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Babar Gulzar Associates

Professional Tax & Corporate Consultants

4th Floor, Mujahid Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan.

We are an experienced tax consultant organization. Having more than 15 Years of experience in industry and consultancy firm as controller of accounts, finance and professional experience in the field of tax, accounts, corporate, audit, and accounting software. If you are looking for tax consultancy services please feel free to contact us.

Abraham and Sarwana

MZ-3, Mezzanine Floor, PIDC House, Dr. Ziauddin Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Abraham & Sarwana is located in PIDC House, Dr. Ziauddin Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Abraham & Sarwan has been meeting challenges and satisfying the most demanding of expectations for the past 50 years, with demonstrably advantageous results for our distinguished portfolio of international clients and associates.  It is no wonder that we have managed to carve out a niche for ourselves in the international legal services market and are amongst the leading law firms in Pakistan. For any query contact us through email and phone number.


Zahid Law Associates

Student Bazar Center, MohanRd, Karachi, Pakistan.

Zahid Law Associates is located in Student Bazar Center, Mohan Rd, Karachi, Pakistan. Zahid Law Associates is especially working with Family Law. Zahid Law Associates is Pakistan based law firm & top-ranking family lawyers having excelled in law practice in all legal issues especially family disputes, online nikah, marriage, divorce/khula, etc. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Osmani Law Associates

Suite # 17, 7th Floor, Office Towers, Rimpa Plaza, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Osmani Law Associates is located in Rimpa Plaza, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Osmani Law Associates is a registered and recognized premium Legal Services providers and a leading one of the Best Lawyers, Top Law Firms Karachi Pakistan. Our practicing area is Business & Corporate, Criminal Laws, Constitutional Matters, etc. We are amply committed to providing high-quality legal services to its immensely valuable clients. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Jurist Panel

322 Nazim-Ud-Din Road, F11/1, Islamabad, Pakistan

Jurist Panel is located at 322 Nazim-Ud-Din Road, F11/1, Islamabad, Pakistan. Being in the heart of the city and present online, Jurist Panel is easily accessible for clients. We specialize in all forms of commercial and corporate law and can modify our services to solve the diverse and unique range of issues our clients face. We provide exceptional legal consultative services for clients including family business groups, private and public corporations, financial institutions, sole traders, and private persons. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Advocate In Lahore

Siddique Trade Center Gulberg lll, Lahore, Pakistan

Advocate In Lahore is located in Siddique Trade Center Gulberg lll, Lahore, Pakistan. Jamila Ali among the lists of Advocates in Lahore Pakistan is the best female Advocate in Lahore Pakistan. She is considered among the top advocates in Lahore Pakistan due to her hard work for a decade. In the field of civil, criminal, and family cases she is the best Advocate in Pakistan. Best Advocates in Lahore Pakistan are on the panel of our law chamber. We have a list of Advocates of Lahore high court experts in each field of law. The top ten Advocates in Pakistan are on our panel. We represent the client rather than adopting the clients’ cause. We use our notes to master our cases. We feel proud to answer the client’s legal questions. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Ali and Associates

4-B, 4th Floor, Pakland City Center, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Ali & Associates is located in 4-B, 4th Floor, Parkland City Center, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. We are an internationally recognized full-service Pakistani law firm covering commercial, corporate, civil, labor, and banking laws. The firm has a particular specialization in the areas of Intellectual Property, Media, Telecom, and Internet laws. The firm is also highly regarded for its Litigation practice and has represented a large number of clients, including some of the biggest national and international corporations, in landmark cases before the High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

ABS and Co.

9 Fane Road, Lahore, Pakistan

ABS & Co. is located at 9 Fane Road, Lahore, Pakistan. ABS & Co. provides a broad range of legal services ranging from corporate and commercial advisory on transactional matters to dispute resolution and international arbitration. Over the years, we have advised and continue to support the government, public sector organizations, statutory bodies, diplomatic missions, sovereign states, regulatory agencies, regional and international companies, banks, and financial institutions along with high net individuals and other publicly listed companies. For any query contact us through email and phone number.


Mr Legal Inn Lahore

Rana Towers, 4th floor 15-B Shadman II, Lahore, Pakistan.

