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Best Fabric Stores in Pakistan to Choose in 2024 | Clothing Shops

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Best Designer Collections
Fortune Plaza, 72 East, Jinnah Ave, G 7/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Lafabrica Fashion Haven is located at Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. Lafabrica Fashion Haven is the oldest and the leading fabric retail store in the capital Islamabad. Lafabrica established in 19 ...
Designer Collections Embroidered Fabrics
Tariq Road, Beside Dolmen Mall, Delhi CHS PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan
Cross Stitch is located at PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan. Cross Stitch is Pakistans leading boutique fashion retail clothing and fabric brand. The product range includes embroidered fabrics, prints and ...
Luxury and Men's Elegance for more than 30 Years
Unit #1, Waheed Plaza, Jinnah Ave, Near Kalsum Hospital, Block E G-6, Street 2, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Paragon Fabrics is located at Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. We have an exclusive collection of world class fabrics sourced from the best mills(Imported & Local) for suits, shirts & kamiz shalwar ...
Leading Ladies Fashion Store in Pakistan
Kohsar Plaza, Qadeer City Center, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Resham Fabrics is located at F-10 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Resham Fabrics is the leading ladies fashion store in Pakistan, where you can find the latest Pakistani ladies suits by the top-notch ...
One of the Famous & Classic Fabrics
Shop # 5, Mention Plaza, Main PWD Road, Pakistan Town, Block C, Police Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan
Allah Wasaya Fabrics is located at Pakistan Town, Islamabad, Pakistan. is one of the famous and classic fabric all over the Texile industry. It introduced in 1994 a wide range of karandi products ...
The Brand Palace
Street 7, Manzoor Colony, Sector C, DHA Phase II, Islamabad, Pakistan
Saad Fabrics is loated at DHA, Islamabad, Pakistan. Saad Fabrics is a multi-brand store located in Karachi Pakistan. We are delivering Quality fabric for the last 5 years offline now we came onli ...
Women Clothing Brand by Sefam (Pvt)Ltd.
188/B, PECHS Block 2, Karachi, Pakistan
The Fabric Store is located at PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan. The Fabric Store is a Women Clothing Brand by Sefam (Pvt)Ltd. established in 2016 currently having presence in Punjab and KPK with 26 outl ...
Suleman fabrics is one of the Best Fabric Store
F-10/3 F-10, Islamabad, Pakistan
Suleman Fabrics is located at F-10, Islamabad, Pakistan. Suleman fabrics is a tailoring shop where custom clothing is being done through hand skills. we have professional and skilled craftsmen. Ca ...
Affordable Fabric Store in Pakistan
First Floor, Akram Plaza, Yarn Market, Malikpur, Faisalabad, Pakistan
The Master Fabrics is located at Malikpur, Faisalabad, Pakistan. The Master Fabrics has Recently started its own export to its customer to different part of the world from USA, Canada, Europe, Mid ...
Famous Gent's and Ladies Tailor in Islamabad
Shop No. 1 & 2, Block 10-A, F/6 Super Market, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Nadeems Tailors & Fabrics is located at F-6 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Nadeems Tailors & Fabrics has a world-wide reputation for quality tailoring in Pakistans leading custom Tailors goes back 28 ...

All you want to know about fabric stores in Pakistan

Whenever the word shopping come in our mind the first thing that comes in our mind are clothes. We as humans love to do shopping. As clothes are basic necessities of human life so you must know how the clothes are made and the different types of fabric. Choosing the right type of material for any occasion or project is the most difficult part whether you are choosing clothes for yourself or for your loved one. If you made a wrong choice in choosing your fabric than it can affect you end product adversely. Choosing the right fabric and design will create a sewing heaven. Below we describe some types of fabric available at fabric stores in Pakistan

Types of fabric available at fabric stores in Pakistan

Natural Fiber- natural fiber come from animals and plants like silk and wool come from animal while cotton and linen come from plants

