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Best Data Entry Specialists in Pakistan to Hire in 2024

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Best Data Entry Service Provider
Office 1543, Street No. 29, Sector G-11/2, Islamabad, Pakistan
Fair Testing Services (FTS) is located at Sector G-11/2, Islamabad, Pakistan. Our data entry specialists have experience in collecting data from handwritten, printed, or typewriter documents, and ...
Seo1.pk has a Dedicated Team of Professionals
Gulburg III, Lahore, Pakistan
Seo1.pk is located at Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan. Seo1.pk is an SEO service run by a dedicated team of experts trained to treat each customer to the best of their ability. Our team has extensi ...
Call Center, Data Entry and Software House
1st Floor, Khan Arcade, Firdous Market, Office # M12, Block J Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
Excel Pak is located at Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan. Our leaders established South Asias first overseas call center in 1998. More than a decade ago, in 2002, we pioneered offshore labor arbitrag ...
Best Web Solution Provider
1-A, 2/26 Block 1, Nazimabad, Karachi, Pakistan
Web Solution Provider is located at Nazimabad, Karachi, Pakistan. Web Solutions are founded in 2004, WebSolpro is a hybrid between the graphic design of the house and the computer consulting compa ...
Best Web Solutions Services in Pakistan
Office 610, 6th Floor, M. Yousuf Chambers, Plot No. A-30 Bangalore Town, Block 7/8, K.C.H.S.U, Shahrah e Faisal Adjacent Maqbool Masjid, Near MCB Bank, Block A Bangalore Town, Karachi, Pakistan
Vtech is located in Bangalore Town, Karachi, Pakistan. Vtech is a full-fledged web design, web development, web hosting, domain registration, and SEO firm providing web solutions to many local and ...
The Best Eductional Institute
2nd Floor Ghulam Centre, Shahab Pura Rd, near Boota Pump Tajdar e Madina Masjid, Shahabpura, Sialkot
IDS Institute of Digital Skills is committed to helping students succeed and achieve their full potential. IDS Institute offers a range of courses covering topics such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Et ...

 Everything you want to know about hiring the data entry specialists in Pakistan

Data work as engine oil in the organization as it generates the statistics, useful information that can be used to improve the organization efficiency. The value of data is very  importantif see marketing it is entirely bases on customer data you want to measure the performance data is required. It is one of the precious thing for the entrepreneur so it better to manage the information efficiently and accurately. Data entry specialist are responsible for digitization the data for storage purposes. They usually work in administration section in the offices. There major job duties include collecting the client information. Maintain the files and review the data for the accuracy purpose. Data entry specialist are also known as data entry operator. They write your hard form records in the computer. These records can be bills, cancelled checks, medical records or any other data. Data entry jobs are considered as entry level jobs. If you want to be good data entry specialist you need to type quickly and accurately. You should be familiar with software and computer applications like spread sheets. Ability to focus and efficiency are the important skills that are needed for this job. Below we describe some of the job duties that are assigned to data entry specialist

Job duties of data entry specialist

  • They scan the documents for digital file.
  • They type the hard form information into your computer database.
  • They maintain and organize the files.
  • They establish data entry standards for continuously updating the filing system to improve the quality of data.
  • They also do the additional tasks like invoicing.
  • They work with administrative staff to address any data inconsistency in the data.
  • They handle data queries and report the major mistake to management staff.
  • They follow best management practices to maintain the accuracy and efficiency.


Why there is need to hire Data entry Specialist?

You can enter the data entry by yourself or you can hire a staff to do it for you or you can hire an online freelance or can use a program to automate the data entry. There are many alternative to enter the data into your computer. Computer are best for general entries when they need to identify the piece of information and as business owner you have minimum time to enter data so it is best to hire a person who is expert in the field that can enter data efficiently and accurately in less time frame. If your organization deal with large data volumes than hiring a full time data entry professionals are needed for your businesses. Freelancer data entry specialist can be hired by the organization that require data entry not on daily basis. Below we describe some reason to hire data entry specialist are:

  • They help you to focus on your core competencies as you are free from managing data entry.
  • They have more access to advanced technology through the use of latest technology and systems data entry specialist provide you with high performance data management system.
  • Operation cost is reduced when you hire data entry specialist that means cutting back on technology cost, labor house and business operation timings.
  • When that data is arranged by them you can make quick decision with confidence that can be your competitive advantage.
  • You can take strategic decision and your organization will be more flexible and management will know that on what basis they are taking the decision when the statistics is in front of them.

Tips to hire the data entry specialist for your company

When you expand your business growth you need to increase administrative staff as data entry specialist are important to reduce your work load of data entries they help organization by using technology solution eliminate the paper work.

Identify the duties-before hiring them identify the need of your business and identify the task you need them to perform. The major duties of data entry specialist are same but if your organization uses some special system you can add them in duties while advertising the ad on different platforms.

Find the right match- employers need the candidate that work efficiently and accurately in less time. You can take the test by setting the benchmark like per minute a candidate must type 50 words.

Interview the candidate- when the candidates meet the bench mark set by you it is best to have conversation with candidate face to face. In interviews you can take additional information from them regarding their technical skills and experience in this field. You can ask about the accuracy level when they enter data. Their experience in office application you can ask them how they prioritize and organize the data

Determine the pay structure-to attract your preferable candidate it is best for you to offer them a competitive pay. You can also provide compensations when they work extra ordinary. Keep in mind the candidates you are interested may have many job offerings so they may negotiate with you to offer them high salaries or other benefits. Salaries for each candidate may different depending upon their expertize, work experience and duties assigned to them

Edge out the competition – as time is crucial if you find your right match candidate don’t hesitate to offer them as right candidates are in demand and if you delayed the hiring process you may lose the right candidates.

Salaries of data entry specialist in Pakistan

The average salary of data entry specialist in Pakistan is around 26k to 30k per month.


Data entry specialists are responsible for digitization the data for storage purposes. They usually work in administration section in the offices. There major job duties include collecting the client information, ,maintaining the files and review the data for the accuracy purpose. Data entry specialists are also known as data entry operator. In this article, we have discussed responsibilities, reason and tip to hire a data entry specialist in your organization. If you want to hire data entry specialist you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.