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Plot No.G-33, Opp. Water Pump, Post Office Road, Near Metrolions Hospital, Metroville S.I.T.E, Karach.
Star Graphics and Printers is located at Metrolions Hospital, Metroville S.I.T.E, Karach. Star Graphics and Printers Services: Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, Flyers, Cash Memo, Vouchers, Lab ...
For the last 30 years in the field of Printing, Publishing 
Azmat House, 32 Davis Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Silverlinks Printing is located at 32 Davis Road, Lahore, Pakistan. At Silverlinks International, customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Our goal is to be loved by our customers. Silve ...
Offers solutions for printing onto a variety of mediums
Street # 11, B.M Center, Ground Floor, Munshi Moh, Aminpur Bazar, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Dot Club Printers is located at Aminpur Bazar, Faisalabad, Pakistan. We offer a digital printing service, sublimation printing services, digital heat transfer, printing, the printing of T-shirts, ...
One-Stop Solution for Digital and Offset Printing
Block 7, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Pakistan
Printing Shop is located at Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Pakistan. We are Pakistan’s first and leading online providers of printing services working to ease your stressful trips to the markets so ...
Printing in Islamabad Pakistan
Plot # 19, Office 9, Bewal Market, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Orient Printers is located at G-9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Orient Printers offers to print books, the printing of wedding cards, the printing of invitation cards, the printing of visiting card ...
Best Business Card Printing Shop in Islamabad
2nd Floor, Mujahid Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Print Fast is located in Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. Our central goal is to give you the greatest items and administrations. We vow to surpass your assumptions and be on schedule, and affordab ...
Printorium Printers was established in 2003
Office 3, Basement Laraib Center, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Printorium Printers is located at G-9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Printorium Printers Islamabad was laid out in 2003. We have a huge involvement with the printing field and are a full-administrat ...
Design and Print your Dream
Office#4, Chand Plaza Basement, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Gulab Printers is located at G-9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Gulab printers were sent off back in 2017 with the intention to change Pakistans printing industry by guaranteeing top-caliber yet cons ...
One of the printing service provider
Royal Centre, Office #110, G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Printlo is located at Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. Printlo was launched with the aim to disrupt the trillion-dollar global print industry and make great design available to all by combining prof ...
Printing Services in Islamabad
Office # 5, 3rd Floor Mujahid Plaza, Jinnah Ave, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Islamabad Printers is located in Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. Islamabad Printers provides printing and advertising services at low prices. We provide printing services include Visiting card prin ...

All you want to know about envelope printers in Pakistan

When you print on the envelope it gives you the opportunity to add color and life to your envelope. The types of printing you choose depend upon the size of envelope and the budget. Usually flexography is used because it is cheaper and fast to develop. Lithographic printing for envelope is used for higher end direct mail. Below we describe some envelope printing option.

Envelope Printing Option

Flexographic printing- in this procedure they use polymer plates to transfer ink to the paper just like stamp. The plates are attached to the roller so that they pick up the ink that is laid down on paper in form of small dots. Usually he flexographic printing is done while manufacturing envelope. Usually the flexographic printing is used for monthly statement, billing and long run transactions.   It is easy and affordable to use this printing. These printing types are best for direct mail campaigns and for nonprofit appeals.

Enhanced flexographic Printing- in enhanced envelope flexographic printing you get high quality of images that cannot be achieved through basic flexographic printing. This procedure is used for 4 color procedure images. In this procedure they use central impression, a print cylinder for tight print registration. Digital printing plates are used to achieve finer screen and better print resolution on envelope paper. Usually it is used on direct mail when images are needed. There is no proper definition of enhanced flexographic so the envelope printers may elaborate it differently.

Lithography Printing- you get highest quality printing on envelope while using indirect offset printing procedure of lithography printing. This printing is also known as offset printing as it transfer ink from one roller to another. It is best option for fine screens halftones and photographs. It can be done on blank press or web dependent on the size of run.

Envelope converting press

There are two type of converting envelope press that is web fed and blank fed. In blank converting press they accept the die cut paper in shape of unconverted envelope that is later on glued and folded during the manufacturing process. The web converting press accept continuous roll of paper that are cut than folded and glued. The printing process occurs during web fed procedure not during blank fed procedure.

Flexographic envelopes are usually web fed as the printing procedure take place during manufacturing phase. They attach the roll of unprinted stock to envelope converting machine. Later on the machines cut it fold and glued it. Flexographic printing is usually not used with blank fed converters.

Lithographic envelopes are transformed into envelope only on blank fed presses. But with latest technological advancement lithographic printing take place on continuous rolls later on these rolls are attached to web fed to convert them into envelopes.

Special mail piece- you can create a special print options in your mail piece, QR codes, augmented reality can deliver benefits for physical and digital communication. You can use security tint and also opaque printing on inside for adding security.  Through coating and covering you can give a creativity and protective finish to your special mail piece

Size and style of envelopes in pakistan

As you know well that nothing can go to the recipient in direct mail without envelopes so you need to design the envelopes of different sizes that need to be attractive envelope so that reader opens your mail. Envelope printing is interesting you need to includes relevant information and drawing on envelope. You can see  available options online for envelope printing. Below we describe the sizes and style of envelope

Commercial and official envelopes- these envelopes are usually received by you in mail that have standard tri fold letter paper of 8.5 inches into 11 inches.

Outgoing envelops- these envelopes are used when the sender want to fill out the form and send it back.

Regular envelopes- these are the one in which you inkjet the recipient name and address on the label.

Window envelopes- in these envelopes the letter is put inside the envelope and there is window in the envelope that show the address and name of the recipient address. These window on envelope exist in variety of size and exist on different positions. These envelopes come in different sizes.

The size of envelopes need to be enough large to insert your envelopes. There are different charts that show which size of mail you can insert in them. Like A11 envelopes accept 3 1/2” x 4 7/8” inserts.

For business uses they usually use regular and window envelopes there are large flat envelopes that come in 9 inch into 12 inches these envelopes are also known as booklet envelopes. There are other envelopes that open from short side and known as catalog envelopes.

For commercial uses they usually use coin envelops, policy envelopes, job ticket and inter departmental envelopes. These envelops can be used to send films or xray reports.

For some kind of announcement you can use A6 A7 or A8 announcement envelopes. You can use baronial envelopes that are best for social events.

Price of envelop printing in Pakistan

The price of envelop printing depend upon the size, type of paper used, type of printing , types of design and images used and also it varies from location to location nationwide. Usually the price ranges in between 10 rupees to 100 rupees in Pakistan.


If you want to send a mail or want to send anything you need to insert in envelopes. When you print on the envelope it gives the opportunity to add color and life to your envelope. The types of printing you choose depend upon the size of envelope and the budget. In this article we discussed about the types and size of envelopes, the envelope printing options and price of envelope printing in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple registered envelope printing company in every city of Pakistan that offer wide range of services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.