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US Embassy Islamabad (Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar)

Embassy of the United States

American Embassy, Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5, Islamabad.

United States Embassy in Pakistan is providing services like security & Travel, appointments, Passport & Visa, adoption, report birth abroad, immigration & student visa.

German Embassy Islamabad (Karachi)

Embassy of Germany in Pakistan

Ramna 5, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad.

German Embassy main office is based in Islamabad, Pakistan. You can contact us online for attestations, visa & passport applications.

China Embassy in Pakistan

Chinese Embassy in Pakistan

Ramna-4, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad.

China Embassy main office is situated at diplomatic enclave Islamabad. For further detail please send us email or talk to us during working hours.

Canadian Embassy and High Commission Pakistan

Canada Embassy in Pakistan

Diplomatic Enclave, Sector G-5, Islamabad.

Embassy & High Commission of Canada is located at diplomatic enclave Islamabad, Pakistan. For further detail please call at toll free number 0800-00226.

UAE Embassy in Islamabad

Diplomatic Enclave, Plot # 1-22, Islamabad.

The Embassy of The United Arab Emirates in Pakistan is situated in the diplomatic enclave Islamabad. You can get visa consular services related to visas, documentations & legislation from the embassy. The embassy is being closed during the public holidays of UAE and Pakistan. Get in touch with us with our phone number and email. We will respond to you as possible.

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia

Diplomatic Enclave I Street 5, Ramna G-5/4, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan.

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia In Islamabad, Pakistan. AMBASSADOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA FOR PAKISTAN H.E. Adam Mulawarman Tugio(DUTA BESAR REPUBLIK INDONESIA UNTUK PAKISTAN). The embassy is being closed on public holidays in Pakistan and Indonesia. Embassy Hours: Monday to Friday: 10:30 am – 4:00 pm. Contact us through email or phone.

Embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad

House No. 8, Street 90, G-6/3 Islamabad Pakistan

The embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad is located at House No. 8, Street 90, G-6/3.The Embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad is the diplomatic mission of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Pakistan. The current Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan is H.E. Najibullah Alikhel. A new embassy is currently being constructed in the Diplomatic Enclave of Islamabad. Contact us through email or phone.

Embassy Of Algeria In Islamabad

House # 107, Street # 9, in Sector E-7, Islamabad

Embassy of Algeria in located in Islamabad, Pakistan.The Embassy of Algeria in Islamabad is the diplomatic mission of Algeria to Pakistan. It is located at House No. 107, St. No. 9, in Sector E-7, Islamabad. Pakistan was one of the first countries to recognize the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic in 1958. Get in touch with us by using email or phone we will quickly respond to.

Argentine Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan

House 24, Street 18, F-6/2 , Islamabad, Pakistan

The embassy of Argentina in Islamabad is located at Islamabad. If you need any type of  information about the requirements to obtain each type of visa you can visit Argentina embassy in Islamabad, If you want to visit embassy please call before visit.If you have any other query, you can send an email.

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Islamabad

No. 14, North Service Road, Diplomatic Enclave,G-4, Islamabad

Saudi Arabian Embassy in Islamabad runs an inclusive range of consular services to local, Saudi Arabian, and international citizens in Pakistan. The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Islamabad supports Pakistan citizens through its consular services,Saudi Arabian Embassy in Islamabad is the only Saudi Arabian diplomatic mission in Pakistan. Please contact with Saudi Arabian Embassy in Islamabad if you have any question as regards of visa and passport matters.

All you want to know about embassies in Pakistan

An embassy is residence of government official in some other country than their home country. In that foreign country they represent their home countries. Some of large government like US, UK, Canada and other European Union countries has their embassies all around the world. They basically provide the assistance to the members of their home country abroad. Embassies on basis of shared interest work with local government and other renowned organizations. There are two terms that are used interchangeably embassies and consulates are not same thing. Embassies are located in foreign countries and diplomats are associated with it. They help the citizens to communicate people with their home country that want to travel to the country for which the specific embassy is for. Consulates are the branch office of embassy. There can be many consulates in other countries but usually the embassies are located in the capital of each country while consulates can exist in major cities of the country. Through this way they can help people that want to travel in different parts of the country.

Purpose of embassies

The main purpose of embassy is to assist citizen of its home country that are living or working or travelling overseas. They are located in capital cities of countries and offer different services to the resident that are living abroad some of the purpose are given below

  • If anyone lost or stole the passport they issue the emergency passport.
  • They rescue and replace your passport.
  • They also issue the birth reports of the children that are born abroad.
  • They also issue death certificates of the resident that are passed away abroad.
  • They accept the ballot of election of the resident home country.
  • They help in filing the taxes of their home country.
  • They navigate about legal foreign policies and medical system.
  • They provide assistance to the people that are detained or arrested abroad.
  • They also provide authorization of document that are needed abroad or in the home country.
  • They also assistant their people at time of emergency evacuation.
  • It helps people of foreign country to reside and become the citizen of embassy home country.

Reach home in time of crisis- embassy help the people of their country in foreign country in case of crisis situation like when there is civil unrest or natural disaster in the country. The embassy will not pay for your flight but they can help you to get funds from family member or brank transfers.

Short term protection- the embassies provide short term refuge service depending upon the situation. They contact department of home land security on your behalf and see that the action that provided against you are physical threat.

Deal at time of arrest- in some cases your home embassy cannot help if you are arrested in foreign country but if you were get arrested you can still tell embassy they can provide them information of English speaking attorney to coordinate with local polices. The embassy contact you within 24 hours to tell you that you are detained. In some cases the embassy informs your friends and family that you are arrested and then let them know how they can help you in this regard.

Lost Passport- If you passport is lost or stolen the embassy can help you in the regard you can apply for the new one if you are not travelling immediately you can employ of emergency passport if you need to travel in emergency.

Married overseas- if you got married in foreign country you need to see what services embassy can provide you. The embassy guides you with useful information to get married in foreign country.  There are different marriage criteria for each embassy

How you can get knowledge about your Country’s Embassy?

Before going to any foreign country look for your country embassy in that country most of the phone number and email addresses are provided on the website you can contact them if you faced any emergency. They provide detail information what the embassy can do for you in which area they can’t help you but can provide guidance like embassies don’t provide visa but they provide you with government website link for visas and immigration process.

When you are in foreign country keep embassy in mind if any unfavorable event occur while traveling, working and living. If you know home country embassy they can benefit and solve the matter when you are not in your home country peace of mind will make your experience better.

Embassies in Pakistan

There are total 68 consulates and 59 foreign embassies in Pakistan. The Pakistan embassy page will provide you with list of foreign embassies and consulates in Pakistan from all around the world. Pakistan itself has 60 consulates and 67 embassies all around the world. You will get the details of foreign embassies and consulates in Pakistan on Pakistan embassy worldwide page.


An embassy is residence of government official in some other country than their home country. In that foreign country they represent their home countries. The main purpose of embassy is to assist citizen of its home country that are living or working or travelling overseas. They are located in capital cities of countries and offer different services to the residents that are living abroad. In this article we have discussed the purpose of embassies, how you get knowledge about your country embassies and embassies in Pakistan if you want to visit embassies we update the list of embassies in Pakistan you can visit them in case of information and query.

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