect feel to experience the core essence of the area. You can experience some thrilling life memorable activities all day long. There are star studded nights in dubai desert safari that will end your day in most vibrant and exotic way. If you don’t like to do camping there are some hotels near the dessert safari in Dubai that are comfortable and luxurious. As food is also important part when you travel and here you will get the taste of exoticcuisine with glimpse of the local Bedouin culture.

Dubai Desert Safari Adventure experience Dubai dessert safari provides you with the most memorable, innovative, most sustainable and unique experience. Some of the Dubai dessert safari experiences are describe below.

Camel Ride- You can get bumpy camel ride in dubai desert safely. It is 45 minutes ride on camel back that will give you a tour of dessert wildlife. The evening camel ride in dubai is considers ideal because it rides you down to the huge sand dunes that give a memorable view of sunset. When golden rays of sunset placed on sand it gave a picturesque view to the tourists. The tourist can spend night in dessert with music bbq and dance performances. The fares of camel ride start with 50 AED.

Dune bashing- To get a real experience of Arab dessert dune bashing could not be better in dessert safari in Dubai. You get 30 minutes ride on the jeep in desert at various high sand dunes overall it is thrilling and fun filled activity. You can stay here in desertcamps at night and also enjoy BBQ that will give a feel of Bedouin culture. The fares cost of dune bashing is 100AED.

Quad biking-it is four wheel motor bike ride that give you a glimpse of dessert massive dine.Theyalso provide tourist guide to the people for rides in Dubai safari for the safety measure and instruction. The golden view of dessert gives a backdrop to your click. Through these ride you will enjoy unconventional adventure of dune in Dubai dessert safari. The ticket price for quad biking is around 150 AED.

Dessert Skiing- if you travel in Dubai dessert skiing is must. One of top listed thing to do in Dubai safari dessert is sand skiing that release your stress as you slide down from the massive golden sand dune. Your feet are strapped on board and you are slide down across sand dune to enjoy the view of dessert. The price of dessert skiing inDubai dessert safari is around300 AED.

Air balloon ride- you will get memorizing experience of hot air balloon in Dubai. You will get a lavish ride of hot air balloon over the Arabian dessert. It gives you a spectacular view of sand dunes of different shades at different time. The charges of hot air balloon start from 600 AED in dessert safari Dubai. You will get a best night experience in Dubaisafari. You will get a spectacular view of sky at night and will experience best celestial events.

Best time to visit Dubai Dubai attracts travellers from all around the world. The best time to visit Dubai desert safari is in winter from November to March. Asin summer it is very hot for tourist to bear the heat of desserts, so you must visit in winter.

Dubai is beautiful city and it famous for its Dubai safari tour. There are many adventure experiences that you can enjoy in Dubai and the best time to visit Dubai is in winter because it is hard for travellers to bear the heat of dessert in summer. There are multiple activities you can enjoy camping and exotic food cuisine in Dubai dessert safari.