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10 Best Cadet Colleges in Pakistan to Choose in 2024 | Boarding Schools

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High-Quality Boarding College For Boys
Ghora Gali, Murree, Pakistan
Lawrence College is located at Ghora Gali, Murree, Pakistan. There are many motives why an own circle of relatives might pick to ship their baby as a border to Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murre ...
Boarding Schools for Boys.
Kot Jilani, 9 KM Muridke Sheikhupura Road, Muridke. Pakistan.
Chand Bagh School is located at Sheikhupura Road, Muridke. Pakistan. Chand Bagh School is a residential school with a deep tradition focused on creating brighter futures explore the diverse and v ...
Govt. Cadet College For Boys.
Induction Branch Military College Murree, Upper Topa, Murree, Pakistan
Military College Murree is located at Upper Topa Murree, Pakistan. Military College Murree became inaugurated via way of means of the COAS Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, NI(M), HI, on 1st September 200 ...
Best Cadet College In Kohat
Pindi Road, Kohat, Pakistan
Cadet College Kohat ( C.C.K ) is located at Pindi Road, Kohat, Pakistan. The college aims to provide quality education on an egalitarian basis to all segments of society on merit and competition. ...
Cadet College For Boys
Near Chakri Interchange, Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M-2, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Cadet College Rawalpindi is located Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M-2, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The college provides education to its cadets from class VII to F.Sc level. The college encourages cadets to ...
A Non Profit, Interdenominational Institution
Main Company Bagh, Ghora Gali Road, Murree Hills, Pakistan
Cadet College Murree is located at Ghora Gali Road, Murree Hills, Pakistan. Cadet College Murree is established as an educational institute, aiming at excellence in education to benefit the commun ...
1st Girls Cadet College
Gojra Road, 2-B, Civil Lines, Jhang Sadar, Jhang, Pakistan
Cadet College Jhang is located at 2-B Civil Lines, Jhang Sadar, Jhang, Pakistan. The Cadet College Jhang campus was the first cadet college in central Punjab comprised of 90 Kanals. The cadets fro ...
Best Cadet College For Boys
Opposite Jadoon Plaza, Mansehra Road Mandian, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Army Burnhall College for Boys is located at Mansehra Road Mandian Abbottabad, Pakistan. Army Burnhall College on Mansehra Road, the present location. Its purpose was to provide more room for the ...
Private Cadet College For Boys
Deh Thor Gadap, Karachi, Pakistan
Baqai Cadet College is located at Deh Thor, Gadap Karachi, Pakistan. The College is a fully residential institution planned to cater for education from class VIII to XII (Pre-engineering and Pre- ...
Private Cadet College For Boys
NH 5, Hasanabdal, Attock, Pakistan
Cadet College Hasanabdal is located at NH 5? Hasanabdal, Attock, Pakistan. Cadet College Hasan Abdal, being the first institution of its kind in Pakistan, has been a trend-setter in the field of ...

Famous Cadet Colleges in Pakistan in 2022

Next generation of any country is considered as future of the country. Everyone want that there children live a happy comfortable and prosperous life. So selection of the college is important decision for parents. Many people in Pakistan want to enroll their children in cadet colleges. These cadet colleges train students in a professional manner so that they can serve in armed forces or any other competent job related to their field. There are many cadet colleges in Pakistan. In these cadet colleges they not only teach according to set standard but they also work on fitness and essential aptitude that is needed to be part of armed forces. The chances of getting job in armed forces are high when you study in cadet colleges because they teach theoretical aspects and also contribute towards physical training.

Cadet colleges provide intermediate and secondary level education to students with combination of military training. The cadet college prepares the student for matriculation and intermediate level examination that are conducted by the provincial board of intermediate and secondary education. The syllabus for the course is similar to the one that are taught in public colleges but they receive additional military training with the syllabus.

The first cadet college was established in 1958 in hasan abdal attock district. They are usually constructed on government leased land or donated properties. The expenses of construction were tolerated by the government but now the expenses are managed by the cadet college managing committees. Basically the cadet college are considered as feeders to enter in Pakistan military academy. The admission in PMA is done after passing the competitive exams that is conducted by federal ministries and GHQ Rawalpindi.

Best Cadet College in Pakistan

Hassan Abdal- it is one of the oldest cadet colleges in Pakistan that is located in Punjab and was established by general ayub khan. They provide educational and physical training to students that are future cadets. To get your admission in this institute you need to pass written test, interview and medical examination. It is very huge college that covers the area of 98 acres. There are numerous sports activities, athletic games, sport courts and pitches available for students.

Cadet College Fateh Jung- they provide students with educational knowledge and provide them with in depth knowledge of Islam. It was established in 2001 and it located in fateh jung attock district for admission you need to pass the written test and interview. It is situated on 27.5 acres with academic blocks, hostel, mess, mosque, auditorium and medical units.

Cadet College Jhelum-It is located on Grand trunk road in Jhelum district of Punjab. Students get admission after intelligence test, written paper, interview and medical examination. The total area covered by the cadet college is around 28 acres. They produced educated and trained students.

Cadet College Kallar Kahar- It is located in khushab road in district chakwal. It was established in 1997 and covers the area of 150 acres they are multiple sports grounds and pitches for the physical fitness of students. There have horses to provide students with horse riding lessons.

Cadet College Petaro- It was established in 1959 in jamshoro dirstict. The college coves the area of 700 acres they provide quality education has sport pitches and parade ground for students.

Cadet College Pasrur- established in 2001 they not just only focuses on student education career but also enhance their athletic abilities. They offer different sport and debating opportunities for students.

Garrison Cadet College Kohat- It is located in Kohat and established in 1993 and is among of the top cadet colleges in Pakistan. It cover the land of 8 acres they have sport pitches and several courts. They have unique courses like archery and paragliding.

Tips to get admission in Cadet Colleges

Many people of Pakistan want to get admission in Cadet Colleges but unfortunately there are limited seats so every year only few get admitted to these colleges. The selection criteria of the cadet college are very tough. All cadet colleges take written test and interview for admission in any class. The pattern of test is different in every cadet college but below we describe some common tip to get the admission in cadet colleges

Getting admission in junior classes in Cadet College is much because in junior classes there is no rule like that you must have minimum these marks in previous class so it is best if you take admission in these classes in 6th or 8th class. The junior classes test comprises of previous class syllabus and it is usually MCQs based question that are related to English, social science, Islamic studies, science and mathematics.

In higher classes your test includes physics, biology, mathematic, current affairs, every day science, history, geography, general knowledge, Islamic studies, urdu, English MCQs. They may also question related to IQ and psychology. So it is best to prepare the syllabus of your last class and listen to news or read new paper to get in touch with current affairs.

You can buy book from the market for cadet college admission test but start preparation for your admission test well before the test date.

Don’t leave the studies once you are done with the test because if you’re qualified for the interview they may ask you some question related to the field and sometimes they also do psychological test in interview.


As students are the futures of the country. In Pakistan every other parents want that there students receive education from the cadet colleges. Cadet colleges not just provide student with educational knowledge but they also provide physical training to the students. In this article we have discussed some best cadet college in Pakistan and some tips to get admission in your favorite cadet colleges. If you want to get admission in cadet colleges you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.