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Blue Line Fiberglass

7B, Westland TradeCenter, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi Pakistan.

Blue Line Fiberglass is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Blue Line fiberglass is a leading Fiberglass Manufacturer Company in Karachi, a subsidiary of Blue Line Décor which was formed in 2003 with a vision to deliver value-added services and products to our respected customers, we strongly trust on better customer support and after-sales services. Claiming to be a leader in fiberglass manufacturing in Karachi and Pakistan is not what we strive for but we strive to be called the most dedicated one. We trust by giving us the chance you will be assuring on getting ON BUDGET and ON TIME delivery! Feel free to contact us through phone or email and we will discuss your need and visit the site for inspection and estimation followed by our reasonable quote. Our core services include Fiberglass Shades, Kids Playground Equipments, Fiberglass life-size Animals Sculpture Statue Monument, Fiberglass Canopy, Fiberglass Doom, Fiberglass Dustbins Pots & Planters, Portable Toilet, Porta Cabin & Guard Room, Outdoor Garden & School Furniture – Bench & Chairs, & Other Products. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Industrial Techno International

Service lane of ring road near Quaid E Azam Interchange Wagha Town, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan

We are an Engineering company established since 1998. Our services and products can be broadly categorized into fiberglass fabrication steel fabrications. We are based in Lahore, but we have capacity to complete very big projects all over Pakistan. We have large working area available, sufficient labor resources, and readily available contractual labor option, which enables us to complete big assignments in short span of time.

Ali Traders (Pvt.) Ltd.

A 258, Opp Rawal Steel, Arjun Nagar Street# 1, Jinnah Road, Rawalpindi Pakistan

Ali Traders (Pvt.) Ltd is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistna. Welcome to the home of electrical insulation materials and import of engineering equipments It’s easy for you to find out all range of quality products you need here  we are specialized Supplier and importer of, Epoxy Fiberglass Sheet, 3240 Epoxy Glass Sheet suppliers/factory, and wholesale high-quality products of Fr4 Sheet R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Space Integrated Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

138-2-C1, Township, Lahore-Pakistan

Space Integrated Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is located in Lahore, Pakistan. We work hard to justify your instruction with in an appropriate way no matter the scope of the order. Our experienced employees will be able to support you in finding the appropriate Fiberglass Sheet which suits your specific needs. All of the products that you will receive from our guided companies will be matchless and high quality and ensure that the products will preserve their permanence and flexibility for years to come. If you have an issue that is relevant to fiber glass sheets manufacturing and you do not certainly know how to solve it permit our very talented engineers and technicians to come up with a traditional solution perfectly suited to fit your needs. We suggest you best premier glass manufacturing company which meets International standards and offer innovative value-added products, custom-made according to the customer’s requirements and satisfaction. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

AR Fiberglass

124, H-Block, Commercial Area, Phase 1, DHA, Lahore Pakistan

AR Fiberglass Products is located in Lahore, Pakistan. AR Fiberglass Products founded in 2008 in Lahore, Pakistan with a mission to manufacture reliable fiberglass composite products, Our fiberglass Roofing Sheets, Cooling Tower Services and Laminating/ Coating, etc for domestic and industrial purposes. Our Fiberglass sheet are best quality in Pakistan. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Ransal Fiber Glass

Shop # 3B-1Y, Cresent Plaza, Near Post office, F10 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Ransal Fiber Glass is located in Islamabad, Pakistna. we are fully geared to meet all your requirements and convert your concepts into reality, We have expertise, technical know how, facilities and above all the will to deliver. Ransal Fiber Glass is presently one of the Leading Manufacturers of Fiberglass Products in Pakistan. We are manufacture and supply innumerable Fiberglass products for suitable uses in various Industries, Institutes, Universities, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Doctors, Buildings, Luxury Flats, Schools, Colleges, Pharmaceuticals Companies, Mosques, Sugar Mills, Clubs, Architects, Consulates, etc  For more detail contact us through email or phone.

Power Tack Fiberglass

CHP8+FR9, Barki Rd, Hudiara, Lahore, Punjab.

Power Tack Fiberglass is located in Barki Rd, Hudiara, Lahore, Punjab. We reliable manufacturer of fiberglass products, Steel Fabrication, Heavy Duty Structure, Light Gauge Steel Framing, Pre-fabricated canopies & Pre-Engineered Buildings etc. We also are executing fiberglass jobs for the Food Processing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Dairy farms, Poultry Sheds, Car parking shed, Cold Storage, Housing Sector, and every one major industries altogether over Pakistan.  For more detail contact us through email or phone.

