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# 911, 9th Floor, Dominion 1, Jinnah Avenue, Bahria Town, Karachi
Salaam Estate & Builders is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Salaam Estate is committed to delivering a high level of expertise, customer service, and attention to detail to the marketing and sales o ...
Margalla Ave, Block D Channol, Islamabad
Principal Builders is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. We are capable of and open to any established and recognized arrangement suitable for our clients, which depending upon the situation include, ...
Silver Square Plaza, Plot # 15, Street # 73, Mehr Ali Road, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
Royal Builders Developers is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Royal Developers & Builders (Pvt) Limited is specialized in constructing world-class housing facilities and gated communities. This ne ...
Suite no. C-15, 3rd floor, descon plaza, pechs block-6, shahrah-e-faisal, karachi
Nordtec is an ISO-certified multifaceted EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company – which is located in Karachi, Pakistan. We provide technical services and expertise in the field ...
S-9, 2nd Floor, Blue Area Masco Plaza, F-6/1, Islamabad.
Aliyan Builder Islamabad is top list construction in Rawalpindi Islamabad contact us now for build your dream house in low cast Aliyan builder have done housing residential projects from north to s ...

What come in the mind when you here the term construction? No one like to renovate,construct new homes and buildings as it seems something disruptive noisy and messy. But still it is necessary part of life to grow.Before hiring home builder you have planned and daydreamed a lot about how your new home would look like.  But still you consider building a home is disruptive and hard to do than leave everything in the hands of home builders. They know the right thing to do on right time. Hiring a home builder is most crucial thing and utmost important decision though out the process. Home builder you will chose will affect your overall experiences of home building including the quality, durability and timely working.


What home builders do?

Home builders understand the complex systems of developing home. They coordinate with the contractors and pay extra attention to every detailing of developing new home.Builders invest their time in thinking and planning before kick start the project.They worked simultaneously on different task at one time. They also act as manager and provide guide line to multiple skilled labor and professionals like electricians, painters, engineers, plumber and architecture. Home builder is not one man army he also act as CEO who relies on number of labor to work on assigned task. He has the right to approve to disapprove if anything is not found up to the standard mark.

Not just this they also see and comply with environment regulations, planning laws and zoning regulations as well. Once they considered that the site is suitable for the project they move toward the permitting process. Home builders are considered as liaison between localgovernment and societies. Once they are done with permitting process it is time for the home builder to get out their hard hat and start the construction.

Now they look forward the entire construction process from nailing a floor to exterior trim. During construction phase local building department visit site often to check violation codes. Home builderssatisfy local building department regarding the codes and warranty guidelines by visiting site before the visit. Municipal authority is informed by home builders about the completion of house for final inspection. A satisfied customer is the major goal of professional home builder.


Qualities you need to see at the time of hiring home builders

Choosing a right home builder for people is quite intimidating. As there are numbers of home builders working out there in the society having years of experience, attractive portfolios and different working patterns. So it is considered to be quite difficult for new ones to select the best home builders. Some of vital qualities that are needed and preferred by customers that you need to see before handing over the project are:


Willing to discuss and availability of home builder as counselor during the design phase:

One of major quality you should be looking in home builder is that he must consult and value your opinions as well.  Home builder should be always available on time to receive useful advice before ground breaking ceremony. A professional home builder will appreciate your advice and will be willing to build alliance with you and your architect so that dream project should be complete on time and also sync with the budget you have allocated. As they have past experience they can easily sort out constructability issues before the completion of home so you don’t end up with expensive redesign. As expert builders know how problem occurs and how they can use their wisdom to solve your problem.


Focused towards service and build trustworthy environment

Home builder must be committed towards it work and build the relationship on trust even if certain problem arises. The relationship between the home builder and owner of house should be close one so they can easily discuss the problem without any hesitation. They should take care of your home and your resources like they are building their own home. Question arises here how you would came to know that builder is concerned about your resources and home. You can easily judge it by how carefully he/she is listening and valuing your opinions.


