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One of the Leading Uniforms Supplier & Manufacturer
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Saad Enterprises is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. We are one of the oldest and largest manufacturers, suppliers,s and exporters of Army, Navy, Air Force, Para-Military, Police, Rangers, Customs ...
Providing Best Quality Uniforms
Ashar Tower, 7.5km Khurrianwala Jarranwala Road, Khurrianwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Ashar International (Pvt) Ltd. is located at Ashar tower,  Khurrianwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan. We are the largest textile company in Pakistan which is dealing in all kinds of uniforms which are ...
High Quality Uniforms Provider in Rawalpindi
Gulzar-e-Quaid, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Uniformcolours is located at Gulzar e Quaid, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Uniform Colours is a leading Uniform Brand founded in May 16, 2012. We provide wide range of Uniforms for all industries includi ...
A Leading Uniforms Provider
Faisalabad, Pakistan
NM Concepts is located at Faisalabad, Pakistan. NM Concepts is also want it to convey quality. That is the guiding principle of our brand, which specializes in producing quality, long-lasting uni ...
We Have Best Quality Uniforms
Office F810, Flaknaz Plaza, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan.
Eastern Uniforms is located at Flaknaz Plaza, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan. Eastern Uniforms is leads the industry to supply and Manufacturers’ Uniforms to all the Corporate Sector all o ...
Good Uniform Store in Karachi.
The Book Mall, Urdubazar Shahrah-e-Liaqua, Karachi, Pakistan
Iqbal Sons Uniforms is located at The Book Mall, Urdubazar Shahrah e Liaqua , Karachi, Pakistan. Iqbal Sons Uniforms is deal in all kind of school college company restuarant hospital uniforms are ...
Manufacturer of all Kind of Uniform Fabrics
Shop# 136/1, Mahvir Mension, Chagla Street, Kapra Market, Karachi, Pakistan
H&H Fabrics is located at Mahvir Mension, Chagla Street, Kapra Market, Karachi. We deal in all kinds of school & company uniform fabrics manufacturer & supplier. If you are searching for the best ...
A Leading Uniforms Center
Shop #8, Ground Floor, Abid Shopping Arcade, Gizri, Karachi, Pakistan
U4Uniform is located at Abid shopping Arcade, Gizri, Karachi, Pakistan. We promise to do our best Product to enhance the product experience of everyone based on their individual needs. We Provide ...
Provide Quality Uniform Manufacturing
426, 4th Floor Victoria Center, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan
DS Collection is located at Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar,  Karachi, Pakistan. DS Collection started business with a mission to provide quality uniform with exceptional service in Pakistan. Driven ...
Leading Uniform Center.
Tahli Mohri, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Time Garments is located at Tahli Mohri Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Time Garments deals in all types of uniforms and linen products with best quality.. We have highly experienced operators and well ed ...

All you want to know about housekeeping uniforms in Pakistan

When building your brand the image is huge and important part. The way your employee look is also significant part to create the image of your organization including your housekeeping staff. The standard uniform make sure that employee look best. In hospitality industry the uniform for housekeeping are of great importance. The uniforms should not  linked only to housekeeping service  if the organization practice uniforms in their company it will benefit their company and all employees will look in presentable form.

The benefit of acquiring housekeeping uniform in Pakistan

Professional Image- Uniforms provide a consistent and professional image of your business. No doubt the housekeeping staff work behind the scene but clients and customers frequently see them. When housekeeper will wear uniforms it will shows the commitment that you company is striving for. No matter what type of company you are these small detail can add in gaining new client and losing them.

Brand Recognition- uniforms also serve the purpose of advertising and your brand image. When employee wear the uniform it has your company logo, name or tag line. So in that way there are advertising your business without any additional cost added to it.

Employee accountability- when employee wear uniform they will behave the way you want them to do as they are wearing your company uniform in public. The behavior of your employees change when they are representing the organization. As they are wearing company uniform so you as management need to maintain a level of professionalism and uniformity among all employees.

Team Spirit- when employees wear uniform it immediately give them a feel of friendship and belonging. When everyone in the company is wearing the same uniform automatically they start working together as team. It has been seen that employee when feel committed and feel they are working as team there performance improves.

Employee Satisfaction- all employees usually love the idea of wearing uniform because they all want to save money. If you have standard uniform at office and even for that they have to pay from their own pocket still it will cost them less than daily choosing a new different attire. If you provide the employee with uniforms stitching service, cleaning service or buy uniforms for them it will be great benefit for employees. This shows that organization is worried and concerned about you. This sense will give you employee with satisfaction.

Price of housekeeping uniforms in Pakistan

The price of housekeeping uniform varies from location to location, the stitching of uniform, the material, and logo print on the uniform. The price of housekeeping uniform is approximately 2500 rupees in Pakistan.

Key feature needed in housekeeping uniform in Pakistan

The uniform for housekeeping is important to identify the staff portray your brand. If you choose the right housekeeping uniform it will make sure that your staff look smart and make a good impression on customers and clients. It help in building the team spirit among employees. Housekeeping is important busy and physical job duty. When choosing the housekeeping uniform not just go for style, look for the functionality and comfort. The comfortable uniform with practical feature will help your housekeeper to perform the task in efficiently and effectively manner below we describe some key feature you must consider for housekeeping uniforms.

Storage of pen- Pen is the common thing that is needed  by the housekeeper to help customer write their queries, writing down reminder and making note of maintenance issues. When there is pen pocket in the uniform employee will keep pen in that pocket so they can use it whenever there is need to write anything.

Storage for ID cards- in some areas there is restrict access where housekeeper need to carry id cards to check in those secure gates and doors. This is major issue because house keeper need to access multiple room of hotel by using key card as they carry many cleaning equipment in hand if in that situation if there is any place in their uniform where they can secure their id cards instead of always holding in hand or placing in the trolley where it can easily lost or stolen.

Belt buckle for keys- pockets have adequate space for keys but when there is bunch of keys it feel uncomfortable when put in trouser pocket. Usually house keeper put the keys in trolley or in room they are attending. But if there is loop in trouser where they can hook or clip the keys with their uniform so they don’t forget them anywhere.

Large pocket for paperwork- whether it is cleaning process checklist housekeeping role involve a lot of paperwork they need to make sure that all tasks are properly checked. As they need to complete multiple task in a day so it involve a lot of paper work so they may lost those paper. You can provide them apron with large pockets to store paper in deep pocket storage.

Small zip pocket- there are small item that are important and lost easily so it is necessary to carry them so there should be small size pockets for them.

Flexible sleeves- They are involve in many physical activity so the multi-functional sleeves are best for housekeeping services. Like you wear long sleeves when weather is cold and want to give a formal appearance. In hot summer weather or during physical tasks of cleaning you can transform them in short sleeves.


The way your employee look is also significant part to create the image of your organization. Uniforms provide a consistent and professional image of your business. No doubt the housekeeping staff work behind the scene but clients and customers frequently see them.  In this article we discussed about, benefits of choosing housekeeping uniform in Pakistan, price of housekeeping uniform in Pakistan and feature you must consider for housekeeping uniform in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple housekeeping uniform company in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple housekeeping uniform variety in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.