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Ground Floor Awami Complex, New Garden Town, Lahore
Decora, a PVC compounding pioneer in Pakistan with a three-decade legacy, was founded by Haji Muhammad Islam in 1976. Initially producing cable compounds, we later expanded into shoe compounds. Dec ...
Finley and Hayden Trading

All you want to know about flooring in Pakistan

The type of flooring you choose make a great difference in your home and office rooms. There are many options available for flooring from cozy feel to modern look. Below we describe some of the flooring options available in Pakistan.  There are many pros and cons of each type so that it help you to choose the right type of flooring for your home, commercial areas and offices.

Types of flooring in Pakistan‍

Timber flooring- timber woods are used to provide character and warmth to the residential area for many years.  There are many options available in timber flooring of finishes and shades you can choose the one that matches your property aesthetics. Timber flooring is considered durable, look spectacular and is hypoallergenic. There are two type in timber flooring one is solid timber other engineered timber. Solid timber is expensive than engineered timber and it is vulnerable to expansion and contraction engineered. Tiber flooring has less risk of movement. They are easy to clean so they are best option for kitchen corridor and living spaces.

Carpet- carpet are used in your room to add warmth it gives a living space a luxury feel. Carpets are becoming more famous and versatile with the latest technological advancements. There are carpets that are stain resistant and are hard wearing so it is considered best option for pet owners and families. You came across different material and options for carpets.  Wool carpet are long term investment as they are comfortable and durable but they are expensive than wool synthetic carpets that are made of nylon. You can choose different types of carpets for different areas such as for hallways you can choose sturdy cut twist pile. High pile carpets add coziness environment and look best on formal living spaces. Loop pile carpets give a modern aesthetic look. It gives a family friendly look and best choice for playroom and children bedroom.                                                                          

Concrete-these flooring are durable, practical, functional and create modern living space area there are finishes of concrete flooring that is matte, semi-gloss and gloss. Concrete is an ideal option for space area in your home when you want that it last for several years.  Less maintenance is required for these floors. All you need to do is daily sweeping. It is versatile flooring type that can fit in every room of your home. If you living in the cold climate area it is preferred to add rugs so that it can generate heat but if you don’t use carpet the toes get cold in winter.

Vinyl- they become popular in today’s world. This is considered as best option for home owner and business owners as it is budget friendly and create beautiful design in minimum cost. These flooring come in variety of sizes and used wood planks and PVC. These floors last for long and offer value for money and best option for families and single living people. Vinyl plank are glued to your home or office surface. If the planks get damaged you can easily replace them. They are not much effected by water so they are consider best choice for kitchen and WIPs.

Tiles- there are tile option for flooring at your home. They are available in multiple designs and styles. They are made up of ceramics or natural stone. Stone tile give earthy look and porcelain is added to give it a luxury look. Timber look tile give homely and warn feeling.  Stone tile require maintenance but give an aesthetic look. Ceramic tile are easy to fit in and are much cheaper than stone tiles  Porcelain give a beautiful finish it is water resistant than stone tile so best for bathrooms in your home and in commercial area.

Prices of flooring in Pakistan

The cost of flooring in Pakistan varies on the type of flooring you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Flooring in Pakistan start from 70 to 500 rupees sq. ft.

Tips to choose the right type of flooring in Pakistan

When you start building your new home or planning to renovate your home. Flooring has huge impact on the look and feel of your home. You need to make the right decision while choosing flooring as the decision you will make will last for long. Below we describe some tips when choosing flooring for your home and office

Space- the first thing you need to see the space of the room where you want flooring as the shape and size play important role in choosing flooring. Flooring work in same way the paint and wall covering are important. If you choose light color coloring it will make your room look small if you used darker tone it will bring warmth to your room and give it a spacious look.

Style- see that flooring you are choosing fit the style of your home and offices. You can easily choose the flooring online and in showroom. It need to sit well in your home and office already seating arrangement.

Practicality- when choosing the flooring see the usage of flooring and type of activities that will place in that room. Like there will be different flooring for bathroom, kitchen, office and home rooms.

Type- now a days people are giving importance to space, style and practicality. There are many options available for flooring to choose from like tile, Carpet, vinyl and wood. You can choose according to your need and style of room.

Budget and maintenance- always consider the budget in mind while chosen the flooring type. You should also consider the maintenance cost of each flooring while choosing the flooring in Pakistan


The type of flooring you choose make a great difference in your home and office rooms. There are many options available for flooring from cozy feel to modern look. In this article we discussed about, types of flooring in Pakistan, price of flooring in Pakistan and tips while choosing flooring in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple flooring stores in every city of Pakistan that offer flooring in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.