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10 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Main Expressway, Murree.
Chaaye Khana Expressway Murree is a tea house located on the Expressway in Murree, Pakistan. It offers a wide selection of teas, from traditional chai to herbal and specialty blends, along with sna ...
Nadeem Shaheed Rd, Samanabad Town, Lahore.
Raza Cafe & Restaurant offers exceptional service and caters to the public's cravings with its delectable spicy food and tea. Operating 24/7, it provides a diverse menu, ensuring a delightful e ...
Best Italian Restaurant in Rawalpindi
Cinepax Cinemas, Jinnah Park, Beside Airport Road, Chaklala Cantt., Rawalpindi.
Pappasallis is located at Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi Pakistan. Pappasallis are the specialist of breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, & drinks. Pappasallis restaurant is based in Rawalpindi and providin ...
Asian, Chinese & Lebanese Food In Rawalpindi
Commercial Market Road, Block B Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
  Zaytoun Grill & Pizza is located at Commercial Market Rawalpindi Pakistan. At Zaytoun Grill & Pizza we offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try our del ...
Ranchers Burger Restaurant  is the one of the famous  Burger Restaurant in Islamabad.
Shop No. 4, Time Sqaure Plaza, Markaz I-8, Islamabad.
Ranchers Burger Restaurant is located at I-8 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan. Ranchers Burger Restaurant is the one of the famous  Burger Restaurant. Where all good fella ...
Cafe Dé Swat is one of the best fast food restaurants in Swat
Mingora Fizagat Bypass, Opposite Relax Restaurant and Shopping Mall, Swat.
Cafe De Swat is located at Mingora Fizagat Bypass, Swat, KPK Pakistna. One of the best  fast food restaurants of Swat, Mingora.. Great atmosphere, Very neat & clean sitting for families and frien ...
Hot Spot is dedicated to provide quality food to its customers.
Swat Trade Center, Opposite Commissioner House, Saidu Sharif, Swat.
Hot Spot Fast Food is located at Opposite Commissioner House, Saidu Sharif, Swat, KPK Pakistan. We deliver delicious range of recipes including pizzas, burgers & rolls. ...
Fast Food Restaurant in Chitral
Village Gankorini Singur (Shotkhora), Tehsil &, Chitral.
Conflux Fast Food is located at Tehsil &, Chitral, Pakistan. Delicious food, staffs are very attentive, polite and good manner and super nice atmosphere. Plus it is all at an affordable price. For ...
Pasta Restaurant in Karachi
D82, 126th Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.
The Café Flo is located at 126th Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. The Café Flo wonderful open air restaurant in Karachi. Cordial and inviting help, extraordinary food, incredible men ...
UK Leading Fast Food Restaurant
QPS Road, Sector C-1 Block 2, Green Town, Lahore Pakistan.
Mr. Cod restaurant is located at Blocl-2, Green Town, Lahore Pakistan. Based out of London, England, Mr. Cod is the world most renowned Fish and Chips foundation having some ability in some really ...

Fast Food Restaurants in Pakistan | Choose Best Fast Food Restaurant near You

As modern lifestyle has become very busy now days so people love to visit the fast food restaurant. They visit these restaurants more often. It has been seen that usually 48% of the budget of modern families are spend in eating outside home previously it was just 38 % this means that average spending on eating outside is increasing every year. If you visit fast food restaurant occasionally than it will not impact your health adversely. If you are habit of eating fries, burger and drinks can be problematic as it has been see  that people who usually eat fast food face headaches, weight gain, dental distress, high BP level and cholesterol level in your body. You may face other issues like increase in blood sugar and insulin resistance when there is more intake of fast food. Not every product made in restaurants is consider bad for your health. But usually the people who consume from fast food industry in take 190 calorie more than who don’t intake food from them. There are certain advantages despite of some disdvantage of taking meal from fast food restaurant below we will described some of advantage of visiting fast food restaurants that are

Advantages of visiting Fast food restaurant

Fast food help you not skip your meal of the day- Skipping your meal for a day is not good idea at all according to health organizations the best way to reduce weight is to reduce the number of calorie and increasing your daily workouts. As when you do exercise you burn your excess of calorie. As when you miss your meal it cause fatigue. Instead you can take vegetable and fresh fruit salads from restaurants that can help you to finish your day with the entire nutrient needed for day.