Knowledge and experience about every subject area related to construction

Saving money for your whole life to create your dream home is a huge investment of your time emotions and money so you don’t want anything to go in vein. Hardest truth is that anyone can be a builder this means that there is opportunity for innovative enthusiastic young’s to be a part  of this professional but sadly there is no protection available for home owners this is the reason  we heard about horror home construction stories

The person who has more experience will perform best among all. Consult different homebuilder and their customers as well to see their reviews through different social media handles. If possible do visit the home they have already worked in. Choose the home builder that has designed the home beautifully according to your set patterns and that has a huge chunk of happy and satisfied customers. Home builder that is having huge experience knows what is the right thing to do and on right time. Working for so many years in this professional will clearly highlight that he hasa diverse knowledge of every type of construction.



Before giving preference to any Home builder on basis of knowledge and experience you should  see the reputation of the home builder through his pervious customers or through previous sub-contractors. A reliable home builder will develop a strongcommunication with the contractors and vendors that will make sure that your project is completed on time and is according to your set standards.


Transparent and practical

Communication between your builder and you is the key to success. Communication should be in positive, simple yet in professional manner. They should listen all your queries keenly and then answer you thoroughly and patiently to clear your doubts. Home builders should be transparent while taking any decision. They should provide home owner with regular updates when you want to know anything.  They should also confirm the date to home owner for the field visit.


Organized and committed also during warrantee phase

The day you move in the house should not be the last day of home builder. You must be looking forward whether home builder providedhome owners with the warranty agreements of material and mechanical items. If certain issue arises they must hear patiently and solve the problems with same patience and happy face they used to.Not just this even when the warranty phase will end relationship should be built in a way that you can easily talk to them for any concerns.This will benefit the customers and as well home builder to build the reputation.


Benefits for choosing a home builder rather thanbuilding a house on your own

Many books, journals and blogs have taught how to save money while constructing your own home. But we have seen that when expert home builders are hired they save your time money and stress level rather building it on your own. A professional home builder mastered in managing different systems and process on time even in unexpected conditions. If you are bit confused to build house on your own or hire a home builder consider below point to see the benefits of hiring an expert home builders.


Home builder have more purchasing power than homeowners

Home builders build multiple design homes yearly one after another. Thus they have developed a relationship with other suppliers for purchasing of equipment’s and material required. As they buy in bulk quantities suppliers offer them discount rather than a person purchasing equipment for just one house.


Great investment of time more than you can imagine

Constructing a home needs a lot of time investment as well and it is quite hard to manage in just your off hours. As time is money, people building home in their off hours neglecting the family time eventually feel stress at work because of dual responsibility they could not perform well in both duties. Against that home builder invest their whole time and devotion to complete your dream project according to your need, budget and desires.


Premium location of your choice

Prime importance is given to location of the project as it pays-off a home owner in long term.Home builders also help you in the site assessment if you have already purchased the plot. Buying a house in good environment, near to best colleague’s, hospitals and markets  is preference of every human.


Minimum maintenance charges

As materials and equipment installed in the houses by home builders have warranty of approximately 5 years so you don’t need to rush to reinstalled new things if minor fault arises. Thus this will eventually reduce maintaince cost and reduces the burden for first five years.


Relationship with expert sub-contractors

Sub-contractors like to develop relationship with the expert home builders that have good quality work reputation and practices as it is less risky for them to build relationship with a professional home builders rather than a person who is creating just his own home. Thus expert home builders have strong relationship with sub-contractors that will lead to save your time and money by completing project on time.


Follows a proper path to reach best output

Delays in the project will add extra inflation cost on the material and equipments. Home builders having years of experience to stream line things on time rather than a person building home on his own.An expert home builder knows well how to stream line things for smooth completion of the projectand also consult home owners to know theriropnion and advices regarding the project. Home builders are well prepared and always have a backup plan for challenges rather than taking stress at last minute.