10 Best Addiction Treatment Clinics in Pakistan to Choose in 2022

Are you looking for addiction treatment in Pakistan? presents contact information, addresses & names of drug, alcohol and heroin addiction and rehabilitation centers. Discover nearby best rehab center around you with extensive business listings directory and send email inquiry or make call to the best one.

Willing Ways

Addiction Counseling & Rehabilitation Services

71-A, Jail Road, Near Apwa College Lahore.

Willing Ways is the most exclusive and best addiction treatment center. We are the pioneer and trusted leader in addiction treatment with an outstanding history of 43 years. Our services include the Rehabilitation center facility, counseling services, psychiatrist services, and psychiatrist crisis management.


Caring House

Islamabad Addiction Treatment Center

Ghauri Town , Phase I, Islamabad.

Caring House is providing addiction treatment in Islamabad for many years. If you or your relative have problems such as alcohol addiction, depression, antidepressants anxiety, mental health problems, drug addiction, and smoking addiction, please feel free to contact us for the best treatment at our state of the art clinic with trained male & female staff.

Nishan Rehab International (Pvt) Ltd.

Addiction Counseling & Rehabilitation Services

House # 1 & 2, Street # 9, Near Rawal Dam, Banigala, Islamabad.

Nishan Rehab International is a Islamabad based addiction treatment center registered with Govt. of Pakistan. Nishan Rehab provides counseling and rehabilitation services to addicts people.

Islamic Medical Center

Addiction Treatment House

Ghauri Town , Phase I , Islamabad.

Islamic Medical Center is offering addiction treatment, counselling and rehabilitation services in Islamabad. We have separate addiction hospital for ladies under the supervision of ladies staff.

New Horizon Care Center

100% Free Addiction Treatment & Rehabilation

Plot # B-17, Block 1,Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi.

New Horizon Care Center is a Karachi based addiction treatment center, the main objective of New Horizon Care Center is to provide medical help, food and shelter for admitted drug addict on free of cost basis during treatment.

Emaan Clinic

Addiction Treatment Center

Main Market, Near Shezan Bakers Gulberg II , Lahore.

Emaan Clinic is a Lahore based addiction treatment center, having many years of experience to treat addict patients. Emaan Clinic has been a pioneer and leader in helping people to recover from addiction.

The Park Lane Clinic

Offering Best Addiction Treatment Programs

The Park Lane Clinic 31-L Gulberg II, Lahore.

The Park Lane Clinic provides Addiction treatment programmes and best facilities to assist addict patients to recover and return to their lives in the community as soon as possible.

Safe Care Trust International

Best Addiction Treatment Services

Motorway Chowk Jhangi Seyedaan, Rawalpindi.

Safe Care Trust International offers best facilities and treatemnt services to addict patients. We have best addiction treatment center in Rawalpindi.

Mind Matters Mental Health Services

Offering Addictions Treatment Services

Chur Chaki Stop, Near Soneri Bank, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi.

Mind Matters Mental Health Services a Rawalpindi based addictions treatment center providing best counseling, rehabilationand treatment services to addict patients in Rawalpindi.

Umeed-e-Nau Addiction Clinic

Addiction Treatment Center in Gujranwala

Near Gujrawala Education Board, Gujranwala.

Umeed-e-Nau clinic is based in Gujranwala providing addiction treatment, counseling and rehabilitation services to addict patients in Pakistan.


A person that is unable to stop himself in using a particular substance or engaged in a particular behavior is known as addictive person for that substance or behavior. They engage themselves in that behavior that can even harm their psychological and physical health. The word addiction does not only include addiction of particular substance like heroin and cocaine. Addiction can also be caused by taking medicine.It also includes a person inability to stop him to take part in activities like gambling and eating etc. Addiction is treatable chronicdisease that includes complex interaction of genetics, environment, brain circuits and what an individual had experienced in their lives.

It has been seen that with passage of time addiction can impact your daily routine. People who are experiencing any kind of addiction are inclined to cycles of remission and relapse that means during their cycle they may use it intensely or mildly. Besides looking to these cyclesaddiction worsen with passage of time that may lead to severe complication for the patient and may last forever. According to the report it has been detected that 3 out 1 person is addictive to any substance or behavior in the world.