You can manage your time table-more effectively due to fast pace life and increasing inflation people  need to do 2 jobs so usually find less time to cook after going home. As fast food restaurant are available now everywhere whether it is small community or large one. You can manage busy schedule without remaining hungry as buying food takes 50% less time than cooking on your own.

Reduction in hunger problems- the cost of fast food is less than the calorie it provided. You can’t eat 3 fast food meals in a day. If you have couple of bucks in pocket you can buy a meal and can get enough of energy for whole day for your body to work.  If you want to obtain same colorie from organic fruits and vegetable the price of organic food is 10 % higher than fast food.

They deliver excellent services with each order you place- when you usually visit fast food restaurant but global chains have some eatables that are available in all of their outlets irrespective of the region. So usually you find the same taste on all outlets and franchise of fast food restaurants.

You will get all nutrition information- no doubt fast food restaurant offer food that is hi in calories but some of fast restaurant mention the detail about the calorie of each product so that you can choose wisely. You can get entire catalogue of calorie intake.

You can get healthy meals also at fast food that were not previously available- there are many fast food restaurant that provide healthy choice if you are managing your calorie intake. As now fast food chains also consider that people are focusing more on their health so they also providing some healthy options in their menu by using low calorie items.

Fast food chain also helps in economic boost and they are affordable to get varieties of food options.

Disadvantage of taking fast food

Let get into disadvantages of eating fast food on daily basis

  • It can impact on your digestive and cardiovascular system adversely.
  • As fast food is high on calorie so when you will in take fast food it will increase you calorie intake per day. As they are high in calorie but low in nutrients. So when your intake calorie will exceed you will become overweight and you face many issue like heart attack and bad cholesterol level.
  • You may face problems like bloating swelling and edema because of eating fast food.
  • It will affect your nervous and reproductive system
  • It will affect your nail skin and hair growth.
  • You must need to review the quality of fast food as it has been seen that they may use low quality meat.

Famous Fast Food Restaurants in Pakistan

Fast food chains are loved by all around world including Pakistan and it is  eaten by every age group in Pakistan. People love to eat desi cuisine but also eat  fast food to bring change from their daily taste. Some of the famous fast food chains are located in Pakistan and they are also loved by the people of Pakistan that are:

McDonald- It is one of the most famous chains all around the world its first outlet was opened in Pakistan in 1988 in Lahore. It is very popular among in Pakistan for its burger and fries.

KFC-is another food chain that started its operation in Pakistan in 1997 in Karachi. There are among second fast food leading brand in Pakistan. They have delicious burgers fried chicken and yummy sauces to serve the customers.

Pizza Hut- is another fast food brand in Pakistan they are among the first one to launch pizzerias in Pakistan in 1958. Now they have range of menu available and they have multiple toppings and flavor of pizza. This fast food chain is treating for pizza lover in Pakistan.

Dominos- Dominos also opened its branch in Pakistan and become one of leading brand to serve pizza in Pakistan they have their branches all around the country. There delicious pizza and dessert available in their outlet.

Hardees- it is another fast food chain loved by Pakistanis they are very famous for the curly fires, char grilled and beef burgers.

Burger King- they stared there operation in 2013 in Pakistan. Their menu includes burger salad and fries.

Price ranges of fast food in Pakistan

The price of fast food may varies on the basis of brand you are choosing for eating if you opting for some international brand than the price range of burger meal will cost you around  650- 1200 rupees and price range for pizza will be around 999 – 3000 rupees depending upon the size of pizza.

As people life have become very fast and to make their both end meets they need to work hard so sometime they don’t find time to cook. Previously people skip their meal if they don’t find time to cook and it is not consider good for health to skip meals so now fast food restaurants have help you to overcome this problem fast food restaurant save your 50% time. As there are advantages of fast food restaurants we have to face many issues related to it if we start easting it regularly. There are many favorite fast food restaurants in Pakistan like mcdonald , kfc, dominos, hardees  burger king and many more. If you want to visit any of the above mentioned fast food restaurant you can simply contact from the above mentione details to know about prices and reservations.