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53-k Commercial, Dha Phase 1, Lahore.
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Plot sb 11, sector x3 Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi.
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1st Floor Noor Plaza Opposite, Kutchery Road, Multan.
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709A, Block 2, Sector D1 Township, Lahore.
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Graphic designers is a must have in today’s business world

We found graphic design from the ancient times of Egyptian hieroglyphs and painting in the caves that are approximately 17000 years old. This term was firstly originated by print industry in 1920s. Graphic designing cover many versatile fields and activities like creation of logo. Graphic designing techniques are used as marketing tools to attract people through catchy logos and bill boards designing. They attract customers and people via using unique color scheme, design, images and typography style. Graphic designers are using user experience where they have to justify regarding different images, stylistic choices and font size by human centric approach. So it means you need to attract and emphasize on your specific audience and users through spectacular design that is used to increase usability. To communicate, transfer ideas and knowledge with audience they use visual techniques. They used different software’s to draw convincing and attractive visual that encourage and motivate audience to buy specific product or service. Graphic designer just don’t motivate audience to buy certain products but they uses their different designing technique to create logo for companies, packaging layout, reports and adds etc.

To better understand graphic we will see the element and principle that are used to create aesthetic designs. Sometimes all elements are used in combination and sometime only few are used to create compelling and striking designs. Element that are included in graphic designing are: Color, size, shapes, form, texture Sign and space. To create a master piece design there are some set principle to the designing that need to be followed to achieve the best result. By following these principles you will attain balance and stability in your designs. These principles include balance, rhythm, contrast, movement, emphasis and portion. But as you have already heard that rule are made to be broken same is the case here but a professional graphic designer will first understand these principle and will take the decision later on to break these principle or not.

Types of graphic designing

As describe early, you can’t explain the word graphic design in just one context. It includes specialization and mixture of multiple fields like print media, motion graphic, bill boards, designing animation and web design. Field of graphic designing has much more to offer to individuals who are interested in this field. If you ask a simple question what is graphic designing is all about from a 40 years old person there reply would be focused towards printing side like, they work in different designing of advertisement, magazine and movie poster. But in today’s world it is much more than that as world is moving towards the digitalization and technology has introduced some other types of graphic designing some of them are mentioned are below:

  • Website designing- It includes developing of creative and attractive website for the clients so that their users can get information about the products and service. They design website in an appealing way through different lay out and color scheme so it attracts maximum users of the product.
  • Motion or animation graphic designing- They help to bring visuals elements into life with different effects of designing in movies, TV shows and in video games.
  • User experience design- focused that website or application is easy and customers are satisfied while using it. These designers focused on durability, easy to use, value, adoptability and desire of the customers.

Role of Graphic Designers

 They create designs that can communicate information to the audience. They can also work in houses graphic designing, work for specific brand or agency and can also work as freelancer where they can find opportunity of multiple clients. Role of graphic designing depend on the factor that what type of work they are doing. They can also specialize in specific field to get mastered in that specific field like print media or motion graphics. They need to communicate with their client to know their viewpoints so they can portray the same intended message as their client wants. They always consult with other field experts so that they get best output for their client.  Whether it is campaign or website development they take advices from business analysts, programmers and market analysts.

  • They study different design brief and determine the needs of clients
  • Provide advice to the clients that how they can get maximum audience response from this campaign.
  • Try to find best ways to communicate client vision to the target audience while using aesthetic designing.
  • Develop design of different shapes, sizes and texture while using software’s.
  • Use multiple color scheme, images and typography to communicate audience via websites logo designing magazines, advertisement and social media posts.
  • Create draft for the client organization and after review process from the company revised the changes recommended by the organization.
  • To perform better in the field they communicate with other team members like programmers, market and business analysts throughout the project.
  • Always review the design before it’s printed or published.
  • Keep enhancing their knowledge to get up to date knowledge of new technique and tools used for graphic designing.

Careers Opportunities for Graphic Designers

Careers you can purse while being a graphic designer are: Art Director: he is the one who manage and organize the production artist and illustrators so that work is completed on time while achieving client satisfaction. Creative Director: Coordinate and manages the creative team of the organization that handle visual of marketing and advertisement campaigns.  Package designer: develop design of packaging and marketing of the products and also responsible for physical construction of the design. Brand Identity Developer: they work for organization to develop theirs brand identities. Visual image developer. They develop images and design via image photography, editing and 3D modeling. Visual journalists – they can create info graphics that are known as informational graphics and we can use it in print media or in digital media. Logo designer: Develop a visual expression that delivers organization vision and message to the people about your organization. Brand logo is considered as brand identity. Broadcast designer: they develop visual and electronic media that is used by television productions. Web designer: they develop websites for organization by using graphic techniques. Multimedia and content developer: create written content with graphics, sounds and video according to your demands.

Benefits of hiring a professional graphic designer

It is best for your company to hire a professional graphic designer instead of doing thing on your own. As you being a business owner did a lot of work so let graphic designer do their task. Below are the some of the benefits to get a professional graphic designer:

  • They save your time you being a business owner handle many things and you don’t have enough time rather than sharing your ideas and selection of the graphic designer. You can handle other core areas that have huge impact on the growth of your business without worrying about the graphic design. A professional designer knows well how they can target your required audience through aesthetic designs.
  • Many people at the time of hiring a professional graphic designer considered that they need to bear an extra-large amount. To manage the expenses they plan to manage graphic designing on their own. But it has been considered that hiring a professional graphic designer is cost effective for you in long run. You can use their expertise in marketing of your brand, discuss and plan your budget with them at starting of your project so they already what you can do for them.
  • A professionally designed logo will help you to stand out from the other rivalry companies. As you want to stand out with your unique in design so that you can catch attention of your audience. If you hired any unprofessional and inexperienced that may lead to disaster for your business so always a hire a professional to get a competitive edge from your rivalries
  • A professional designer will help you to be consistent and cohesive while delivering your message to the target audience through your website and logo designs. People always look towards consistency in promotion and marketing.
  • A professional touch is given in your graphic designing if you hire a professional graphic designer who has the year of experience in the field know do’s and don’ts of designing and marketing strategies. They will use all their expertise to bring a best product for you. Sometimes you being a business owner don’t know much about brand marketing and designing. They as professional will guide you in the best possible way.


Having an appealing and eye catching design is must have for every business nowadays. A unique design will help you to stand out in the crowd. A good logo design will help customers to relate towards your business. A good graphic designing will help you to increase your sales and can generate high profit for you. It is used in marketing of your brand and product in best possible way. Many leading business around the world invest a lot in graphic designing. As they it is best strategy to attract the audience. If you want to hire a graphic designer you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.