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Best Hostels in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Ferozpur Road Lahore.
Gulab Devi Chest Hospital is a 1,500-bed semi-private trustee care chest hospital located at Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. The hospital was established in 1934 by Lala Lajpat Rai, a Bri ...
Saddar pulli Bahawalpur Pakistan
d at City Executive Hostel for boys is Located near to main Saddar Pulli Chowk Bahawalpur. We provide you clean and calm environment to carry out your academic pursuits and progress in your endeavo ...
Top Hostel and Guest House in Islamabad
Khudadad Heights, Main Margalla Road, Golra E-11, Islamabad.
The Backpackers Hostel is located at Main Margalla Road, Golra E-11, Islamabad, Pakistan. The Backpackers Hostel offers flaunting family rooms, this property additionally furnishes visitors with a ...
Best Hostel in Islamabad
House no, 1461 street No 4, I-11/2, I-11, Islamabad.
The Fatima Tuz Zahra Group of Hostels is located at street No 4, I-11/2, I-11, Islamabad, Pakistan. The Fatima Tuz Zahra Group of Hostels the rooms are outfitted with a closet. All visitor rooms ...
Online Platform Providing Online Hostel Booking
1st Floor, AL-Makkah Market, Lehtrar Road, Khanna Interchange, Islamabad.
The Daily Hostel is located at Lehtrar Road, Khanna Interchange, Islamabad, Pakistan. Dailyhostel.com is Pakistans based web-based stage giving internet based lodging booking framework in all urba ...
Best Hostels in Islamabad
Street 55, MPCHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad.
The Flexi dreams Hospitality Services is located at MPCHS E 11/3 E-11, Islamabad, Pakistan. The Flexi dreams Hospitality Services are offering best services for accommodation in heart of Islamaba ...
Best Hostel in New Katarian Satellite Town
Abdul Qayyum Plaza, Pindora, I.J.P. Road, New Katarian Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
The Twin City Boys Hostel is located at I.J.P. Road, New Katarian Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The Twin City Boys Hostel are offering best administrations for convenience in heart of Rawa ...
Top Boys Hostel in Sector I-8/4
Faizabad I 8/4 I-8, Islamabad.
The Residencia Boys Hostel is located at Faizabad I 8/4 I-8, Islamabad, Pakistan. The best hostel at Faizabad, solidly in the focal point of Rawilpindi and Islamabad. Closest to metro, multiple ti ...
Our goal is to give ultra good services for your satisfaction
Block F New Katarian Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.
The Smart City Boys Hostel is located at New Katarian Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The Residencia Boys Hostel is totally wonderful, the staff is cordial, useful, loaded with nearby inform ...
Boys Hostel in Islamabad
Street Number 69, I-14, Islamabad.
The Islamabad Boys Hostel is located at Street Number 69, I-14, Islamabad, Pakistan. The Islamabad Hostel gives a great deal of offices that incorporate wreck, Ups, clothing, web and so on. For a ...

All you want to know about hostels in Pakistan

If you are going for study or going to travel international or doing job you need some type of accommodation if your home is far from the institution you are studying or serving. There are many options that you can avail but most popular among students and teachers are hostels. There are best for people that are in group and are in tight on budget. A hostel is place is low price share accommodation place with basic facilities. There are two or more separate beds, has communal kitchen with shared bathroom. There are some hostel that have private room but if you want to get in less price you need to share it with people there are many hotel in Pakistan for students and other people that are far from the home for job. Hostel work on more or less same pattern as hotels. Like in hotel you need to book it prior before visiting but hotel some time keep few bed open for immediate drop in. in hostel there is certain time limit to enter hostel if you are unable you need to stay out for night. Hostel price are low than hotel because there are shared room in hostel

Advantages and Disadvantage of Hostel in Pakistan

A hostel is healthy safe and economical place for student. Many student live in hostel as there are many student that move in the city to get education facility usually hostel are used by such students but now same town students also opt for hostels. The hostel life is quite different from your home life. If you want to know about life you must live in hostel for once to give yourself a sense of responsibility and independence. Hostel life teaches you teamwork, adjustment, sense of responsibility and unity. In hostel students come in contact with student that are of same gender, age and thinking in Pakistan. Sometime you get good qualities from your roommate some time have negative impact on you. One good habit girl can change 25 hostlers but one bad habit of boy smoking can spoil and addict other boys for smoking as well. There are advantage and disadvantages of living in hostel below we describe few of them

Advantage of hostel in Pakistan

Price- the price depend on the location of hostel and room type you choose usually if you choose share room in hostel they cost very low than staying in hotel.

Socialization- if you love to meet new people hostel is right place for you hostel are famous for social life. In hostel you will meet all type of people. People from all around the world stay in hostel.

Best option for great groups- booking hotel for large group is pricey. But choosing a large room in hotel is affordable fun and convenient.

Location- most of hostel are constructed near college and universities that are located in major cities of Pakistan

Unique- each hotel is unique like some have roof top setup and some have organized lavish and aesthetic dining areas but if you want fun experience in less price hostel is right for you.

Wifi- usually hostel has free wifi facility when you book them you can easily browse on social media website and stream movies and videos you like.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner- usually the hostels have lunch dinner and breakfast facility available in afforadable rates so you don’t need to spend more money to travel and visit hotel or restaurant to eat food.

The disadvantage of hostel in Pakistan

Noise- if you have your own room at home where there is no noise but hostel are bit noisy as two or more people are living in same room so it is best to choose earplugs for your self.

Smells- when too many people live in same room you room can become smelly as some people don’t maintain their personal hygienic routine in hostels.

Less privacy- as you will live in a room with multiple people so there is no privacy option you can avail in hostel.

Lack of amenities- as they are affordable so only offer necessary and few amenities.

Cost of hostel in Pakistan

The cost of hostel in Pakistan varies on the type of hostel you want, the facilities, the location of the hostel, and quality of hostel. Hostel in Pakistan start from around 10 thousand to 15 thousand rupees.

Things you need to see in hostel in Pakistan

When you visit hostel you can’t predict things and people so below we have provide some suggestion you must take into consideration that are

Cheap is not better- never go for the cheapest hostel. Sometime cheapest hostel are unclean, dirty bathroom and uncomfortable beds.

Get breakfast- choose a hostel that serve healthy breakfast and serve the breakfast when people are actually awake as breakfast is necessary for student leaving for college and universities.

Checkout- never choose the hostel that provide a check out time before 10 am. Some good hostel provide check out at noon time as well. Choose the hostel that has flexible check in and check out.

Lockers- there are some hostel that don’t have lockers. Choose hostel that provide you with lockers to keep you valuable things in it as there are many people living in one room it is hard to trust everyone.

Free Wi-Fi-always choose the hostel that provide free wifi as students now a day’s need wifi to complete their assignment and projects.

Knowledgably staff-choose the hostel that has knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff so that you feel like home in hostel as well.

Location- location has huge impact. If you choose a hostel near your office, college or university you will save your money and time on transport.


A hostel is low price share accommodation place with basic facilities. There are two or more separate beds, has communal kitchen with shared bathroom. In this article we discussed about, advantages and disadvantage of hostel in Pakistan, cost of hostel in Pakistan and things to see to choose hostel in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple hostel in every city of Pakistan that offer hostel in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.