Mr Legal Inn is located in Lahore, Pakistan. MR LEGAL INN is a full service law Firm, which specializes in advising local and international businesses on all legal aspects of doing business in Pakistan. Our Firm provides a broad spectrum of premium quality legal advisory and dispute resolution services from Corporate, Commercial, Banking & Finance, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Projects Telecommunication, Shipping and Employment laws. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Liaquat Merchant Associates-LMA

JURIS PK, 4C, 9th Zamzama Commercial Lane, Phase V, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan

Liaquat Merchant Associates is located in Karachi, Pakistan. We provide an extensive range of legal services through our team of highly skilled professionals who provide outstanding client service with passion and integrity and take real ownership of our clientele’s legal needs. we are regularly engaged to provide strategic guidance and specialist legal advice to leading multi-nationals and local companies, banks, government bodies, non-profit organizations, family businesses, and private clients across a wide array of practice areas. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

All you want to know about decorators in Pakistan

If you have never been in such situation where you need help of lawyer than you must not be aware about how lawyer benefits you and society in many ways. The legal system in the country affects the society in many ways and so the lawyer contributes towards the freedom and growth of the society. Lawyers are known as attorneys they are the certified professional that advise and represent people in natural and juristic in all types of legal matters. They represent the clients that have civil court and criminal proceeding. They counsel the clients, prepare the legal documentation and perform legal research. Lawyers are expected to have a sound judgment quality, a good decision making, communication skills and problem solving approach. They should be determined to provide their clients rights in the light of law. The professional lawyer will have perfect interpersonal skills, leader ship qualities, written and ability to speak in public. Below we describe the job description of lawyer

Job description of lawyers

  • They monitor the legal documentation and provide their client guidance on the potential assumption risk.
  • For natural and juristic person they interpret the rule, regulation and laws.
  • They conduct the research and work on gathering of the evidence.
  • Before execution of document they make sure that appropriate approvals are in place.
  • They give the legal advice to the clients and also explain the law.
  • They also offer the services as mediator hearing.
  • They also review, draft and handle wills, estates, contracts, trust and deeds.
  • They manage compliance related service and regulations.
  • They provide innovative solution to the clients problem.
  • They represent on legal platform for client during the court proceeding on criminal and civil matter.
  • They also oversee and manage the legal assistants and paralegal.
  • They appear in court and prepare notices and pleadings.

You need to have bachelor degree with 2 year of standing attorney. They must have experience in negotiating, drafting and the reviewing the legal documents. They must be analytical thinker that has strong research and conceptual skills. They should be like a leader that will display sound judgment and attention to the every detail. They have the ability to work under pressure and meet the deadlines. They can work independently and with team member as well.

Contribution of advocate in society

Lawyer provide the citizens with sense of security they know that they can pursue their life goals if there would be any issue they know that lawyer will support them and guide them about the scenario.

They play an important role in promoting the social order by the administrative law. It answers all the requirements of justice. Lawyer ethics and integrity should contribute towards the wellbeing of society by promoting justice through fair laws and procedures for everyone.

They are the advisor and advocate of society they represent organization and people in criminal and civil trials. They advise their clients about their rights process of law and also help them to understand the tricky legal system.

Without lawyers it would be difficult for people to research and review previous judicial decision and understand law but you need not worry lawyer have dedicate their whole in solving these issues and understanding law so they will use their experience and understanding of law to solve clients issues.

Lawyers also hold organization government and corporation accountable. Like if big company want to take the advantage of small company in that case the lawyer will protect individual. They also protect smaller parties from bigger parties.

How to become a lawyer

Lawyers are basically the person that have knowledge about legal system they protect the rights of their clients. They will listen the issue of their clients and advise them with best solution in the light of law. In order to become the lawyer in Pakistan you need to follow some basic step that are given below

  • to become lawyer you need to do a lot of hard work so it is best to choose this carrier if you are interested in law. So you should be passionate enough to pursue this degree.
  •  you need to do a research before opting law degree. You need to see whether there are any quality universities that are offering law degree. You need to see the fee structure, the course and reputation of the institutions. After reviewing these factor if you find some good option than you can pursue your law degree from Pakistan.
  • After listing down the best universities apply for the best 3 universities. If the candidates passes the entry level exam of all institution than he could choose the institutes according to the ranking and fee structure.
  • After that candidates need to complete their 2.5-5 years degree of LLB in Pakistan depending on the institute you are enrolling.
  • If you need to practice law in Pakistan you need to enroll yourself in council.
  • After passing the test you need to enroll your self in apprenticeship you need to pass the viva voce and start practicing your law degree.

Job opportunity

As the situation in the country is not consider satisfactory in term of law so there are many job opportunities for lawyer in Pakistan. There are several types of cases that need the guidance of lawyer like property case or criminal cases that open many gates for lawyers. People also want to seek the job opportunity from foreign countries because over their lawyer are paid higher than in Pakistan.

Pay of lawyer in Pakistan

The pay structure of lawyer in Pakistan is not high. There pay will depend upon their experience and qualification. MNCs pay high pay to lawyer like 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees in month. The average salary of lawyer in Pakistan is 60k in a month.


Lawyers are basically the person that have knowledge about legal system they protect the rights of their clients. They will listen the issues of their clients and advise them with best solution in the light of law. In this article we have discussed the job duties of lawyer, steps to become a lawyer in Pakistan, job opportunities and pay structure of lawyer in Pakistan. If you are searching for the best lawyer within Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best lawyer list for you. Just send message to multiple best lawyers and get relevant information.

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