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Best Biryani in Pakistan to Visit in 2024 | Biryani Restaurants

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The real tast of Karachi
Shop No P, 1095 Asghar Mall Road, Rawalpindi.
The Karachi Biryani Center is located at Asghar Mall Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The Karachi Biryani Center Rawalpindi is the house of delicious Biryani, serving in Rawalpindi since long. Perfect ...
The real tast of Karachi
Insaf Store, Main Phase 3 Chowk, Near Marcopolo, Peshawar.
The Karachi Biryani Center is located at Insaf Store, Main Phase 3 Chowk near Marcopolo, Peshawar, Pakistan. The Karachi Biryani Center Peshawar is the house of delicious Biryani, serving in Pesha ...
The real tast of Karachi
22 Civic Centre, Barkat Market, Commercial Area Garden Town, Lahore.
The Karachi Biryani Center is located at Barkat Market, Commercial Area Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan. The Karachi Biryani Center Lahore is the house of delicious Biryani, serving in Lahore since ...
The real tast of Karachi
Panorama Centre, Sachal Sarmast Road, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad.
The Karachi Biryani Center is located at Sachal Sarmast Road, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. The Karachi Biryani Center Islamabad is the house of delicious Biryani, serving in Islamabad since l ...
The real tast of Karachi
Main Bazar Road, Sheranwala Gate, Main Bazar, Mohalla Khoo, Har?pur.
The Karachi Biryani Center is located at Main Bazar Road, Mohalla Khoo, Haripur, Pakistan. The Karachi Biryani Center Haripur is the house of delicious Biryani, serving in Haripur since long. Per ...
The real tast of Biryani and Murgh Pulao
Opposite Masjid Bahar Madina, Fareed Town, Gujranwala.
The Karachi Biryani and Murgh Pulao is located at Opposite Masjid Bahar Madina, Fareed Town, Gujranwala, Pakistan. The Karachi Biryani and Murgh Pulao is the house of delicious Biryani, serving in ...
Best Biryani in Karachi
R-31, Sector 15-A/5, Buffer Zone, Karachi.
The Madni Biryani is located at Sector 15-A/5, Buffer Zone, Karachi, Pakistan. The Madni Biryani intends to serve hot and flavorsome Biryani to every one of the energetic admirers of Biryani in Ka ...
Top Biryani Center in Karachi
Mehmoodabad Road, Karachi Administration Employees Housing Society Block 8 KAECHS, Karachi.
The Naseeb Biryani Center is located at Mehmoodabad Road, KAECHS, Karachi, Pakistan. Advance toward Naseeb Biryani Center in Karachi and attempt your best of luck with their zesty Chicken Biryani ...
Biryani and Haleem Center
Latif Plaza, A-1, near Disco Bakery, Block 6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
The Darbar Biryani and Haleem is located at Latif Plaza, Block 6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan. The biryani is extremely mouth-watering and loaded with flavors. Their haleem is similarly ren ...
The Flavorful Biryani
Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road, Block 4 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
The Al Fareed Pakwan Center is located at Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road, Block 4 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan. This is presumably the most famous biryani close maskan Gulshan due to its f ...

Biryani Favourite dish of every Pakistani

One of the most popular rice dish in Pakistan is Biryani. They used rice meat and blend of multiple spices to form a delicious tasty biryani. People of Pakistan love to enjoy biryani after busy day to feel better. People usually make biryani at home but it is bit tricky to prepare the right balance of spices. Cooking biryani at home is an art because you need to boil rice at ideal level and need proper spice combinations so people usually visit different biryani center in their areas to enjoy biryani. There are multiple varieties of biryani that are meat, seafood and vegetable biryani. Karachi is considered as hub of biryani centers where you will find tempting biryani. Biryani is made on different occasion and can be enjoyed in any weather. It is usually served with salad and yogurt.

Types of Biryani in Pakistan

There are multiple types of biryani that are loved by people of Pakistan that are Sindh biryani, mughali biryani, kofta biryani, Bombay biryani and many more. The perfect blend of spices, expertize of chef and quality of ingredients make ideal biryani. If you are enjoying biryani on the road side restaurant or in 5 star hotel if they don’t use proper ingredients it will not taste like it should be.

