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Best Insurance Companies in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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24/7 Service Provider in Lahore
Office # 206, Floor #2, Garden Height, 8, Aibak Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan
United Insurance Compan is located at Aibak Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan. United Insurance Company of Pakistan is one of the top five insurance companies in Pakistan and has a (Double-A) r ...
Best Insurance Provider in Islamabad
Office No.8, Media Foundation Building, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
State Life Insurance is located at G-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Pakistans life insurance business was nationalized in March 1972. Initially, the life insurance businesses of 32 insurers were m ...
Providing Efficient Client Insurance Service
6th Floor, Business Centre, Plot No 19-1-A, Block -6, PECHS, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan
Salaam Takaful Limited is located at Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, Pakistan. Salaam Takaful Limited was founded in 1984 and provides world-class insurance services including health, education, fire ...
Pakistan's First Specialized Health Insurance
D-136, Block 4, KDA Scheme-5, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan
Allianz EFU Health Insurance is located at Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. Allianz EFU is Pakistans first professional health insurance company. On May 15, 2000, it was registered as a joint venture b ...
Insurance Plan Customizes to your Needs
Food Street Road, Lalazar, Karachi, Pakistan
Jubilee Life Insurance is located at Food Street Road, Lalazar, Karachi, Pakistan. Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited, formerly known as New Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited (NJI Life), ...
Providing all types of Insurances Services
5-F.CC, Syed Maratib Ali Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
IGI General Insurance is located at Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan. IGI Insurance is the flagship business of the package group. Headquartered in Karachi, we have offices in 9 cities across the cou ...
Insurance Service Provider in Lahore
80/A, Main Blvd, Block E-1, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
Adamjee Insurance Company is located at Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan. Adamjee Insurance Company Limited (AICL) is listed on Pakistan exchange as the largest common insurance company in Pakistan, ...
One of the best Insurance Company in Pakistan
10th Floor, Shaheen Complex, M.R. Kayani Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Shaheen Foundation is located at M.R. Kayani Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Since its establishment in 1996, Shaheen Insurance has established itself as one of the most reputable and colorful names in t ...
Make Life Better and Secure  
Building No, Office #. 401- 404, 4th Floor Lackson Squar, 3 Sarwar Shaheed Road, Civil Lines, Karachi, Pakistan
East West Insurance is located at Civil Lines, Karachi, Pakistan. West Insurance Company Limited emerged on the horizon of Pakistans insurance industry in 1983. It was founded by the late Unus Kha ...
Insurance Company Working Since 1952
State Life Building No. 2A, 5th Floor, Wallace Road, City Railway Colony, Karachi, Pakistan
Premier Insurance Limited is located at City Railway Colony, Karachi, Pakistan. Premier Insurance Limited has been operating since 1952 and has a strong position in the market segment. Our business ...

All you want to know about insurance in Pakistan

Every person on earth wants a financial security for themselves and for their family as well. We are quite familiar with term insurance and know that it can help us and contribute toward our financial plans.  But still many of us don’t consider about insurance because  we don’t want to think about the unexpected things and risks we leave these thing on chance, this is because we are not much aware about insurance or either they are too complicate to understand. Insurance is ta tool that is used to reduce your hardship or financial losses. It is basically the contract that takes place between insurance provider and insured person in which the insurance provider pay for your certain type of losses. They make payments process affordable. It is protection that helps you in un expected situation at time of property damage, theft or death. The protection can be provided for specific time period or it can be for life long. To get this protection you need to add premium. Premiums are basically the amount you need to pay occasionally depending upon the type of insurance and what is described in policy. The amounts you need to pay depend upon the probability that you may suffer a claimable loss. The computing of premium can be insured on health, age or family history.

How insurance process work?

When people buy insurance they pay the amount with many other in a pool. The pools of amount help any policy holder at that time that faced the hardship at that time. The hard time may include anny business loss or property losses. The losses covered in insurance are the ones that are written in contract. When an insured person faces any hardship or loss a claim is made against that in which he made an official request to pay for the covered loss. Later on the insurance company will assist you in this matter. They will ask for the supporting documents you need to submit them according to the type of loss.

Different types of insurance

Life insurance- this is the amount that is paid to insured person family or loved ones after the death of insured person. The insured people add the name of beneficiary that will receive the benefit after his death as described in policy. In life insurance there are two further types that are term and permanent. In term the insured family receives the amount if the person dies in that specific amount of time. If not the coverage amount will end after specific time period. You can renew the term. In permanent life insurance this life insurance is throughout your life time.

Health insurance- they help you to pay the amount for your health services that are not covered by provincial health care plan. If you face some major illness some health insurance supplement your income. While some medical insurance cover expenses when you are on leave. Some other types of health insurance are disability insurance, long term insurance, travel medical insurance, supplementary health insurance and critical illness.

Property Insurance- this insurance covers the losses and damages of your property and personal belonging like car or business. The general kind of insurance are home or property insurance, auto insurance, liability insurance, renters insurance, error emission insurance, commercial property insurance and many more.


Group Insurance- these insurance provide employee with employee benefits as part of their total compensation package apart from government provided benefits. This type of insurance is included to provide employee sense of care.

Reasons that why should you get an insurance

Many people consider insurance as unnecessary expense as we already said it in the start but the reason is that people are confident about their future but there is big difference between your perceived ability and reality. If you do saving for many years for emergency situation on you own it will vanish if you face any medical emergency.

Insurance make sure that your family is financial stable- No matter what your monthly income is and how much money you have saved but an unexpected tragedy can affect your household budget. If you have insurance at that time your family can run the household easily without shaking the daily finance thus it is necessary that you cover yourself and your family with enough amount of insurance.

It brings peace of mind- the amounts you pay to the insurance company ensure that it will cover the charges if unexpected event occurred. The risk situation is handled by insurance company and it guarantee a peace of mind.

Insurance reduces your stress level- no matter how best your life is going but unforeseen situation can occurs at any time of your life and turn things upside down that will leave you physically financially and emotionally strained if you have enough insurance than you don’t need to think about money to take tough decision in your hard times when you have enough insurance for your unforeseen situation than you are not worried and don’t take stress for your difficult times.

Things you need to consider when taking insurance

  • Review the coverage’s identified by the independent agent or by insurance company agents.
  • Always review about the company reputation and history see how long they have been in same business.
  • Figure out the insurance company financial condition.
  • Always see the appropriate coverage that is provided by the insurance company for your business and personal needs.
  • Consider the price when you are considering insurance but this should not be the only factor when choosing insurance.
  • Always see how much ease you feel when you have interactions with the insurance company.
  • Always ask for referrals from your friends and family to learn more about insurance company


Insurance is the tool that is used to reduce your hardship or financial losses. It is basically the contract that takes place between insurance provider and insured person in which the insurance provider pay for your certain type of losses. They make payments process affordable. It is protection that helps you in un expected situation at time of property damage, theft or death. In this article we discussed about insurance company process, types of insurance, reason that why should you choose insurance and thing you need to see before taking the insurance. If you are planning to get insurance from insurance companies in Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best insurance companies for you. Just send message to multiple insurance companies and get different quotes.