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4th Floor, Rania Mall, Bank Road, Rawalpindi.
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Professional Tax & Corporate Consultants
4th Floor, Mujahid Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan.
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Your Trusted Legal Partner in Pakistan
University Road, opposite to Mercy Hospital, Tehkal, Peshawar
Welcome to the trusted legal services of Osama Khalil, a dedicated lawyer and legal consultant based in Peshawar, Pakistan. We offer comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your specific needs, e ...
Tax Preparation Service
Office # 1, 1st Floor, Plot No. 12-E, Zamzama Commercial Lane-7, Phase-V, DHA, Karachi
MSS Associates is a Full-Service Corporate & Tax Law Firm with over 35+ years of experience assisting public and private businesses & government entities. We are Pakistan Premier Law Firm speciali ...
Plot No 157-FLT No 15A 3rd Floor, Malir Halt, Jinnah Ave, Malir Karachi
Fusion Ave is Located at Jinnah Ave, Malir Karachi.  FAPL, a team of accounting professionals having years of expertise in professional accounting, offering result-oriented and top-quality service ...

All you want to know about company registeration in Pakistan

In Pakistan you need to initiate a rock solid idea to stand out from other competitive corporate sector and brands in the country. For this purpose you need the service of any company that advises you in best way so that you avoid the mistakes when planning to start a business in Pakistan. There are various organization in Pakistan that provide best consultancy services  so that you make right choice while investing if you want to start your own new  business in Pakistan. These organizations also help you to get a NTN for your new business in the country with other services such as employee management payroll processing, cash flow management and other services that you needed you can ask about it from the registration service company.

Types of company

Below we described some types of companies that can be registered in Pakistan to start their businesses.

  • Partnership firm
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability company
  • Single member company
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Foreign companies
  • Public Limited company
  • Private limited company
  • Not for profit organization and
  • Guarantee limited company.

Choosing a business’s type is important facet for your business formation in Pakistan. If you are not sure which form of business structure will best work for your business idea you can consult Registration Company for consultancy services as well. According to the Pakistan guideline of companies ordinance 1984 there are 3 different types that are a company limited by guarantee, an unlimited liability company and a company limited by share there are many law firms in Pakistan that offer services of registration of sole proprietorship businesses,  for partnership firm, for private and public limited companies , for single member company in all cities of Pakistan. There are certain documents that are needed for your registration in Pakistan.

Document needed for registration of sole proprietorship in Pakistan

  • You need a copy of CNIC
  • You need a proof of office/ residency any rental agreement or title document
  • You need a paid utility bill.

Document needed for registration of partnership firm in Pakistan

For registration of form first partner need to a sign an agreement between all partnership on  judical stamp that must be on Rs 1k agreement must consist of name of partner and name of partnership firm, the address and all rights and duties that are assigned to each partner and this document must be attested by 2 witnesses minimum as described in law. Document needed are

  • Filled form I
  • CNIC copies of all partners and also of witnesses
  • Bank challan of registration fee
  • Copy of above mentioned document must be authorized by public officials
  • The last utility bill, rent agreement and any title document

How to register your company in Pakistan

Below we describe some step to step guide to get your registration done for company you want to register in Pakistan

Approval of company name- this is the first step if you want to register your company in Pakistan select the appropriate company name. You must think about a unique and creative name for your company so that it set you apart from rest of the company with same business idea. When selecting the name you must keep the guideline and restriction in mind like you are not allowed to used prohibited words for your company name in Pakistan

Submission of Documents- It is 2 step for registrations of your company when the company name is approved next you need to submit the document to security and exchange commission of Pakistan SECP.

Certification of incorporation- it is step 3 for registration of company in Pakistan. When you submit the document they are evaluated by SECP. They check the validity and digital signature is needed by the national institutional facilitation technologies that can be acquired via the SECP. They will also provide the certificate of incorporation. A presentation may be required it will only depend on where the businesses begins.

Deposit of shares- This is step 4, once the registration is completed shareholder need to deposit the corresponding amount of share in the company bank account

Registration of sales professional and income taxes- It is last stage of registration in which you need to register with federal board of revenue and issuance of national tax number. If applicable the sales registration number will also be registered.

Alterative of company registration in Pakistan

Branch Office- it is best alternative for the company registration if you want your presence in Pakistan without starting up as separate legal entity. Branch offices cannot take part in trading and commercial activities. The process time of registration is 7 weeks and it will last from one to five years after the approval from the board of investment.

Liaison office- If you want to sell your products without registration of company you can set a 100 foreign owned liaison office in Pakistan. Liaison offices cannot take part in any trading and commercial activities and there is minimum requirement for capital. They will perform the function according to their contract. The process time of registration time for liaison office is 7 weeks and if you got the permit it will last from one to five years after the approval from the board of investment.


There are various organization in Pakistan that provide best consultancy services  so that you make right choice while investing if you want to start your own new  business in Pakistan. These organizations also help you to get a NTN for your new business in the country with other services such as employee management, payroll processing, cash flow management and other services as well. In this article we describe the types of registration for companies that want to register, what types of document are needed for registration a company in Pakistan, step for registering a company in Pakistan and alternative of registering a company. If you are planning to hire services of Registration Company in Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best registration company for you. Just send message to multiple registration company and get different quotes.