Mughali Biryani- It is created in royal way to give it mughali look and touch. The ingredients of mughali biryani are almost same but they usually add dry fruit like cashew nut or almonds to give it an elite look and taste. It is created in paste of almond, ginger and garlic.

Sindhi Biryani- it is one of top rated biryani in Pakistan. It is seen that you will get the real sindhi biryani taste in Karachi not in any other city of Pakistan. They use basmati rice to cook biryani. The yellow and white rice give a tempting look to sindhi biryani.

Hyderabadi Biryani- It is also one of the renowned biryani basically this biryani has it origin from Mughal cuisine. Fried onion and yogurt marinated meat are used in the biryani that distinguish hyderabadi biryani from other biryanis.

Bombay Biryani- Bombay biryani is perfect blend of spices and flavors. Ginger, garlic, lemon and dried plum are used in this biryani that distinguish it from other biryanis. You can find this biryani easily in every other traditional food restaurant.

Best Biryani Places in Pakistan

Madni Biryani- they are offering authentic biryani taste. There biryani is bit spicy but is affordable in rates. There dining area is usually filed with men in the restaurants but you can visit with your family to enjoy in your car. As they have magical taste and bit busy you need to wait for 10 to 20 minutes to get your biryani

White Biryani- is another popular place for biryani in Karachi thy have two branches in Karachi one is in Clifton and other is in defense. They have pleasant environment that make families to visit the restaurants the color of this biryani is white that is different from original biryani color.

Biryani Of The Seas -It is located in Clifton. They are becoming very popular in Karachi because of delivering fresh seafood in your biryani. If you tired of eating regular biryani you can come to this place to enjoy variation.

Mirchi 360- is located in defense they offer delicious sindhi biryani. They used all the key ingredients that are needed to cook biryani so that you get authentic Bombay biryani taste in it. They have other varieties of food but they are famous for sindhi biryani.

Biryani Express the first name that come in mind when you hear the word biryani is biryani express. In total they have 30 outlets in the city. You will receive the same taste in all branches. The prices are very affordable. You will receive spicy biryani with tangy flavor raita and salad.

Nova Biryani- they have high premium quality of biryani. They use fresh ingredient and unique methods for packaging. They have diverse range options available in biryani located in garden town Lahore. They use hi quality meat and fine spices to bring you healthiest and spicy biryani.

Student Biryani- It is favorite of every biryani lover nationwide there iconic branch exist in Lahore fortess stadium. They deliver you with mouthwatering biryani and shami kebab in few minutes. They have dining space area that is quite hygienic considering dinning option for biryani.

Chacha Jee- It is located in Islamabad and top of the list in taste of biryani in capital. The restaurant offers other traditional food. They don’t compromise on taste and quality of the food. They have different option in biryani that are beef chicken and prawn biryani.

Chaman Biryani- they are located in Rawalpindi and in Islamabad and provide tasty biryani option in twin cities. They deliver authentic taste to people not use color in rice. They have wide range of variety in biryani for biryani lovers.

Sarang Sindhi Cuisine if you are looking for sindhi biryani in capital you can visit sarang sindhi cuisne it is run by female they have biryani platter that has right amount of spice that are in sindhi biryani. There biryani patter includes two pieces of chicken raita and salad.

How you choose best biryani place in Pakistan

Eating biryani is not an action for people of Pakistan it is soul satisfying, joy, mind-blowing and happiness with which biryani lover can easily relate to it.  Ingredients used in making biryani and flavors are most important but people also consider environment, ambiance and customer service as well while considering restaurant. You can check recommendation of people online on different platform. You can also visit their official website or social media pages and groups that give review of restaurants. Read the customer review provided on their social media pages

Prices of Biryani in Pakistan

The prices may vary on type of meat that you will choose, the ambiance and the location of restaurant The price range of Biryani Single plate with rata and salad is around 200- 800 rupees in Pakistan.


There are multiple types of biryani restaurants in pakistan that offer beef, seafood and chicken biyani. There are basicially multiple types of biryani that are mughali biryani, sindhi biryani, hyderbadi biryani and bombay biryani and many more. In this article we have  discussed some best biryani places that people love to visit to enjoy a beef, seafood and chicken biyani. We have mentioned some tip to choose best biryani restaurant in Pakistan. If you want to visit biryani place you can simply contact from the above mentioned details for each branch or visit their website to know about prices and reservations.