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31-km, Ferozepur Road, Sua Asal, Behind Shaheen Institute Lahore, Pakistan.
FRP Engineers is located in Lahore, Pakistan. FRP Engineers, a registered firm by the same name, has been serving Cooling Towers in Pakistan at the national and intern ...
Service lane of ring road near Quaid E Azam Interchange Wagha Town, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan
We are an Engineering company established since 1998. Our services and products can be broadly categorized into fiberglass fabrication steel fabrications. We are based in Lahore, but we ...
Best Fiber Glass Shop
Plot no. 212 A, Deh Kharkharo, Malir, Karachi, Pakistan
Prime Fiber Glass is located in Karachi, Pakistan. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading fiberglass companies in Pakistan. Our fiberglsss company ...
Best Shop for Fiberglass Products
A 258, Opp Rawal Steel, Arjun Nagar Street# 1, Jinnah Road, Rawalpindi Pakistan
Ali Traders (Pvt.) Ltd is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Welcome to the home of Fiberglass product materials and import of engineering equipments It’s easy for you ...
X6 19th East ST Defence Phase 1 DHA Karachi Pakistan
Pakistan Fiber Glass is located in Karachi, Pakisan. Pakistan Fiberglass was established in 1984. Pakistan Fiberglass has long been an industry leader in metal carbox ...
Head Office 308-B, Peshawar Road Rawalpindi
National Fiber Glass is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. We at National Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyester Industries have the pleasure to our manufacturing facility at Hattar Industrial Estate NWFP ...
Master Group is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Master Group is presently one of the leading manufacturers and key players in the Fiber Glass industry of Pakistan. The Companies maintaining of inte ...
Motorway Service Road, 02km Islamabad
Meezan Fiberglass is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. We provide Fiberglass Fabrication services all over Pakistan. We manufacture Fiberglass Khaprail sheets used in producing home slop shades and o ...
Plot# 4, Main G.T Road, Near Sangjani Toll Plaza, Islamabad
Universal Fibe is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Established in the year 1990s, the Universal Fiber glass industry. The Universal Group, backed by more than one and half decade of experience in ...
18-U, Twin City Complex, near Faiz-ul-Islam, Faizabad, Rawalpindi
Decto Pakistan (PVT) LIMITED is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) (also called fiber-reinforced polymer, or fiber-reinforced plastic) is a composite material made of ...

All product detail produced at a fiberglass shop in Pakistan

Fiberglass is known as composite during the procedure of fiber glass fabrication. There are various type of resin combined together to create a certain product that is durable and light in weight. It is used to reinforce plastic. It is used in areas where there is need of scratch resistant, light weight and strong material. Fiber glass is the material that does change the shape or shrink with rise or fall in temperature. It has high strength to weight ratio, absorb water and resistant to chemicals. It work as insulator for electricity, nonflammable and nonmagnetic. Mostly fiber glass is used by orthopedics, construction, HVAC, sporting equipment, automatic manufacturing and in telecom industry.

Products produced by fiberglass shops in Pakistan

Fiber glass manufactures create fiber glass pipes, rods, tanks, corrugate fiberglass and plastic reinforced fiber glass.

Corrugated fiberglass- is used to create fiber glass products. There are two layer of fiber glass material that is glued together. The inner layer consist of fiberglass material the outer layer surface is reinforcement resin that make it water resistant and tough material. It is used for construction of green house and sheds

Fiberglass pipes-they have high corrosion resistant. They are created with molded FRP composite, fiberglass piping is used to create portable water tanks, non-fire protection water tanks, chemical storage tanks, hood stacks and oil separators.

Fiber cast pipe- it is used in chemical processing and handling.

Fiberglass rods- they are long rounded and thin fiberglass shapes. These rods are hollow solid and come with thread that is connected via screws and fasteners.

Fiberglass boxes- they are light in weight and has strong storage containers that are used for transportation, storage of shipping, automotive, marine and industrial materials. You can also transport speakers paint and batteries in it.

Fiber glass tanks- they are used for storing waste chemical and materials.

Structural fiberglass- these fiber glass is used for construction of any products.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic- it is composite type of fiber glass that create from thermoplastic resin with threading or extruded glass fibers

History of fiberglass

People used the term fiber glass previously when they produced mass production of glass wool. The fiber glass was invented by games slayter in 1932. He was American engineer and working as a researcher at owns Illinois. When they formed it they patented and adapted the invention. In 1936 they used reinforcement resin and combine fiber glass with plastic. After that manufacturing companies have start experimenting different resin for fiber glass fabrication. Now there are many manufactures that create different fiber glass composite that are used in various equipment’s. There are seven types of resin composite material present in fiber glass shop in Pakistan that are E glass, A glass, E-CR glass C glass D glass R glass, S glass polyester resin and epoxy resin.

Benefits of choosing fiberglass in Pakistan

Low maintenance-when install the fiber glass roof you don’t need to clean it often.  When they are properly installed you don’t need to update patch it or reseal it this is because there is no gaps or weak area that need reinforcement.

Reduction of faults- the bitumen and rubber substitutes of fiber glass has issue of seam. There are certain location that bubble and water is stored and degrades the material. So fiber glass has flat surface that let the rain fall off.

Long lasting- if you installed them properly the minimum life span of fiber glass is around 25 years because it is weather proof and durable. Installation of fiber glass is expensive than bitumen or rubber but as they are durable and installed for long time you save a lot of money in long run.

Better light provision- the fiber glass panel allow to enter natural light that enhances brightness in the building. It help you save artificial lightning and save electricity.

Heat absorption- fiber glass install in roof help in reducing temperatures and save you from heat and save from harmful rays of sun.

Higher durability- the fiber glass in fiber shop are durable it is hard to break them they don’t expand or contract because of weather conditions.

Suitable for highly corrosive environment- they are resistant to rust. They don’t rust like steel panel because of salt water.

Solid appearance-they come in multiple color you can choose any one according to your need and desire.

Light weight- they are quite light in weight as they are popular material like wood, clay, concrete that impact on your building strength that why it is used for rood and window panels.


Fiber glass is the material that does change the shape or shrink with rise or fall in temperature. It has high strength to weight ratio absorb water and resistant to chemicals. It work as insulator for electricity, nonflammable and nonmagnetic. In this article we discussed about, Products produced by fiber glass shop in Pakistan, history of fiber glass and benefits of using fiber glass in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple fiber glass shop in Pakistan that offer fiber glass in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.