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All you want to know about ISO certification in Pakistan

The check and balance should be properly maintained and need to be in place in global market otherwise it will be difficult for industries and nation to maintain consistency and quality. To meet International standard you need to keep your level up in your field and one of the organization is ISO. If you want that your company flourishes on global platform it is necessary for you to obtain an ISO certification that show that your company follow strict quality parameter and can be trusted by clients.  Some of the benefits of ISO certification are described below

Benefits of owning ISO certification

  • It saves your time in finding out the cause of the occurring problems.
  • It improves and enhances the functionality of your system and efficiency.
  • It makes sure that the customers are satisfied. The customer gets the guarantee that they will get the quality product and services.
  • It makes your company more competitive and you get more value of your resources.

What is ISO certification? 

ISO stands for International organization for standardization. It is non-governmental independent international organizations that make sure that safety quality standard of good service and systems are up to standard of international organization. It is certification that certify management system, documentation process, service manufacturing procedure and quality assurance

It consists for many areas of industry like medical, energy management or social responsibility. ISO certification also ensure that consistency exist in place. There are separate standard and criteria that is classified via numerical

Choosing Right ISO certification authorities

If you are planning to opt for certification than you must know that ISO don’t offer certification there are external authorities that will review the standard and then will offer certification if your company fulfills the criteria. You must choose the right assigning authority below we describe something you need to consider

  • First of all you need to search about different ISO certification.
  • Later on see that whether they follow CASCO standard.
  • Always check the certification authority is accredited or not.

The cost

There is certain cost that you need to bear for obtaining ISO certification but the cost is not fixed. The cost of ISO certification varies from company to company. Thus cost depends on factors like number of employees in organization and the risk associated with each service provided by the company. The number of procedure, the complexity of management and number of working shifts.

Time required for certification

The time required for certification varies from company to company so we describe the time limit for multiple organizations. For small organization it may take around 6 to 8 months. For medium size organization they need 8 to 12 months, for large organization they need 12 to 15 months.

Why it is important to have ISO certification?

ISO certification is obtained by third party that acts as proof that company perform on the standard set by international organization. It builds up the confidence of clients and stakeholder that company work efficiently and on high standards. ISO certification also approves organization commitment towards its objective such as production and customer satisfaction. There are four types of ISO certification

Types of certification

ISO 9000- It is most common ISO certification. It is the most basic form of what ISO set out to achieve. This grouping indicates the quality management systems that are the standards that help organization to meet the need of stakeholders and customer.

IS0 9001- organizations choose this certification to create product information to standardize the requirement. The products in this case include material service software and hardware. The certification ISO 9001 is proof for company product and supplies rather than the entity.

ISO 13485 this certification is sector specific it is specifically for automotive industry. It highlights the quality and efficiency standard of automotive distributors and manufactures. These standards are must if you want to ship the vehicles.

ISO 14001- This certification deals with company impact on environment. This certification is also known as environment management system. Companies that hold this certification need to control their impact on plants and wildlife through different activities. Now days this certification is consider important as well because consumer view about the company impact on environment.

Other types- as the need of standardization is growing so the scope ISO has also widen to include different areas to certify companies from third parties some of the additional certification are ISO ITAR, OHSAS 18001, lean manufacturing, R2 certification and AS9100

How to get certification?

Usually the ISO certification is obtained by the companies that produce in bulk and ship their product globally. These companies need to deal with different law agreement that also include certification of global standards. There are certain steps that you need to follow to obtain an ISO certification 9000 with official audit.

Need to develop quality management system QMS- In first step you need to create a quality management system unique for your business. Identify your core process and make improvement where needed. You should work with manager and teams to document the processes. Later to develop an efficient QMS system using ISO standards. Create a document that highlight the new process and issue the document for all level.

Implement the QMS- In next stage your need to start the new QMS and need to monitor its progress. Make sure that team working on new methodologies is trained and make sure that all procedure is followed according to the documentation. Manager and team can submit issues. later on you need to review those issues and address them as required.

Conduct external audit- once everything is alleged you should schedule an audit with expert that help you determine if the organization meet ISO standards.

Register QMS- if the organization passes the inspection next they need to register their QMS system for certification.


If you want that your companies flourish on global platform it is necessary for you to obtain an ISO certification that show that your company is following strict quality parameter and can be trusted by clients. In this article we have discussed about the benefits of ISO certification; time and cost require to obtain certification, Types of certification and procedure to obtain certification. If you are planning to hire services of ISO registration companies in Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best ISO registration companies for you. Just send message to multiple ISO registration companies and get different quotes.