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Forward Sports

Purchase High Quality Sport Goods from Sialkot

P.O. Box: 1704, Wazirabad Road, Near Adda Sahowala, Sialkot.

Forward Sports is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. Forward Group is a consumer driven, design oriented and an Innovative Company, aiming to work with coherence of renowned global Brands, organizations and entrepreneurs, translating marketing and business goals into design strategy, novelty and to attain a new product success.Feel free to contact us anytime in case of any query.

Silver Star Enterprises

Daska Road, Sialkot, Pakistan

Silver Star Enterprises is located at Daska Road, Sialkot, Pakistan. Silver Star Enterprises is the best top class Sport Products Manufacturer and Exporter in Sialkot. We Provide Sport Goods, Sport Wears, Gloves and other sport Accessories. If you are looking for best Sport Poruct Manufacturing Compnay in Sialkot, then you can contact through email and phone number.

Kapur PVT LTD.

Buy Best Quality Footballs in Pakistan

Plot No 41-A, Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot, Pakistan.

Kapur PVT LTD. is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. We deal in all kinds of sporting items in Pakistan. We are the exporters and manufacturers of all kinds of sporting goods. If you are looking for sporting items in Sialkot, you are at the right spot, feel free to contact us anytime in case of any query.

Barsaluna Enterprises

Buy Best Quality Footballs in Pakistan

Lakhan Pur, Pasrur Road, Sialkot, Pakistan.

Barsaluna Enterprises is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. Barsaluna Enterprises is family run business which was established back in 1975 and have achieved a high level of specialization in manufacturing the sports & training wear.  Professionalism and competence together with a very dynamic structure are the feature that have always characterized our philosophy, which enable us to extend helpful supports to the garment manufacturing industry. Feel free to contact us anytime in case of any query.

Bahlol International

Manufacturer of Garments

Ajmal Garden Colony, Sialkot, Pakistan

Bahlol International is located at Ajmal Garden Colony, Sialkot, Pakistan. Bahlol international is a consumer-driven, design-oriented, and Innovative Company, aiming to be the best Manufacturer and exporter of Pakistan Footballs, Soccer Balls, and Volley Balls. We are the leading manufacturer of Garments and provide T-Shirts, Polos, Hoodies, Printed and Sublimation Garments, Soccer Uniforms, Rugby Uniforms, and Baseball Kits of the Best Quality. Call +92 52-3252483 today. Alternatively, send us an E-mail. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Sumi Sports

Old and Professional Suppliers of Footballs

Rehmat Pura, Mubarakpura, Sialkot, Pakistan

Sumi Sports is located at Mubarakpura, Sialkot, Pakistan. We are very old and professional suppliers of Footballs, Soccer balls, Rugby Balls, Basket Balls, and Volley Balls in Europe, and many other worldwide states. We started our family business from our forefathers in 1972 who were very technical and professional in this profession of manufacturing balls. They focused on each measurement and technique which can make this product better and better and thus gained the interest of many local and foreign companies to work for them, so it started this way. Have a question or comment? Use the form below to send us a message or contact us by mail.

Alberta Enterprises

Alberta Group of Companies

Industrial Estate, Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot, Pakistan

Alberta Enterprises is located at Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot, Pakistan. We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the modern Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of all range of Football, Sports Wears, Fitness, Gloves, Martial Arts, Boxing, Cricket, Sports Bags Etc. We are also at the forefront of providing excellent customer service because we are available 24/7 via phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, and our website.

Cickso Sports

Arshad Sharif Plaza Shop 4, Ground Floor, Sachal Sarmast Road, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Arshad Sharif Plaza Shop 4, Ground Floor, Sachal Sarmast Road, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Sialkot Football

Manufacturer & Exporter all Kind of Sports Ball & Wear

Pasrur Road, Babey Beri, Sialkot, Pakistan

Sialkot Football is located at Babey Beri, Sialkot, Pakistan. Sialkot Football.Com is the leading branding company, exporter, manufacturer of professional team sport apparels, soccer, and their related products. We export our sports and sports products all over the world including Itlay, France, Germany, etc. Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Keen Sport

Mohammad Pura Daska, Sialkot, Pakistan

Keen Sport is located at Daska, Sialkot, Pakistan. 

Pakistan is best manufacuture of footballs

In Pakistan, Sialkot is heart of production of footballs for worldwide countries. Approximately annually 40 million balls are made here. In today’s times manufactures have paid a great attention in manufacturing  as now consumer pay great attention on every details like where there ball are made and under what conditions. The game of football dates back from nineteenth century. There are some evidences from the past that Greek also played some other kind of version of football known as harpaston. In this game the field was rectangular and the goal lines were present on both ends. In which two sides are equal divided with equal number of players. The game started by throwing handball in air in which the players has to pass and kick the ball to opponent goal line.

Later on the game was played in streets in neighborhood people gather in the streets to play it without some official rules and regulation later on the protest of shop keepers confined people to pay this game in vacant area.  A guideline was prepared for new game known as football by representative of Howard and Yale in Massachusetts. Another change that was made that now players will play the match in oval shaped ground.

Raw material-Previously the football was made by inflating pig bladder but in today world football is made up of inflated rubber enclosed in leather cover the material is used because it is more durable and tanned.

Design- This unique design of football make it difficult to hold and catch and caused unpredictable bounces but the white sewing make it possible for players to grip it. The design of football can be altered and can be customized. Dimples on the football are tried to it so that it don’t caught the dirt and mud in the football.

Manufacturing- After special tanning procedure the cow hide choose to make football is bend and cut that is the strongest and best part of the hide. Later on the bend is dye cut into panel by using hydraulically driven clicking machine in which they cut the four panel in same shape at same times. Than each panel predetermined thickness and weight is reducing by skiving machine later on they sew synthetic lining in each panel. A facing is used on the areas that will carry hole of inflating needed and the lacing neatly, they punched the holes. They sew the four panels by hot wax lock stich machine for the durability. It is inflated with certain pressure once inflation is done it is checked for size and weight regulations. After full inspection now your football is ready to dispatch to your door step on the address provided.

Future- The changes in football may occur in the materials used but not in design because the goal is to create the right feel by thinking out of the box by manufacturing companies and sports companies. They are working to used composite covered football two major benefits of using composite covered footballs rather than using leather covered football it that it does not retain much water and it will not become hard if the weather is cold.

Health benefits

Football counts the activity of aerobics activity when you play football you reduce the risk of chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. When you play football it improves you overall cardiovascular health and you will see that your strength and stamina with every passage of time will increase. As when you play football you run walk and kick and it reduce your body fat, also tone your body and increase muscle and bone strength. It also increase stamina improve cardiovascular health and improve the coordination. When you regularly play football it will improve the symptoms of depression, stress and mental health. In fact your confidence and self-esteem is boost and anxiety is reduced.

The price of football in Pakistan

There are different types and quality of football available in Pakistan  the lowest price of football in Pakistan is around 250 rupees and the average price estimated for football is around 1600 rupees in Pakistan.

Sialkot is the hub of production of high quality footballs that are exported all around the world and are also used in FIFA world cup. They are famous because they are hand stitching, raw material used and manufacturing process. For your ease and convenience we have compiled best football manufactures. We have multiple registered companies of football. There are many football manufacturing companies in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contacts us by email if you have any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best manufacturing company according to your need, convenience and budget

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