All you want to know about fiberglass sheets in Pakistan

Fiber glass is a glass fiber that is reinforced plastic. Glass fiber consist of different kind of glass.  It is flattened onto the sheet gently arranged into fabric evenly. Fiber glass is less brittle lightweight and strong. The major advantage of fiber glass is that you can mold it into any shapes thus fiber glass is used in construct for residential commercial areas as well for roofing developing products and sport tool and equipment’s. Fiber glass was made by French scientist Rene Ferchault in 18 century. Edward D libbey in 1983 in Chicago fair presented  a dress made up of fiber glass but the dress break down when it was folded the weight of the dress was around 13.5 pounds. No doubt at that time fiber glass was used for many purposes but they were not flexible and fiber glass was not produce in bulk quantity at that time.

In 1930 another glass company Owens-Illinois made fiber glass air filters for ventilation. It has been seen that cotton filters were more efficient than cotton materials. You can easily discard them when they are clogged because they are inexpensive. They behave in same way the regular glass. It is non-conductive and don’t absorb moisture. You cannot mold the fiber glass. Fiber glass don’t expand shrink rust or burn.

Types of fiberglass sheet in Pakistan

 You can categorized the fiber glass in different types each one of them is used for different purposes.

A glass- these fiber glass is known as alkali glass. It is similar to window glass and resistant to chemical. It is also used for making process equipment’s.

C glass- these glass are resistant to chemical impact thus also known as chemical glass.

E glass- it is insulator of electricity thus known as electrical glass.

AE glass- these glass akalit resistant glass.

S glass- these are used for some mechanical purposes thus known as structural glass.

Attributes of fiberglass sheet in Pakistan

Strength- fiber glass is considered as strong as steel in thermal load bearing project. They don’t rust in moist environment and maintain their strength and integrity.

Electrical insulation- the fiber glass has property of electric insulation.

Noncombustible- fiber glass doesn’t catch or spread fire it is noncombustible. When fiber glass is expose to the heat it does not produce smoke or emit any toxic chemicals.

Dimensional stability- you cannot bend wrap or twist fiber glass because of its low linear expansion.

Does not rot- fiber glass is not effected by insect and maintain the integrity.

Thermal conductivity- as it has low thermal conductivity so fiber glass can be used in construction of building.

Prices of fiberglass sheet  in Pakistan

The cost of fiber glass sheet in Pakistan varies on the type of fiber glass you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Fiber glass in Pakistan start from 500 to 900 rupees.

Usage of fiberglass sheet in industries

As fiber glass provide high thermal insulation, is durable and is safe. As it provide insulation thus it is used by industries to serve following purpose.
Manufacturing- fiber glass is fixed on surface as it is slip resistance thus place on wet areas where oil or hydraulic fluid is present.

Metal and mining-fiber glass is used to grate special areas that are expose to chemical corrosion.

Power generation- fiber glass is used by power generation industry because fiber glass has nonconductive properties. It is used in scrubbers and tank farms as well.

Automotive industry- it is used by automotive industry for making several kits components and vehicles.

Aerospace and defense- It is used by aerospace industry of military and civilians that include enclosure test equipment and ducting.
Docks and marinas- as fiber glass is resistant to dust it does not get damage with moisture or salty environment thus it is used in docks and marinas

Fountain and aquarium- fiber glass grating is used for construction of fountain it help people from drowning in the fountain.

Why you should choose fiberglass than other materials

There are certain advantages of fiber glass over other materials such as concrete, wood and steel. As fiber glass is light in weight and is easy to incorporate virtually. Certain characteristics that make fiber glass unique from other material like mechanical strength, electrical insulation, and fire resistant compatibility, dimensional stability, thermal resistant and pet resistant.

Benefits of fiberglass sheet in Pakistan

Durable – fiber glass is durable material that don’t rust or degrade in harsh climate. If you use metal instead it will rust and is expensive. As it durable material you don’t require much maintenance.

Customizability- fiberglass is light weight and has high strength for weight resistant. As you can easily mold fiber glass in multiple variety of shape so can customize it any shape you want.

Aesthetics- there are many option for color of fiber glass. The color is incorporated at time of manufacturing procedure this means the color will not chop or fade with time.

Cost effectiveness- as it is durable long lasting investment and require no maintenance thus the cost of the material is divided on all year it will be minimum.


Fiber glass is glass fiber that is reinforced plastic. Glass fiber consist of different kind of glass.  It is flattened onto the sheet gently arranged into fabric evenly. Fiber glass is less brittle, lightweight and strong. In this article we discussed about, types of fiber glass sheet in Pakistan, price of fiber sheet glass in Pakistan, benefit and usage of fiber glass sheet in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple fiber glass stores in every city of Pakistan that offer fiber glass in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.

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