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Best Dance Academy in Karachi
37-C St, 10 Off Khayaban-e-Mujahid, Defence V, khadda Market, Karachi, Pakistan
Wahab Shah Dance Company is located at Defence V, khadda Market, Karachi, Pakistan. Our imaginative and prescient is to create new connections to bounce via way of means of staging compelling work ...
Leading Dance Center in Lahore
Gurumangat Road, Block N, Gulberg 2, Lahore, Pakistan
The Colony is located at Gulberg 2, Lahore, Pakistan. The Colony is a multidiscipline artwork residence and innovative hub a platform for inventive expression and freedom. Our middle precept is a ...
Best Institute in Karachi
11 Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Pakistan American Cultural Center is located at 11 Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Our different courses include Yoga and Dance course. Our courses contain classical to modern dancing conte ...

All you want to know about dance studios in Pakistan in 2022

If you as child love to dance or never danced you can learn to dance in any age. There are many types of dancing you can choose the one as per your choice. If your life is not going good and it is boring and repetitive in that situation you can join dance studios that will give you a sense of confidence and achievement. You will have fun while learning new steps you can also join dance studios with your partner. Dance studios are second home for dancers it is place where you grow while learning dance. Mostly dance studios provide with set of instructions and resources that will also help you to connect with other dance communities to connect with. Below we describe some of reason that why it is best for you to learn dance

Reason why should you visit dance studios

Help in maintaining your weight- if you hate doing gym and still want to lose weight dance in this situation dance are best way to burn your calorie. The best part of dance is that it burn out the calorie. Salsa and swing dance steps are best cardio workout but slow movement dance step also reduce calorie. During the classes you need to focus on posture and movement of each step so you don’t face any issue.

Reduces the stress level- It has been seen that people now a days feel very stress because of many issues they face during their daily life. The stress lead to certain side effects like chest pain, headache, sickness, low energy, upset stomach, poor judgment, inability to focus, and insomnia. When you are learning step you must fully engaged yourself that will help you to reduce your stress in fun way.

Improve your brain- Dance is the only physical activity that reduce our chances of getting dementia. It has been proven through many studies that it is big implication for people who have history of dentima in their families. When you dance all your brain part is working side by side. As we age hippocampus that is controlling the memory in human body start losing the volume so to prevent this and keep your brain sharp dancing is considered best for such neurological disorder.

Recover you from injuries- Many people avoid dancing if they faced an injury previously in fact it is worst for your health if you didn’t move. You should consult your instructor in the studio if you are recovering from any kind of injury. In this situation he will teach you short lesson and he will choose the dance type that is beneficial for you that will improve your agility and ability.

Tone your muscles- when you dance you involve your every muscle. When you dance you use multiple muscle groups at one time so your muscle will be toned. This is the reason when you see dancer they have killer bodies.

Tips to choose the dance studios

See the instructors- see who will teach you in studios from whom you will get training. You can go through their websites, social media pages or youtube channels. From there you will get an idea about their dance style and performance once you find a perfect dancer of your choice you can visit that dance studio. To take dance classes. When you will take classes you will came to know whether they are good at teaching or not.

See they are prepared – when they teach see how well they are prepared for the session. See how well they communicate the moves. See whether they are know their own choreography or struggling to remember it. As student growth is the priority of every instructor and in best studio there will be instructors that are dedicated towards student growth.

Condition of studio- As there is different types of flooring but the best flooring for dancing is floating floors or wood sprung floor. As they relive your stress from joints and bones. They help in absorbing shock and prevent injuries. Not just floors you should see the overall condition of studio. See whether the registration area is organized and bathroom are clean these things may not affect your dance class but it will tell the efficiency and work ethics of the dance studios.

Pricing-the cost of classes may be different from area to area the best way to get a reasonable dance studio class is to compare it with other studios in your area. If you getting the same services and experience of the instructor than choose the one that is less pricey.

Training programs- the programs in dancing class offer structure especially if you are new in that situation you need not to worry whether you are in right class or not. You will get series of classes whether you want to loose weigh or want to learn ball room dance. When you enroll yourself in dancing program you push yourself forgoing to studio rather than relying on your mood to dance.


Dance can be learned and can be practice by any age group to keep yourself healthy and energetic. There are many benefits of visiting dancing studios they help you to reduce your weight, help you to tone you muscle, reduces the stress level, burn the calories and improve the functioning of your brain. In this article we have discussed some tips that are best to consider for taking classes in dance studios. . If you want to take classes at dance studios you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.