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10 Best Gloves Exporters and Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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House# 28/191, Kashmiri Mohalla, Sialkot.
Manufacturer and Exporter of Sportswear
Aimanabad Road, Ghattororra Sialkot.
Sialkot, Pakistan, is renowned worldwide for its fine sports manufacturing industry. With a heritage dating back over a century, the city has earned a stellar reputation for crafting top-quality sp ...
Gear Up for Greatness
ugoki, RahimPur, Sialkot.
Batapore General Trading Company, headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan, is a dynamic manufacturer and exporter with a legacy dating back to 2013. Renowned for its diverse product portfolio, the compa ...
Quality Gloves and Apparel
Swisspo Road, Christian Town, Sialkot.
Swisspo Sports established in 1978, is a family-owned venture spanning three generations. They're all about making motorcycle gloves. They're dedicated to giving you top-notch gloves, ensuring your ...
The Gloves Specialists
Near Awan Chowk, Pasroor Road, Sialkot.
Arian Sports  Established in 1982, Arian Sports specializes in the manufacturing and global distribution of motorcycle gloves. With a workforce exceeding 250 individuals, the company's factory ...
Unleash Your Athletic Potential: Rise with Sportswear Manufacturing Stars
Hunter Pura Muslim Town Sialkot.
Rising Star is a renowned Manufacturer and Exporter of high-quality sportswear, sports gloves, leather fashion garments, motorbike garments, and boxing, MMA, and martial arts equipment. With our tw ...
Unleashing Quality Global Style
Opp 16/728 Rahim Pura, Sialkot.
Greeting International Corp a manufacturing company based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the needs of our customers and strives to fulfill those requirements ...
Manufacturer and Exporter of Leather Garments
Haji Pura, Daska Road, Sialkot.
Defence Industries stands as Pakistan's leading manufacturer in Leather and Cordura Garments, Sports Gloves, and Sports Wear. With over 8 years of industry expertise, we are well-equipped to manage ...
Moallah Ahmad Nagar Bonga, Zafarwal Road Rangpura Sialkot.
Paki Exportia is a leading sportswear manufacturer based in Pakistan, boasting extensive expertise in crafting high-quality athletic apparel. With a strong commitment to excellence, our seasoned te ...
Azeem Colony Bhoth, Sialkot.
Livid Apparel is located at Azeem colony bhoth, Sialkot. We at Livid Apparel believes that our people are the greatest assets. They are not just partners in our progress but also the most critical f ...

All you want to know about Gloves for purchasing

Glove is the major requirement for almost every other type of sports. The type of gloves selection depends on the sport you are selecting.  Like for cardio kick boxer you require more cushioning and thicker gloves as gloves need to secure the kick boxer hand from overwhelming effect. Usually it has been seen that expert boxer need a lighter glove and simple one that conveys overwhelming effect of punch. When the Gloves are light in weight it will help a boxer to hold its hand. You need gloves for many sports game like kickboxing, extreme battling, car boxing muay tahidio boxing, taekwondo and many more like these. When people visit markets for purchasing gloves they usually ask the supplier about what is the difference between a conventional froth cushioning and a gel one?  Gel gloves are considered to have a better obstruction effect gel cushioning doesn’t lose it shape even after certain reshaped impacts.

How you can pick the best and right glove for yourself?

Always consult your coach when every you want to buy gloves as there are different gloves for different games. It is not necessary the gloves that appeal and are expensive are best one to choose. It is best to look for quite a while in the market to match your size material and pattern you needed. Whenever you choose anything for your hand you want it to be more adaptive.When you hit certain object your front of the glove require more security so that part need thicker cushioning. If you going to the ring you need a heavier glove and if you are going in ring for competing you need a lighter weight. If you are attending event where you need to hit speed sacks or anything lighter in that situation you can buy sack gloves because in that situation you may feel that boxing gloves are bulky.

How you can pick the right size and weight of your gloves?

Size and weight are not same thing usually the glove measure is relatable with the weight but this is not always valid. The glove heaviness is critical because of multiple reason choose the glove weight according to your own motivation. Choose the glove size that can be best for you while attack usually the standard sizes of gloves are run little, medium and vast below we describe the size details of gloves.

Normal for focused boxer 8 ounze and 10 ounze. For ladeis and people who have little hands can use 12 oz gloves. 14 oune is best normal size of individuals and 16 oz is best for individual of all sizes. 18 oz and 20 oz are used for bigger weight players.

When ever choosing always see that it give you a cozy fit  as certian amount of room inside your glove will may be reason of any injury or damage.

As it has been that ladies have little hands than man so boxing gloves women are designed in a way that little hands can also be confine in the gloves. For kids and children manufacturing companies design extra ordinary size that can fit in children hands.

When buying a glove measure the length of your hand and then select the below size according to the length of your hand. But it is best to wear the product while buying.  For 13 cm of hand length it is recommended to use size 0. For 13.5 cm of hand length it is recommended to use size 1. For 14 cm of hand length it is recommended to use size 2. For 15 cm of hand length it is recommended to use size 3. For 15.5 cm of hand length it is recommended to use size 4. For 16 cm of hand length it is recommended to use size 5. For 17 cm of hand length it is recommended to use size 7. For 18 cm of hand length it is recommended to use size 8. And so on there are size till 12 for 22cm of hand in length.


They used leather for centuries for making of safety glove. As leather is flexible strong and moldable characteristics they are used. Leather gloves are made up with different animals and each glove has its own strength and uses. Cowhide glove are durable, thickest and resistant to heat and water. Pig leather gloves are durable but not resistance to water. Goat leather gloves are less durable because of thin skin of goat but they are more dexterous. Deer skin is also softer thinner so it is comfortable to water and dexterous but they are not that durable.

Synthetic leather was made for resemblance of natural leather, synthetic leather and added advantage of water repellence. Cotton gloves have good life span, low in cost and comfortable to wear. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is elastic, shrink free and strong. It is used for gloves to add durability and abrasion resistance usually blended with cotton. There are many other material used for making of gloves that are Latex, PVC, neoprene, acrylic and Nitrile

Price of gloves in Pakistan

There are multiple sizes and materials used for manufacturing of gloves so the price depends on both of these factor and may varies in prices but the lowest price of glove is around 60 rupees and estimated average cost of glove is around 1500 rupees in Pakistan

Gloves are essential while playing multiple types of games. There are multiple types of gloves that will be used for different sports you can choose the right size of glove by seeing your hand measure but it is best to visit market and final it after wearing it. They are made up of multiple material that have different uses and benefits so choose the one that best suits your uses need and budget. For your ease and you convenience we have compiled gloves manufacturing companies.  We have multiple registered companies in every city of Pakistan but mainly in Sialkot. There are many gloves dealer in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contact us by email if you any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best dealer according to your need, convenience and budget.