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10 Best Exercise Balls Exporters and Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Professional Sport Balls Provider in Sialkot
64-A-1, Industrial Estate Masjid Street, Shahabpura Road, Shahabpura, Sialkot, Pakistan
Goldsoni International is located in Shahabpura, Sialkot, Pakistan. Goldsoni International provides sporting items in Pakistan. We are the exporters and manufacturers of all kinds of sporting goo ...
Manufacture and Export Sports Goods
Capital Road, Model Town, Sialkot, Pakistan
ASY Trading Company is located in Model Town, Sialkot, Pakistan. We are Suppliers, Exporters & Producers of Finest Quality Sports Articles, Inflatable Balls, Custom Printed and Promotional Soccer ...
Manufacturers of Top Quality of Sports Goods
Zafer Wall Road, Near Chungi No8, Doburji Arian, Sialkot, Pakistan
Mehtab Sports is located at Doburji Arian, Sialkot, Pakistan. Mehtab Sports company is dedicated to the ideal in providing the best purchasing experience for your sports balls needs. We are motiva ...
Sport Accessories, Sport Goods & Sports Wear Provider in Sialkot
Capital Road, Model Town, Sialkot, Pakistan
Maintain Sports is located at Model Town, Sialkot, Pakistan. Maintain Sports was founded in 2000 by Mr.Sheikh Naveed Ullah who has considerable experience of the Sports industry gained over the la ...

Stregnthen your muscle through Excercise Balls

Exercise balls are also known as stability ball, Swiss ball and physio therapy ball and there are other names for these balls according to the origin and how it is used. Balls are not something in world of fitness and rehabilitation. These balls are made up of soft elastic that has diameter of approx. 35 to 85 cm that is 14 to 34 inches. Exercise balls were created by Aquilino Cosani in 1963 and air is filled in the balls before using them. Initially these balls were named as Pezzi Ball by an Italian plastic manufacture.

When decade passed to the creation of exercise balls, physio therapists start using these balls throughout Europe. Physio therapists help people to reeducate about their posture and back rehabilitation through pezzi balls. After England, American therapists were also interested in rehabilitating people through pezzi ball method. The American therapists were so impressed that the brought these pezzi balls back to them to US and rename them as Swiss ball.

Benefits of having an exercise ball:

As now you are familiar that swiss ball, pezzi balls, exercise ball, physio ball, gym ball, balance ball are same. There are many benefits that you can get from theses exercise balls. The major function of these balls is our human body respond to the instability of balls to stay balance, activates help our core muscle that is helpful in core stability posture and muscle balance and spine health.

Back and Spine health- as these balls are first used by physiotherapists for rehabilitation purpose. When you used these exercise balls to increase your strength core they also help you in relieving back pain. For improving you lower back muscle health you should do stretch on exercise ball by laying your whole body on the balls. This is the simplest exercise that can be done to get instant relief.  Beginners and advance user can do this exercise.

Core Stability-The reason these Swiss ball are also known as gym balls or yoga balls because they maintain core strength that is very important as the muscle stabilize and support all of your body movements. You can use these balls to do simple stretches and exercise to improve the working of deep muscles you can do simple exercise like sitting on the swiss ball  to engage your muscle move your core muscle further away from that will be more difficult to maintain your balance. For advance level ball exercise you can do pushup planks and abdominal crunches. Pushups on exercise are best to maintain you core stability.

Muscle Balance-If you are unaware what are you doing in gym than muscle imbalance can occur more often and quickly. As multiple muscle work together so muscle imbalance can lead to pain bad posture or injuries. Usually the imbalance  occur in front and back muscle because of everyday activities. It is also because we usually do training of abs and ignore the back. This can lead to severe back pain. When you engage your whole body while doing exercise on swiss ball it strengthen you back and posture muscle. Advance users can do crunch, squats, plank and bridges.

Improvement in posture- when you strengthen your core muscle this ensure that you will have healthy posture. When you will do regular exercise on Swiss ball it will help you in maintaining your natural curve of spinal cord.

How you can find your ideal Exercise ball

As most of the balls in the market are same so it is very easy for you to select among them. All you need to do is to pay attention to the size of your exercise ball. A good exercise ball on which you can sit on your knees and your hips should be 90 degrees angle. Below we are describing the size of ball and the ideal height for that size of ball

  • Small size balls are best for height upto 4’10’’
  • Medium size balls are ideal for people that are 4'8" to 5'5"
  • Large balls are best for height of people that 5'6" to 6'0"
  • Extra Large size balls are ideal for people of 6'0" to 6'5" height
  • XX- large balls are best for the people that have a height Over 6'5"


Usually the exercise balls are made up of polyvinyl chloride it is also known as soft plastics. Certain additives are used to modify PVC. After the modification pvc the yoga ball is almost done. The exercise balls are large piece of modified PVC. later on that is in inflated with air. The general size of ball ranges around 50cm to 85 cm. appropriate size ball is created and filled with air. This size generally ranges from around 55cm to 85cm. As a rule, the taller you are, the larger your ball should be. Following this, your yoga ball is ready for use.   

The major difference in exercise balls comes because of quality of PVC thickness lower quality exercise balls use thinner materials. So using lower material exercise ball can be dangerous to use as they prone to popping as exercise balls that have thicker PVC is long lasting investment in exercise balls so choose wisely.

Price of Exercise balls in Pakistan

The price of exercise ball in Pakistan  may varies because of the quality of PVC material and size of the ball the lowest price of the exercise ball is around 200 and estimated average price of ball is around 1600 rupees in Pakistan.

The exercise balls are also known as physiotherapy balls, Swiss ball, gym ball and yoga all of them means same. There are different size you can choose them according your height these ball are made up of modified PVC. Always use high quality of exercise balls as they are more durable and not prone to popping. For your ease and your convenience we have compiled exercise ball manufacturing companies in Pakistan.  We have multiple registered companies in every city of Pakistan but mainly in Sialkot. There are many exercise ball dealers in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contact us by email if you any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best dealer according to your need, convenience and budget.