  • Cotton – is one of the most versatile, populate and inexpensive fabric material. The cotton comes from the plant name cotton. This fabric is widely used all around the world. It is considered best for children clothes because it is breathable, soft and lightweight. You can easily wash it by hand or in machine.
  • Linen- It is also versatile, popular and inexpensive fabric material. Sewing the linen material is very easy and the material is more durable than cotton. People prefer this material because it breathable and give coolness effect. Linen is considered best for embroidered projects. Tablecloth and curtain are made up of this material.
  • Bamboo- It has rich texture, suitable and durable. If you need stiff and sturdy material get yourself a jute fabric material. Usually this material is used to make placemats, table runner’s bath runner and rugs.
  • Wool- It has rich color, durable and also a great insulator. Wool clothes are best for winter clothes. The wool fabric comes from the animals’ hair.
  • Silk- It is bit expensive fabric, lustrous and fades easily. Silk fabric is used to make luxurious clothes. It is used in making clothes, bed linens and textile crafts. They are expensive because of lightweight, durability and softness. You can hand wash this fabric and also dry clean the fabric.

Man Made fiber- due to demand of fabric manmade fiber was established. These fabrics are famous for producing textile, crafts such as home décor, bags and clothing. Some common used fiber are nylon, acrylic, Kevlar, spandex and vinyon.

  • Polyester fabric- They are inexpensive and don’t wrinkle easily. You can use them for clothing projects but they are best for pillowcases, bed sheet, curtain and table cloths. It is resistant to stain that is the major advantage of this fabric.
  • Rayon- It is not that much durable but is versatile and widely used. This material is considered as artificial silk. Rayon fabric is like silk it is flowy, doesn’t wrinkle easily, not expensive and light weight as well.

There are other types of fabrics that can be used for different purposes you can pay the visit to the fabric store to know more about the stuff and material. When you visit the store you can easily select perfect material for the purpose you needed. Shopping for the fabric is quite difficult if you are going alone and has no expertise in this field. As you don’t have any experience you may overbuy or under buy the fabric so always know how much fabric you need for your project or for your clothes. Below we describe thing you need to do

  • You need to understand the pattern envelope on different types of fabrics that can be created on the fabric you want to make.
  • Once you decided which fabric you need to buy next you need to see how much fabric you need to buy. You need to buy the fabric on the basis of size, measurement and also on pattern and design you choose for your clothing.
  • Always read the fabric bolt usually the fabric store have information written on fabric bolt even the smaller fabric stores have general information on it like fabric width, type and content.
  • If you don’t have any particular design or pattern when choosing the fabric you can simply look for the estimate for the different pattern and then buy the fabric accordingly but it is always recommend to buy more than the estimate to be on safe side.
  • When buying fabric from online fabric store you cannot touch the fabric but the retailer will provide you more information about the fabric you are interested in.

Reasons that why you should visit fabric store in person in Pakistan

No doubt online shopping of fabric has been increased in past but in Pakistan it is best to visit the fabric store in person and below we describe some reason for it that are

  • You can experience and touch each fabric and won’t miss on any fabric. You can easily test its drape. You can easily see the color of fabric in sunlight and can also try them with your skin color. You can make the right choice on fabric store.
  • Looking perfect and stylish is that what everyone wants so the assistant at fabric store will help you guide about the suitable fabric and also the amount of fabric you need for your dress or your project.
  • Immediate accesses to all products you need not to wait for the fabric to arrive you just simply go to the shop and buy the fabric.
  • even if the store has good reviews online still sometime you don’t get the best product but that is not the case when you physically fabric store.
  • When you visit the store physically you get familiar with the latest trend in the season.


There are different types of fabrics that can be used for different purposes you can pay the visit to the fabric store to know more about the stuff and material. When you visit the store you can easily select perfect material for the purpose you needed. Shopping for the fabric is quite difficult if you are going alone and has no expertise in this field so in this article we discussed about the types of fabric available in fabric store , thing you need to do before buying fabric and reason that why should you visit the fabric store personally in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple fabric stores in every city of Pakistan that offer wide range of services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.