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Embrace the New You: Unleash Your Beauty at Our Salon
172-Y Commercial Phase-3, DHA, Lahore.
Salon Y is your premier destination for indulgent beauty and wellness experiences. Step into a world of luxury and relaxation, where our skilled professionals pamper you with top-notch hair, nail, ...
Indulge in Beauty's Finest: Your Path to Radiance Starts Here
119-Y, Commercial Area Phase-III, DHA, Lahore.
Welcome to Amina.Z Salon, where beauty meets artistry! Our salon is a haven of creativity and innovation, founded by Amina Zaman, a renowned stylist with a passion for bringing out the best in ever ...
G.11/1, Islamabad.
Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience at Head To Toe Beauty Parlour. From luxurious hair treatments to revitalizing facials, our skilled professionals offer top-notch services that leave you ...
Your one stop beauty shop
Near Rahman Bakery Jalalpur Jattan Road , Gujrat.
Discover Fade Lab Men's Salon on Jalalpur Jattan Road, Gujrat! Our spot is all about modern grooming for men. Step in for top-notch haircuts, precise beard trims, and tailored services that bring o ...
The best Beauty Parlour
119-Y, Commercial Area Phase-III, DHA, Lahore.
Amina.Z Salon Lahore is a premier destination for all your beauty needs in the vibrant city of Lahore. Step into a haven of sophistication and style, where highly skilled professionals offer a comp ...
Top Beauty Salon Services for Men & Women
House 33, Street 3, F-8/3, Islamabad.
Omni Health & Beauty Salon is located at F-8/3 Islamabad. Omni Beauty parlour offers a variety of services ranging from relaxation and rejuvenation treatments in the spa to popular salon treatm ...
State of the Art Salons
College Road, Gulberg II, Lahore.
Nabila Beauty Salon in Lahore is providing beauty care services since 1986. She has redefined fashion, style and imagery in Pakistan. Nabils original styles reflect both in her work and own sense o ...
Best Hair Treatment Salon
C-14, Clifton, Block - 2, Karachi.
Toni & Guy is the most powerful hairdressing brand in Pakistan. We are based in Karachi and providing best hair treatment salon services like hair cut, baby cut, and front cut etc.
Pakistan Hair Dresser
Mezzanine Floor, C-28, Duppatta Gali, Off. Tariq Road, Karachi.
Ejaz Romero De' Salon is located in Karachi. Ejaz Romero is providing hair cut, hair styling, hair treatment, straitening, rebonding and other hair care services.
Men Hair Styling Salon
26-L, Gulberg III, Lahore.
Khawar Riaz Men Salon is providing hair treatment services i.e. hair cut, hairdressing, baby cut, front cut and hair styling. For more detail please feel free to contact.

All you want to know about hair treatment saloon in Pakistan

Women and men are now paying more attention to hair. Finding a best hair treatment is necessary for the people when their hair damage because of bleaching and daily hair styling. The hair treatment salon owner need to know that they need to provide there clients with best solution for hair and satisfy the clients as well. Below we describe some reason that can cause hair damage that are

Factor that affect your hair badly

Bleaching-Bleaching is used on your hair to remove the original color of your hair. In this process pigment from the hair is removed so that they can dye you’re hair blond or any color you want. Bleaching is becoming very common in hair salon but it damage your hair badly because the chemical that are used seep the outer layer of your hair and tear the natural color of your hair. This make your hair structure weaker and if bleaching goes wrong it is disaster.

Highlights and semi-permanent dyes- you can color your hair temporary in several ways. These dyes can easily be used and has no ammonia content. These dye sit on the outside of your hair cuticle and work as stain. They are not as much damaging as bleaching if you constantly used it can also wear down and change the structure of your hair.

Curly perms- they are consider best solution for thin hair to create volume. In perms they use harsh chemical and heat to break down and reconfigure the protein bond to reconstruct them in different way the treatment will leave your hair dry dull and also weaken your hair.