A person who is going through addiction will

  • Crave for a substance or behavior and could not resist without having it.
  • There will be a lack of emotional response in the consent person.
  • He will be having an increased want for the substance or behavior
  • He will show lack of self-control
  • They will be having no idea how their behavior is effecting on their own selfand other as well.

The most common and serious addiction is alcohol and drugs. Most of the time people who use drug also usesalcohol to feel high and pleasured. The most well-known drug addiction includescocaine, THC that exists in marijuana, Nicotine is found in tobacco and pain relievers. There are multiple other types of addiction besides THC, cocaine and nicotine that are addiction of gambling, food, work, coffee, anger, sex and technology as well. Some other substance and behaviors also look like that they are addiction. One of major sign to detect addiction is that a person will behave negatively if he/ she don’t get that desired substance or behavior. Like a person who is addicted to caffeine and he is unable to have one he will face body pain and headache as well.

Field experts have explained that there are basically two broad types of addiction that are Chemical addiction and behavioral addiction. Chemical addiction includes addiction of substance and behavioral addiction includes compulsive behaviors. These behaviors are considered persistent repeated behaviors that are done by the person even if they don’t get any reward from it. Chemical addiction includes alcohol, PC, prescribed drugs, cocaine, Hallucinogens, heroine, marijuana, Inhalants, Tobacco, Opioids and Amphetamines. The most common behavioral addiction includes sex addiction, Pornography Addiction, Exercise addiction, Work Addiction, Internet Addiction, Food Addiction, Cutting, Gambling Addiction, use of computer/ online gaming, Seeking pain, Shopping Addiction, Video Game Addiction and Spiritual obsession (don’t mix it with spiritual devotion of a person)

Chemical addiction is further divided into 3 broader categories that are illicit drugs alcohol and prescription drugs.

Illicit drug-is addiction of illegal substance that can damage brain due to which a person faces short term disruption and develop a different perception of the reality.Illegal drugs also cause long term disruption problem that lead to sever issue soon.

Alcohol addiction-is considered as most common addiction. It depicts that a person is dependent on the any form of alcohol, habit of heavy drinking or binge drinking. Alcohol is basically promoted through social drinking and after that person start progressing day by day and at last he could not resist from having  it and eventually it lead to uncontrollable addiction of alcohol.

 In Addiction of prescribed drug-person used prescribed approved medicine in a way that is not described by the doctor officially. Prescribed drug addiction is increasing with passage of time in many countries around the globe.

Addiction signs

Addiction sign varies from person to person and situation of person as well. Sign of addiction also depend on what a person addiction is? Drug addiction has been seen to cause a visible effect on a person physical health and specially brain. But if we see behavioral addiction we don’t see any physical effects that are clearly visible in case of chemical addiction.

Some major signs of addiction are mentioned:

  • A person is unable to quit the use a specific substance or behavior
  • Tolerance is increased in a effected person.
  • He is unable to perform his/her daily task jobs like school and office work
  • He spend his major time in using a substance or in engaging with the specific behavior
  • Relationship and socialization are badly affected
  • Adverse reaction and symptoms at time of quitting
  • Previously hobbies he was enjoying he will no more be interested in it

What are the options of addiction treatment in Pakistan

It is quite challenging and disturbing path to travel not for addicted personbut also for his family members. There are many treatments for each type of addiction there is no such addition that could not treated yet. Experienced Professionals can effectively and efficiently treat your multiple addictions. There are multiple personalized treatment plans for addicted person to ease their withdrawal process of addiction so that they can enjoy their live back as normal without those addictions.Differentbehavioral therapies, medicines and exercises are also included in the process of treating a person so he could return to his healthy happy life again


Addiction is consider major problem in the societies nowadays but still every 3rd person is addicted to some substance or engaged in any behavior. There are multiple treatments available for every type of addiction thus higher authorities need to see the issue that can create problem in near future. If you are searching for best addiction treatment centers in Pakistan then this is the good starting point for you. Just send email message to the above mentioned addiction treatment clinics in Pakistan.

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