Curling irons and blow dryers- If you use the heat on hair on one specific place for extended time it damage your hair and can even blur your hair. When heat is applied it damage hydrogen bond. People that use these heat tool on daily basis will suffer from breakage and damage.

Tight hairstyles- tight hairstyles are the reason that cause traction alopecia because it put a lot of stress and tension on your hair. If you are having tight bun or pony tail for long time it can cause hair loss because when pulled out of the band it will break your hair.

Over-brushing the hair- if you use wrong type of brush and do incorrect brushing it will damage your scalp and hair. Too much brushing can cause your hair to break and cause split ends but there are not direct reason for hair fall.

Charges of hair treatment salon in Pakistan

The charges of hair treatment varies from location to location, the experience of person and the length of your hair. The charges of hair treatment ranges between 3000-15000 rupees in Pakistan.

Services offered at Hair treatment salons in Pakistan

No doubt color bleaching can damage your hair badly you can use some home remedies so that you get less hair fall and regain your hair shine and strength but if you are unable to get  benefit from home remedies  it is best to visit hair saloon for  treatment. The hair specialist will evaluate your scalp and hair. After that he will recommend the best solution  that will give you best experience below we describe some of the treatment that are provide hair salon in Pakistan

Keratin smoothing treatment- this procedure involve 3 element that are natural protein, conditioner and formaldehyde. It is considered as best treatment for curly and fizzy hair that want to get silky smooth hair. You hair look smooth for next 6 month after treatment.

Scalp treatment- your scalp can sometime become itchy and dry because it is not getting enough moisture it need in salon they provide scalp treatment that will make you feel good, improve your natural oil, production and also improve hair growth.

Hot oil treatment-This treatment help in nourishing and growth of your hair. The oil used in the treatment are made of plant based that include olive, almond and coconut oil. Iy will make your hair look shiny. The oil will be applied for 20 minutes in your hair and then it is rinsed off.

Moisture treatment- It is deep conditioning treatment. This treatment help in strengthenning prevent detangled, split ends and hair breakage. It also protect your hair from agent’s of the heat styling. In this treatment they provide protein and nutrient to your hair. The procedure take around 15 to 30 minutes depending upon on hair damage.

There are many treatment that are offered in hair treatment saloon that are detox treatment relaxer treatment, toning treatment and Hair gloss treatment


Things you need to see before booking your appointment at a hair treatment salon

If you are new in your city and town and don’t know where to get your hair treatment no need to worry we will describe few things you need to consider when booking a new salon for your hair treatment

Ask for referrals- you can ask from your neighbor or from your friends at work or school. You can ask them by simply asking from where they get there hair treatment done usually people love to share their hair specialist.

Check the website- usually hair treatment salon have their website or social media account  you can visit them to get information you can see photos of their previous clients and there reviews as well.

Visit- before booking them pay the visit to make sure about the cleanness and facility they are providing are same as prescribed on website

Meet the hair specialist- meet them and see their overall look and see whether you are comfortable to communicate. If they are taking care of themselves you can trust them that will take care of your hair as well.

Prices- as the treatment prices may vary so always ask about the prices of the specific treatment you are interested also ask about if there is any additional charges of service.

Talk to clients- you can chat with two to 3 clients to know more about their experience and you can also see the comment of people on their social media accounts posts.

Give them a chance- let the specialist view your scalp and hair so that they can help you in getting the right treatment there is the possibility the treatment you are asking maybe not right one for you.


The hair treatment make your hair look healthy, smoother and sleeker. When you visit hair treatment salon the hair specialist will evaluate your scalp and hair. After that they will recommend the best solution that will give you best experience. In this article we discussed about the factor that effect your hair , types of hair treatment in Pakistan , charges of hair treatment in Pakistan and tips to find the hair treatment salon in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple hair specialist in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple hair treatment service in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.